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Pixel T. Moondancer (The Panther Lord)
Status Retired
Race Elf
Classes Thief
Followed Tel
Areas Written Druid's Sanctuary
Caves of the Spirit
Immorted AMB & Demi:
June 1995
Following Panthers

WHO Lists:

08/25/1995 - Elf [ Th:24             ] (THIEF) Pixel T. Cat licks your finger

Pixel's Immortal Profile/Bio

(Taken from the TFC Website Archives)
Pixel T. Moondancer was born under a full moon to an elven lady who died bringing him into this world. He was found and taken in by the thieves guildmaster in his home city, who raised him off and on into his early teens. Needless to say, he had a somewhat colorful childhood. As he grew older and learned his trade from the master thief who took him in, he came to know the meaning of goodness at the hands of the demigod PSYKILL.

Over the years Pixel came to dabble in the realm of magic and, after years of practice, was able to use his magic arts to fulfill his dearest wish. He succeeded in infusing his body with the stealth and cunning of his pet panther. Throughout his mortal life he used his skills at thieving and combat to aid the forces of good and bring honor to his god.

However, late in his mortal life, Pixel came to be seduced by darkness. Many who knew him believe this was caused by his forays into realms of magic best left unexplored in his attempts to enhance his skills. Others point to other sources... When questioned Pixel merely grins evilly and slides back into the shadows.

A short quotation from the book, "The Cult of the Panther":
Pixel T. Moondancer, a thief while mortal, is the high priest of the Cult of the Panther. This Cult stresses stealth and surprise above all things. Members of the Cult are forgiven by their priest for any kills or thefts they make so long as they are done skillfully and in such a manner that the object of their deeds is not ruined for future use by the Cult.

The philosophy of this cult is best summed up by a quotation attributed to Pixel, "Bleed 'em for all you can, but never leave the mark anemic."