The Tiger Den

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Stepping across the threshold, mental and physical defenses you did not realize you had raised... lower. Something about this place calls to your spirit, setting you at ease and giving you a sense of safety and security. Here is a place of shelter from the hazards of the Realm, where you can relax in the companionship of fellow adventurers.

This chamber is larger than it first appears, but still maintains a warm atmosphere of informality and comfort. The objects placed here were chosen with care to convey a sense of the history and continuity of those named Tigers. There is much to see - look carefully. You are welcome here, in Tripper's abode and the Home of the Tigers.

(Blue Aura) A silver tabernacle, bathed in a magical light, sits atop an altar.

To the north, lies the wrought iron gate that both guards the entryway from intruders, and protects those who call this place home. There are intricate patterns within the gate, calling your eye. To the right of the portal, upon the wall, is a plaque bearing Tripper's rules. In the north-east corner of the chamber is a large sandy fighting pit.

Dominating the eastern wall is a stunning display of feathers, arranged in a fan shape. To the north-east lies a fighting pit filled with sand, and to the south-east a deep pool of water steams.

Immediately noticeable and impressive, a large, raised white marble altar dominates the southern expanse of the temple. A series of steps, each inscribed, leads the way up to the altar. Surrounding the altar is a carved ivory rail, and surrounding the stairs themselves is a channel cut in the floor. Standing on tiptoe, you can just see that atop the altar lies a gleaming tabernacle, ornately trimmed in gold.

A massive fireplace commands the western wall. A shallow trench in the floor leads from the fireplace. Following its course with your gaze, you see that it flows along the wall, then out into the chamber to surround the altar area.
Arranged before the fireplace are several sizeable pillows, and one large, comfortable leather chair with a footstool. A notch is cut in the arm of the chair - the perfect resting spot for a staff, close at hand.
To the right of the fireplace is a very large rug, rumpled and slightly ragged, and a fourteen foot tall, well-used scratching post.

As you look up, the spaciousness of this place becomes even more evident, for there is no visible ceiling here. As your eyes adjust, you can begin to see the vastness of the heavens. Amongst the pale stars, three stand out brighter and warmer than the rest.

The floor beneath your feet is a warm, patterned green stone. Swirls in the matrix of the rock defy your eyes attempt to focus on them. This seeming movement is enhanced by the flickering glow from the fireplace, making it appear that the patterns dance and sway.

What first appear to be the precise arcs and swirls of an arabesque pattern reveal themselves to be the flowing lines of Elvish script. It reads:
Those who step beyond those gates bearing the Tiger's Eye have the responsibility of maintaining our high standards. It is for this reason that strict requirements for entry into the Tigers exist. These include:
1) You must be of at least effective 11th level.
2) You must be of good character and reputation.
3) You must be sponsored by a Tiger in good standing.
4) You must complete a quest commensurate with their level and experience.
5) You must complete an interview with Tripper or his representative.
6) Tripper must invite you to worship him.

Looking EAST, you see a SANDPIT for fighting practice, and a display of FEATHERS. There is also a POOL there.
Looking SOUTH, you view a series of STEPS leading up to an ALTAR, which is surrounded by a CHANNEL of fire, and a guard RAIL. Upon the altar lies a silver TABERNACLE.
Looking WEST, you note a large leather CHAIR, and several pillows heaped before a FIREPLACE, along with several unusual RUGS and an odd POST.
Looking NORTH, you see the ARCHWAY and GATE leading out of this place, with a PLAQUE bearing Tripper's RULES.

Arrayed in a fan, each feather touches the next at the point of the quill. Each feather is slightly different, but you can tell they were gathered from the same beast. Each feather has a slightly different aura about it. The over-all effect of the display is one of beauty and power.
Beneath the feathers is a small brass marker, which reads:
"These were the gift of the Goddess Lorna, that the history of Her Tigers and Her followers would be shared with the Tigers of generations to come, teaching them of their proud heritage." (Look feather, feather1, feather2, etc, to continue)

This is a feather from the great mythical Flying Tiger, Tyrix, companion of the Goddess Lorna. The feather is nearly 11 feet long, sleek and strong. It's color alternates between white and black in such a way as to blend into the body of Tyrix's striped body when folded back. The feather is surprisingly light for its size, and obviously strong enough to carry a great weight. Tyrix feathers are much sought after in the realm and much valued.

Gazing into the feather's aura, you see Lorna, smiling at you from on high. She exudes strength and a knowing gaze. The most successful of all Tigers, Lorna now overlooks the Realm from the loftiest of perches. Her expression is one of appraisal, and you suddenly get the sense that She is aware of your curious gaze upon this feather. Her eyes seem to see into your soul, and you wonder if you can meet Her expectations.

Looking at the aura of the second feather, you see an image appear of a smiling human man, his eyes keen and his demeanor alert. Trap Sturdivant-Tsarran, Lorna's Second 'Right Paw', Chief of Staff of the Tiger High Council, Tiger Recruiter, and Tiger Tutor. Wed to the Drow Elf, Lady Jyslin, Trap served the Tigers for more than a thousand years.

An image of a tall, strong elf appears in the aura of this feather. The alert falcon upon his wrist and the silver crown adorned with raven feathers that he wears reveals this to be Zrie, who served as Lorna's first 'Right Paw'. Wed to Jahiliya of Veladorn, he traveled the land and was one of the few to ever be acknowledged as a Weaver by two Immortals following the Triat Path.

The aura around the fourth feather glows, and an image of a familiar half-elven warrior appears: Grismal, who served as Tiger Guard, Treasure Hunter, and Knight-Commander. He was briefly one of Lorna's Ordained, and also a member of Her High Council.

Gazing into the aura of this feather, you see a stern elven priest gazing back: Maimer, the Realm's first 50th level Cleric/Thief/Warrior.

The aura of this feather flares and shifts, revealing an image of a towering, powerfully built, god-touched human warrior standing outside, embracing the fury and power of a massive summer storm. His famous armaments reveal him to be Abender Stormreaver, a capable Tiger Guard and High Council member. Holding the ranks of Tiger G2, Hanta-Kira, and finally Ordained, he served Lorna and Her Tigers with devotion.

The aura about this feather glows with radiance. The image it reveals is one colored by the light of love, for displayed here is Zanga, the mortal companion of the Goddess of the Tigers. His half-elven blood is revealed in his form and the grace of his movements, and his devotion is plainly read in his gaze...

The aura about this feather flickers and a whirlwind of memories sweep by you. You catch the barest glimpse of long roads traveled, tough battles fought, and harsh tasks faced alongside the elf pictured before you: Jaator, a long time friend of the Goddess Lorna.

A smiling woman is revealed in the aura of the ninth feather. Her hands are those of a healer, yet her arms and armor reveal her to be a capable fighter as well. Clue, wife of Rigel, was a trusted High Council member, and her excellence in all that she did showed. She was the first Tiger cleric to attain 'superb' status in all of her spells.

The aura of this feather reveals a solemn ceremony between Lorna and the human She swore blood-brotherhood with. For many years, Vertigo traveled with his sister, exploring the Realm and all its mysteries.

The eleventh feather's aura reveals the image of BaconBits, one of Lorna's first followers (though not the last) to reach 50th level. A mage with awesome reserves of mystical power, Lorna's favorite 'Salad Topping' was known for her defiance of tradition and her fiery temper.

The feather before you seems to change color for a moment, shifting to an odd blue shade... then the aura stabilizes and Smurf the half-elf is revealed. He was nicknamed the 'Tiniest Tank', 'Annoyance to Madman', and 'The Blue Tiger.'

The thirteenth feather in the display glows with a brilliance matched only by Lorna's own feather and the one to its right. Your fingertips reach out, nearly making contact, when an image appears: The sweet, gentle Lady Nalya, goddess of the PBS, is shown. Lorna's goddess when the Tiger Herself was mortal, Nalya forever occupies a warm spot in the hearts of all who served her - especially Lorna. For a moment, you could swear you heard Nalya's soft voice: "Lorna always was a Tiger trying to be a Bunny..."

Tripper, the Lord of this place, is revealed in the aura of the fourteenth feather. A proud servant of Lorna, Tripper is much beloved of his former Goddess, and the anointed leader of the second generation of Tigers. In this image, you see Tripper at the height of his youth and prowess - when he served Lorna. This seems a stark contrast to his appearance of today. Only in knowing more of his history, could the change be explained...

A fighting circle dominates the north-east corner of the room. Its sand raked smooth, this place delineates where the arts martial are taught to the Tigers. An assortment of practice weapons hang on racks surrounding the pit. They appear well worn, but carefully tended. Shelves on the walls nearby hold a stock of bandages and healing salves to tend to any minor wounds of the combatants.
You can easily imagine the Tigers honing their skills in mock combat in this arena, sand flying as weapons and bodies clash. Many friendly rivalries and important lessons have been played out here.

In the south-east corner, in close proximity to the altar, lies a large, clear pool, steaming hot. It serves to provide a recreational area for the Tigers, as well as a place to relax after fighting practice, and perhaps even a place of relaxation for Tripper's seldom seen, but omnipresent, companion.

This massive white marble altar can only be reached by crossing a shallow channel in the floor, and ascending several steps. But even then, egress is barred by the presence of a rail of ornately carved ivory, that stretches the width of the top level of steps. The pelt of a magnificent arctic cat has been draped with obvious care and reverence over the center of the rail. Atop the pelt rests a chalice of pure platinum, emblazoned with several images.

Wrought of the finest platinum, this princely chalice is finely engraved with three images. Filling the bowl of the chalice is a deep, fine crimson wine. One drop of sanguine fluid has wept its way down the side of the vessel, and stains the pelt.
(Look image1, look image2, etc, to continue)

Seven steps rise up to meet the altar, halting at the railing. On the face of each step words are neatly and simply carved, their only ornamentation an inlay of rare ebony.
(Look step1, look step2, etc, to continue.)

Rising upwards, each step is carved with a single word:
Courage. Integrity. Duty. Service. Respect. Loyalty. Honor.
These concepts are the foundation of the Tigers, and must be present in any who would swear an oath of service to Tripper.

Finely engraved in the white stone of this step, and inlaid with purest ebony, is one simple word: "COURAGE."

Finely engraved in the white stone of this step, and inlaid with purest ebony, is one simple word: "INTEGRITY."

Finely engraved in the white stone of this step, and inlaid with purest ebony, is one simple word: "DUTY."

Finely engraved in the white stone of this step, and inlaid with purest ebony, is one simple word: "SERVICE."

Finely engraved in the white stone of this step, and inlaid with purest ebony, is one simple word: "RESPECT."

Finely engraved in the white stone of this step, and inlaid with purest ebony, is one simple word: "LOYALTY."

Finely engraved in the white stone of this step, and inlaid with purest ebony, is one simple word: "HONOR."

Resting in the exact center of the altar is a magnificent silver tabernacle, ornately trimmed in gold and citrines. Its craftsmanship is superb, utterly seamless and perfect, with a key slot in the center of the lid. The tabernacle seems to glow from within, as if the glory of the treasure kept safe inside somehow radiates out through the precious metals enclosing it.

Engraved in the metal is a clear and detailed image of a winged tiger. This must be the legendary pet of the Goddess Lorna. Tyrix, by name, is a huge feline standing nearly as tall as a horse. He is an attractive creature, with gleaming white fur patterned with black stripes. Two feathered wings, currently folded down neatly, protrude from his sides. Oddly, there seem to be a few feathers noticeably missing from his pinions.

Not daring to touch the chalice, you shift your position to better view the second engraved image. Again, a tiger - but this time, one of Tyrix's lesser, non-flying cousins. The beast is shown resting beneath a large tree. Before it lies the carcass of a vicious warg, its still form showing the evidence of brutally efficient hunting. A slight movement draws your attention to a small rabbit, curled up by the tiger's belly. Innocent and gentle, the rabbit seems unafraid of the massive danger the tiger could represent...

Craning to see the third and final engraving upon the chalice, you see a tall, mature Elf, seated in the grass, leaning against a large stone. Before him, a large sword encrusted with blue and white jewels stands, point first, partially buried in the ground. Four white tiger cubs play and frolic in the elf's lap, uncaring and unknowing of the dangers of the world, utterly trusting in the elf to serve and protect them.

Examining it closely, you realize the pelt draped over the altar rail is that of a magnificent snow tiger. The once-black hairs around the eyes and muzzle of this beast have turned grey. This was no young tiger, but one that succumbed to the inevitability of mortal death after a long life filled with many battles. Scars mar the perfection of the pelt here and there, clearly showing his strength and perseverance.
Atop the pelt, centered on the altar rail, rests an engraved platinum chalice.

This fireplace is nearly eight feet wide, and seven feet tall. A roaring fire within sends flickering lights throughout the temple. Massive logs are piled inside, but the blaze does not seem to be consuming them. Some form of perpetual magic seems to sustain the flames, constantly warming this section of the temple. You wonder, for a moment, why an Immortal, immune to Nature's ravages, would seek such continual warmth. Briefly, the colors of the flames shift, and you could have sworn that blue and ebon hues danced before you.
A variety of weapons hang above and around the fireplace. Although they are obviously not new, they are kept in incredibly good condition. The owners, whomever they might have been, obviously knew that good equipment saves lives, and that maintenance is well worth the effort.

Running out of the fireplace and skirting the edge of the walls, a triangular shaped groove has been cut in the floor of the temple. It swings out into the chamber to completely enclose the altar area.

Around the fireplace are several substantial, comfortable pillows arranged in a semi-circle before a very large leather armchair with a footstool. You can well imagine the stories that are told in comfort here, stories of battle and adventure. You can almost see the master of this place holding informal court, or teaching his followers as they listen intently. This is a comfortable place to be, and a place where folk can share their stories, as well as their innermost thoughts, and have both equally heeded.

To the right of the fireplace is a very large, rumpled rug of ruby red. It Is thick, and made of some sort of fairly tough, durable material, able to take abuse. Still, there are places where the thread has been pulled or snagged. Someone or something has pawed and tugged at the rug so that it resembles a comfortable nest. Glancing around somewhat nervously, you look to see if the creature that rests here is in residence.
A similar rug, identically arranged to suit the beast's comfort and purpose, lies directly beneath the right arm of the big leather chair and footstool.

A thick post of aged heartwood stands here, fully fourteen feet tall, and as wide around as the span of a giant's arms. The wood is riddled with claw marks and gouges, and bits and pieces of it litter the floor at its base. The marks reach nearly to the top of the pole.
You wonder, for a moment, if it is used for fighting practice.. for surely no domestic animal would leave marks such as those...

The firmament of the heavens expands before you, tiny lights flickering high above. Three stars seem to glow brighter and warmer than the rest. Straining your eyes, you note that one is a brilliant blue, another is a glimmering indigo, and the third is a dusty rose red.
You catch the barest whisper of sound: "The Three Ladies. That's what Tripper calls them." Turning to scan the room, you cannot tell where or whom the voice came from.

Tripper's Rules
1. Obey Tripper in all things.
2. Obey the SPIRIT and letter of TFC's Rules. Break them, and after the God+'s are done with you, you'll face Tripper. Neither will be pleasant.
3. Always behave in a manner that will bring credit upon yourself and your following. Dishonor on your part, shames us all.
4. Evil is determined by actions, not Aura. A Red Aura alone does not make one subject to any automatic punishments. The "Enemies List" on the Board notes clearly identifies those who have earned our wrath. Read it each login, as it will change regularly.
5. PKing is permitted in accordance with the Tripper's Policies. The Policies are posted on the following board and are subject to change. Make sure you are aware of all current policies by reading this board note at each login.
6. Immortals are to be respected and obeyed at all times. If you have a problem with a particular Immortal, talk to Tripper FIRST. In any case, do what your are instructed without attitude or mouth, and take up your grievance in the proper manner afterwards.
7. Nourish and cherish newbies for they are the future of the realm.
8. Most important, have fun!!!!! This is a game.