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Paladin of the Silver Fellowship
Status Inactive
Race Human
Classes Warrior
Followed Gryphon
Parents Father:Gryphon
Relatives Sister:Rayven

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

(written by Cordir):
Momentarily framed in the doorway of the room, a simply-garbed, copper-haired man stands before you. By the tenseness of his lithe frame, the wary way he holds himself, you are reminded of the manner of a wild thing suddenly transported into the middle of civilization. He seems poised for flight or combat as he locks his eyes on yours. They are gray-green, and as piercing as those of a falcon. One eyebrow arches as he tilts his head to one side, assessing you. A brief smile flashes over his tanned features, animating them and giving warmth to his gaze. "Blessings in the name of Lord Nash and Lord Gryphon," he murmurs, gracefully sketching a brief brow. This, then, is the Paladin of the Silver Fellowship, the son of the demigod Gryphon and the Lady Kestrel. He does not look the part of a holy warrior - no fancy garb, no destrier, no fanfare. Simply a man on the path to Perfection through the honing of his own soul and the aid of others. He stands equally as capable of wielding a blade in his Father's name as healing a wound as his mother taught. His wry smile acknowledges your realization and again dips his head in a bow, then slips out the door and back to his duties.

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Character History:

While it is often assumed that Wren's parents were married, they were not. He was born of the handfasted union of Gryphon and Kestrel. Immortal/Mortal marraiges were severely frowned upon at that time, and horrible quests were required of those who would undertake such a union.


  • Wren was the first child of a Paladin to become a Paladin himself.

Player Provided Information:

Wren was the 'cautionary tale' that I used for years when talking to folks about possibly joining the Chosen of Fate. I admired Wren a great deal as a player, but unfortunately, he was a PK'er at heart, not a roleplayer. He had a very hard time taking on the role of a Good Paladin; the majority of his stable of characters were evil PK'ers in the Black Conclave. Despite firm talkings-to by Gryphon, he was found to have provided assistance to his friends in the Conclave with PKs - providing information on target locations and the like. His actions while serving as the Paladin of the Silver Fellowship greatly harmed the following's reputation, and led many to refer to the Fellowship as the 'Conclave's Puppets.'

Personal Timeline:

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