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Whitehawk Skylore
Status Retired
Followed Pyros
Spouse Areanna
Children Harmony Skylore
Following Kodachi's Spirit
Hawk's Spirit

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

Immortal Entry/Exit


Whitehawk walks in with a little hawk hopping behind him
Whitehawk walks off into the sunset with a cute hawk yelling, 'Wait for me!'

Character History:


[ 28] Whitehawk: Petition for Immortality
Mon Oct 16 18:29:12 2000
To: immortal
I, Whitehawk Skylore, would like to petition for the immortal position of Ambassador. I have met the minimum requirements of Level 30 in both my Mage and Warrior classes, as well as exceeded the 40 Mobmastery quests (with 57) needed to be legible to apply for this position.

Whitehawk is 1080+ years old (over 2140 hours)
I have played with other Characters for the last 2 years.
Whitehawk has served under Pyros, Okk and Tamar
He was Okk's Ordained, but later asked to be de-ordained for the quest for the requirements of immortality.

Thank you.

-Whitehawk had three followings in three different alignments:
Kodachi's Spirit - Neutral
Nightblades - Evil
Hawk's Spirit - Good

Personal Timeline:

Oct 21 2000: Whitehawk marries Aoife