Hall of Memory

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The Hall of Memory
Parts I & II
Type EXP Zone
Author Cordir + Original Temple Authors
Installed Part I: 3/22/14
Part II: 03/22/2015
Location Extra-Dimensional

Area Lore/Back Story

The Hall of Memory

It is said that the Tapestry contains all things: all the souls of those who have lived, all of the events that shaped their lives, and all of the places that were the focal point of those events. The Weaver of Fate, Cordir, who maintains the Tapestry, is rumored to have walked the passages of time to draw out those most ancient of places -- the temples of the gods -- to bring them out of obscurity and into the waking memories of those alive today. But not only the stone foundations and towering pillars and portals of these places were brought forth... Over this place, She wrought many a spell, and set into place vigilant guards, that the sanctity of those holy grounds not be marred with the stain of violence. Visitors are invited to explore with respect and with caution.
The Hall of Memory is built in two sections. Both are recommended for players 40-50.

General Information/Trivia

Hall of Memory: Lower Hall

  • Portobello was the first to enter the Hall of Memory, followed about 3 seconds later by Sagan, both of whom entered it entirely by accident. (they were blown in by the Vortex winds)
  • The first player to die in the zone was Simalrion, when he was killed by the ghostly figure of the Fellowship's High priestess.
  • The first player to complete a mob mastery in the zone was Marian, who killed the ghost of a worshiper of Grimace for mobmastery level 72.

Hall of Memory: Upper Hall

  • Portobello was the first to enter the Upper Hall, followed immediately thereafter by Strad.
  • The first character to die in the zone: Strad killed by the Weaver's Shadow
  • 03/17/18 update: the first character to die to the newly installed mobs: ### Sycora killed by a massive, coal-black tiger at In the Upper South-Western Halls of Memory.


There are Avatars to each immortal in the Hall of Memory. Some are located in the deity's temple. Others in a general area of worship if the Temple could not be found, or the Immortal pre-dated the use of temples. Others are in a blackened pit of disgrace. The majority of them are based on specific individuals who served that immortal, where such an exemplar could be recognized. Wherever possible, the Immortal was contacted and their personal choice used.

Installation Updates

  • 06/16/2014: HOM 1: Temples for Wish, Drakar, Splat, Natas and Seraph are added, as well as a link to HOM II.
  • 04/24/2016: HOM 1: The temples of Pixel and Asia are added. Duplicate mob for Splat removed from HOM II. Pixel's mob moved from remembrance spot in HOM II to temple in HOM I.
  • 03/17/2018: HOM II: The temples of DarkClaw and Katrana are added.

Player Provided Information

Ketan Meets the Executioner

You say (in common), 'Alright'.
You say (in common), 'Time to see if Siraks guard is up'.

A Vaulted Chamber Dedicated to Sirak
[Exits: north]

This chamber is unusually gloomy and quiet. An old, large desk lies near
the south wall, facing towards the open archway to the north. Its surface
is covered in documents of all sizes, styles and colors. Near the desk, a
large wooden box contains hundreds of mysterious shiny disks. Prominently
displayed to the east is a musical instrument, tuned to perfection.
(Translucent) The wraith of the Executioner of the Junior Nashites stands ready.
The wraith of a silent Executioner *** DEMOLISHES *** you!
That really did HURT!
The wraith of a silent Executioner MUTILATES you.
The wraith of a silent Executioner *** DEMOLISHES *** you!
That really did HURT!
You sure are BLEEDING!
The wraith of a silent Executioner EVISCERATES you.
You have been KILLED!!

This visit to the afterlife brought to you by the wraith of a silent Executioner.
You LOSE 2783 experience points!

You have lost 61 hit points.
You have lost 85 mana.
<1hp(193) 309ma(224) 221mv(231)(17001) 0gp sp: [commn] > 
gos RIP
You gossip (in common), 'RIP'.



The Lower Hall of Memory: Map by Foghair
The Upper Hall of Memory: Map by Foghair
The Lower Hall of Memory: Map by Bomrir (outdated by changes in July 2016)