The Academy of Wisdom

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This large, open auditorium of burnished golden wood is very peaceful:
a perfect environment for the pursuit of Wisdom. It is warm and inviting
here, giving an immediate sense of comfort and welcome, and the sounds
of laughter can be heard faintly throughout. While it is obvious that
studies can be pursued here, this is also a temple where joy in life
and happiness is equally important. Each of the four walls bear large
slabs of grayish blue slate upon which lessons being taught and shared
experiences are recorded and illustrated. A burning stone in one corner
illuminates the entire chamber with a cool blue glow.

To the north, the wall is plain and white, with two large slabs of black
slate hanging upon it. "Plato's CHAIN of Command" is written on the left
slate and the right reads "Plato's WORDS of Wisdom." These are softly
illuminated by a flaming stone that rests in the corner.

The slate upon the eastern wall bears the title, "Plato's RULES for
Wisdom." In the corner, several large, thick mats cover the floor in
an ordered fashion creating an area for PRAYING.

This wall is covered with scrolls, some ancient, some new, written in
every language found in the realm including some you cannot decipher.
It is here that the members of the Order of Wisdom leave messages for
one another. In the southeast corner, you see a stylized LEARNING area.

A line of long padded benches which provide a place for study or rest
line the western wall, interrupted by the doorway. The slate board upon
the wall reads, "Requirements For Entry." Flanking either side of the
doorway stand two golems.

The vaulted, eighteen foot high ceiling of this chamber is pierced by
a round skylight, bisected into two half-circles. The light streaming
in one half is that of the full sun's glory of noon, yet the other
side of the sphere reveals a glowing moon. Blinking at their bright-
ness, you notice words circling the window: "Day or night, Wisdom can
light your way if you but open your eyes to see it."

Under foot, the immaculately clean floor is built of perfectly fitting
planks of honey-gold wood. It is smooth and warm, with nary a splinter.
The variations within the wood grain provide the only ornamentation

LOOK lesson lessons
Lesson #1: When someone attacks you, flee and quaff a recall potion!

LOOK learning
A circle has been inscribed upon the oak floor and within it rests
a worn wooden desk and chair, much like one would find in a children's
school. The desk is marked with ink and dots of dried blood here and
there, a fresh well of ink and worn quill pen at the ready. It occurs
to you that this display contains two lessons in and of itself: first,
that one must focus on learning, excluding all distractions from the
circle of your concentration, and second, that sometimes lessons can
be painful and hard on the body and soul.

LOOK door
This brass-bound door of golden oak is nearly a foot thick and stands
ten feet tall. It is of exquisite craftsmanship; even a child could
close these perfectly balanced doors, but once shut and locked, not
even a giant could break them down. Magical runes upon the portal
prevent mages from phasing through the wood or thieves from tampering
with the lock.

LOOK bookshelves bookshelf
A narrow, upright bookshelf rests beside the burning stone, carved
with an interlace pattern of spider webs and lightning bolts. A small
silver plate affixed to the top of the shelf reads, "Congratulations
to my favorite student upon your Ascension. May you guide your folk
with compassion and wisdom. - C."

LOOK chain command

| |
| Those who have been Ordained are Plato's "right hands" and |
| must be obeyed at all times. Instructors should let their |
| wisdom flow freely to the following. Instructors are in a |
| leadership role, and should conduct themselves accordingly: |
| like leaders and role models. Members of each rank should |
| always pass along their knowledge and experience to those |
| smaller and younger than they are. The following titles |
| are requested but not required: |
| |
| Philosopher of Wisdom - Plato |
| Professor of Wisdom - Any Ordained |
| Instructor of Wisdom - (Effective level 30 and higher) |
| Teachers of Wisdom - (Effective 20 - 29) |
| Students of Wisdom - (Effective 10-19) |
| |

LOOK words wisdom
Wisdom is power. Equipment is of use, but it is only a tool, and
its value should not be overemphasized. Using your mind will serve
you better than using equipment.

LOOK rules

. . . . . . . . PLATO'S RULES FOR WISDOM . . . . . . . .

1) This is a game. If you are not here to have fun, LEAVE THIS TEMPLE NOW!
2) Insert all of TFC's Rules Here. (That means, obey TFC rules at all times!)
3) Obey Plato in all things.
4) We are a GOOD following. Do not bring dishonor to us.
5) Follow the Chain of Command (Look Chain for specifics)
6) There may be times you are ordered to PK someone. This order may only come
from Plato or an Ordained. This order must be carried out. (Don't worry,
this will not happen often!)
7) Player-Killing is only permitted if the individual is on our List. (Our
Enemies List is on the Board List. Read it often!)
8) Ftell is our private means of communication. It can get a little wild and
crazy some times. If you feel another member has crossed the line of
appropriateness, log the conversation and send it to Plato for his review.)
9) Help newbies but show wisdom in doing so. Your death accomplishes nothing.
In assisting others, you may make a new friend!
10) Check the board messages each login. Things change.
11) What you wear and what Plato carries, belongs to the following. It is not
"yours." Followers share in equipment equally. When helping a newbie, be
prudent in your gifts, and use common sense.
12) If Plato is only visible to the following or to you individually, do not
reveal his presence to others.
13) One more time: This is a game, have fun!!!

LOOK rock
An enormous rock fills the north-east corner of the room, flanked on its right
by a narrow upright bookshelf resting just within arm's reach of any one crazy
enough to sit atop the fiery boulder. A deep blue flame engulfs the stone,
the overwhelming heat emanating from the it preventing close inspection. What
could its purpose be? A burning stone... surely caused by a God playing with
his magic.

LOOK praying area
Thick, comfortable mats have been laid down in an orderly fashion here,
providing a peaceful place for repose and communion. One could kneel here
for hours in meditation in quiet and comfort. A weapon rack of carved wood
rests against the wall by the mats, a sign upon it at eye level.

LOOK sign

| o o |
| Place Your Weapons and Armor |
| upon this rack, for they are |
| not needed for your prayers |
| to be heard! |
| o o |

LOOK rack
This wooden rack is large and heavy, perfectly capable of holding all of the
weaponry of those gathered here.

LOOK keywords
chain, words, rock, praying, mats, sign, book, sword.

LOOK requirements
Below are the minimum requirements for entry. Others may be levied at
Plato's whim.

  1. Humor: Have the desire to have fun
  2. Honor: Be known as one who keeps their word
  3. Reputation: Be a player in good standing, with no history of offenses
  4. Non-Aggression: Those on the Wisdom Black List are never accepted
  5. Acceptance: All of Wisdom's Ordains and two Instructors must give their blessing to your membership
  6. Dedication: Be willing to undertake and complete a quest

LOOK golem golems
Two solid stone statues guard the entry and exit of the Academy. They bear
the likeness of the same human male. In one, he is garbed in scholar's robes,
and in the other, warrior's armor and weaponry. Both have an expression of
fierce determination and concentration.