Polnevdra Zrelendar

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Polnevdra (I)
High Priestess of the Silver Fellowship of Nash
Created 1996
Status Inactive
Race (Drow) Elf
Hometown Loth-Llorien
Classes Cleric
Last Seen 1997
Followed Gryphon
Partner Dinin
Children Quizzatz

Artwork above is a commissioned work by a private party. Copyright 1997 by Jennifer Williamson. The image above may not be reproduced or downloaded without the author's permission.

Mud Contributions:

Polnevdra was the primary author of The Sanctuary of the Silver Fellowship, for Gryphon.

Current Description:

<<<DROW ELF>>>
You see an exotic sight...an elven maiden with black skin, the color of darkness; and snow white hair, the color of light. More unusual still, her eyes are not red; they are glowing green, flecked with bright silver, reminiscent of rare elven mithril laid down on the bed of some ancient forest floor.
You might have mistaken her for one of her sisters, hard hateful creatures living for the sadistic joy of Lolth, but her sad smile is not one of spite or lust but quiet dignity and, just perhaps, compassion as well. Those sentiments seem as incongruous to a female drow as the white diaphanous gown that blends into her snowy calf-length hair, but she wears both emotion and garment with the gentle strength of redemption, finally found.

WHO Lists:

Elf [ Cl:18 Wa:15. .. . ] Polnevdra High Priestess of the Fellowship {Nash}  (Dec 1996)
Elf [ Cl:30 Wa:15       ] Polnevdra Z'Relendar *newbie patrol* {Fellowship}  (May 1997)

Character History:

I am here, the twilight before the night, the fresh blood of the hanged man
pooling in crimson bouquets on the soft green forest floor.
I am here, the final rasping gasp of the stillborn babe, the moist-wrung tears
of widowed hearts, the final sobbing cry of the deer who feels the hunter's thrust.
I am here, the End before all beginnings, shearing the souls of killers, mothers,
Maidens, giving both pure and wicked the only peace they will ever know.
I am here, waiting.
Knowing that no matter how many others hold you in their arms,
the final embrace is mine.


  • Polnevdra officiated The Wedding of Cordir & Keller.
  • Polnevdra received a mention in a BlissPoll: Best Description of a Mortal.
  • Polnevdra is specifically mentioned in the temple of Cordir: Threads of the Tapestry
  • Polnevdra was the High Priestess of the Silver Fellowship. The intent was that she and Cordir would become Immortal about the same time, and create intertwined Orders of Fate - with Polnevdra leading the Evil Order (having to do with Death) and Cordir leading the Good (or Neutral - we weren't decided, then) Order (having to do with Life) following the idea of the Three Fates. Other things (like mud policy and real life) interfered.
  • Polnevdra is specifically mentioned in the temple of [[Katrana], Within A Grand Hunting Lodge.

Player Provided Information:

We had SUCH plans together! The world would have been a very different place of Polnevdra had not left TFC. As a player, she was my rival at RP and creative writing -- better at her breadth and depth of artistry. She created a number of original portraits for the TFC website, including some for Molo and Madman, and wrote the temple for the Silver Fellowship. She left TFC, highly disappointed at the Immortality Quest that was implemented in version 3x, as she had been waiting for almost a year to immort. Even years later, her name would pop up in roleplay scenes, including the Binding of the Tainted series that was a precursor to Katrana's immortality.

Personal Timeline: