The Slave Den

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This slightly disheveled, circular chamber is made of contrasting cool black marble and warm, polished cherry wood, which gives it an air of luxury and indulgence that is enjoyed, not tiptoed around in like a museum. Like an amphitheater, it has stairs leading down to several levels and finally to a central space where entertainments beyond any imagining have been put on display. It is unusually warm here, and a wispy crimson fog floats through the twelve columns that circle the room, and about the many low divans and couches scattered throughout the various tiers. Between each torch lit column, a musical instrument or other artifact is on proud exhibit. The central arena is covered in a thick carpet in tones of crimson. Dozens of silk and velvet pillows are scattered about the lounge-spot, inviting one to tarry. Black metal chains hang from the ceiling which end in censers of incense that fills the chamber with a sensual fragrance that combines with the smell of fruity red wine. Soft, wicked laughter can be heard from the more shadowed niches.

Look Direction:
Several musical instruments line the northern section of this circular chamber. They look ancient, but well cared for, and are within easy reach if one got the urge to play - not locked behind glass. Above them, the huge crimson claw of a red dragon has been put on display. It, too, seems quite old A section of the floor has been inlaid with hard, cold marble, and twin iron rings bolted to the stone. It seems worn, as if through the frequent application of someone's knees. Perhaps this is where a Slave is sent to humbly and penitently think upon their misdeeds. A coiled whip hanging on the nearby column seems to confirm this suspicion.

Look Direction:
Three fine paintings hang upon the dark marble wall, each illuminated by a glowing ball of red light. The first bears the likeness of Lady Darkmoon herself, her famous barbed whip coiled teasingly around her body, and a curved dagger held in her off hand. The second portrait shows the Headmistress of the University of Evil, Ginny. Her painted mouth curves in a wicked smile as if she thinks upon the unspeakable acts that were her favorite part of the curriculum. The final portrait is of the Son of Lord Nash, Sirak. His face is boldly painted against a dark background, alight with scenes of battle in His name.

Look Direction:
A heavy door of polished cherry wood stands ready to bar the way against any who would enter against Lady Kim's wishes. With hinges of thick brass, this portal could withstand any forcible attempt to gain passage Above the door, a brief lyric has been written.

Look Direction:
A raised altar has been carefully created and maintained on this side of the room. It is draped with a cloth of embroidered blood-red velvet, and one cannot help but wonder if the choice of color was deliberate so that any stains would not show. A huge amphora of wine waits to be offered in sacrament to the Goddess to whom the Slaves give their devotion, and several platters of rich food have been prepared.

Look UP:
The ceiling above can barely be seen. The swirling red mists cover, then reveal the vaulted arches and stained glass windows far above.

Look Down:
The stone steps that lead down into the center of the chamber are stained here and there with dark blotches, as if someone spilled a goblet of wine, or a touch of blood...

Look Lyric
. In the temple of love you hide together
. Believing pain and fear outside
. But someone near you rides the weather
. And the tears he cried will rain on walls
. As wide as lovers eyes
. You run for cover in the temple of love
. I shine like thunder cry like rain
. And the temple grows old and strong
. But the wind blows longer cold and long
. And the temple of love will fall before
. This black wind calls my name to you no more

Look column columns
Twelve Doric columns circle the chamber. It would take the arm span of a giant to enclose them. Some are adorned with torches to light the temple, and others are draped with what must be purely ornamental chains. Still more take the form of beautiful nymphs or satyrs, dancing with abandon within their stone prison.

Look Credit lyric
"The Temple of Love" by Sisters of Mercy

Look Divan couch
It appears that someone has recently been using this resting place. The blankets are scattered all about, and pillows are everywhere.

Look platters food offerings
The richness of a cheesecake makes your mouth water. Round globes of grapes dot a deep bowl of chopped fruit salad, and chocolate chip cookies dipped in chocolate lay here upon platters to tempt the senses of a Goddess. On the other side of the table, thick steaks, chilled shrimp, and skewers of herbed poultry are heaped high. Heavy pitchers of various beverages are covered in condensation, kept cool by the mist that flows over the temple.

Note: This temple was written for Kim when she Un-Retired and became a Demigoddess again for a very short time. It is unknown if this temple was ever actually implemented on the mud. Because the location was unknown, the 'Look Directions' were never specified for N/S/E/W.