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Kaleyah Salemonte
Created 5/4/2001
Status Inactive
Race Half-Elf
Hometown Half-Elf Camp
Classes Cleric Warrior Thug
Last Seen 2011
Followed Kerriariadne
Partner Tiberius Xendrilius
Parents Father: Kolchis Salemonte (human)
Mother: unknown (elf)
Relatives Twin sister: Kaori Caprice Salemonte
Areas Written The Blue Savannah

Mud Contributions

Kaleyah is a somewhat prolific writer responsible for The Blue Savannah, as well as various poems and prose throughout her career. She is also credited with coining the term 'Darkling', referring to followers of Kerriariadne.

Current Description


In her eyes you can see the quiet frustration of the half-elven race, 
conceived in the union of the earthly and the ethereal. Her jet-black
hair and sickly pale skin peek out from under her heavy metal armor,
as if calling for help from under their crushing weight.

Around her neck you see an amulet with a glowing container hanging
from it. This once well-kept flask holding the heart of the
Wraithverge hums and quivers, as if a light wind is blowing upon its
surface. It gently rocks from side to side as Kaleyah struggles to
keep it under control. The unspeakable evil that lies within whispers
obscenities to you in a tongue you have never heard before, its voice
echoing in your mind, invading your thoughts, deriving an unholy
pleasure from prying into your darkest desires.

Kaleyah clasps her hand over the flask, struggling to resist its sway.
Closing her eyes for a moment, the voices subside.

"This is my curse."


<used as light>     (Glowing) a black torch
<worn on finger>    (Moderate magic) the flickering star ruby ring
<worn on finger>    (Moderate magic) the twinkling gold ring
<worn around neck>  (Artifact magic) a Minor Amulet of Health
<worn around neck>  (Moderate magic) the superb hematite amulet
<worn on body>      a dragon scale shirt
<worn on head>      (Moderate magic) a banded mail helm
<worn on legs>      (Moderate magic) (Black Aura) the Skirt of Swords
<worn on feet>      (Moderate magic) a pair of ring mail boots
<worn on hands>     (Moderate magic) a pair of scale mail gloves
<worn on arms>      (Moderate magic) a pair of chain mail sleeves
<worn about body>   (Moderate magic) a scale mail sash
<worn about waist>  (Moderate magic) a banded mail girth
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) the vivid sea shell bracelet
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) the dirty iron bracelet
<wielded>           (Potent magic) a bludgeon
<held>              (Weak magic) (Glowing) an acorn
<worn with pride>   (Red Aura) (Token magic) a miniature silver sylph
<worn with pride>   a cloth baldric, draped over the shoulder


Hel [       Cl: 7       ] Kaleyah Wraithverge Salemonte, Vengeful Specter               08/08/2001
Hel [       Cl:13       ] Kaleyah Wraithverge Salemonte, Dark Specter                   09/19/2001
Hel [    Wa:10 Cl:16    ] Kaleyah Wraithverge Salemonte, Dark Specter *dt* twin		10/11/2001
Hel [    Cl:20 Wa:16    ] Kaleyah Wraithverge Salemonte, Darkling Spirit *twin*		11/07/2001 
Hel [    Wa:19 Cl:21    ] Kaleyah Wraithverge Salemonte, Darkling Spirit *twin*		12/02/2001
Hel [    Cl:23 Wa:21    ] Kaleyah Wraithverge Salemonte, Darkling *Tiberius*            01/02/2002
Hel [    Wa:26 Cl:30    ] Kaleyah Wraithverge Salemonte, Darkling Lancer		06/07/2002
Hel [    Wa:28 Cl:30    ] Kaleyah Wraithverge Salemonte, Darkling Lancer *DT*           08/26/2002
Hel [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Kaleyah Salemonte, Black Wight of the Dark *Tiberius*		12/01/2003
Hel [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Kaleyah Salemonte, Darkling Drifter. Tiberius                 03/22/2004
Hel [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Kaleyah Salemonte, Eternal Servant of Darkness                09/17/2004
Hel [ Tg: 8 Cl:30 Wa:30 ] Kaleyah Wraithverge Salemonte, Dark Mirage			04/26/2006

Character History

Kaleyah Salemonte is one of a handful of Half-Elf Cleric-Warrior-Thug characters (the thug class was later made inaccessible to half-elves), and is best known as one of the founding members of Dark (then known as The Glorious Dark). She also serves as one of Isolas' Magi. She was the twin sister of Kaori Salemonte.


Kaleyah was the unwanted child of a Kuroth diplomat and an unnamed Elven servant, born out of wedlock as a result of their tryst. This union also produced her identical twin sister, Kaori. Little is known about the circumstances of their separation, but she grew up amongst the countless impoverished orphans in the Half-Elf Camp, while her sister spent her youth in Nydia.

The Wraithverge

Kaleyah eventually fell in love with an old human ranger in her eighteenth year, and the two shared a life together in the wilderness. However, her happiness was short-lived - while resisting a bandit attack on their home, Kaleyah was fatally wounded, managing to crawl towards the river. In a moment of complete desperation, she called out to anyone who could hear her, and begged for vengeance upon her killers. In that moment, as life drained from her body and hatred welled up in her heart, a malevolent spirit known as the Wraithverge took control of her body, consuming her with a lust for revenge, and coursing through it with the curse of unlife. She was now a mindless creature doing the dark bidding of a new master, slaughtering friend and foe alike.

The Awakening

Things continued like this for some time, until the dark god Kerriariadne subdued Kaleyah in a chance encounter. Correctly asserting that she was under the influence of an ancient spirit being, and that killing it would kill her as well, he was able to defeat and bind it to a container, locking its power into a vessel for Kaleyah to keep. Returning to her senses, Kaleyah was full of contrition for her actions, but had tasted the freedom she had long been denied - the freedom of choice. She chose to serve the demigod who had delivered her from her curse, and was one of his first mortal worshipers.

The Glorious Dark

In the newly established ranks of Kerriariadne, Kaleyah was reunited with her sister Kaori, who had by now become a skilled thief and assassin. Kaleyah quickly received a reputation as an expert at random treasure hunting, and under Kerriariadne's tutorship, she would amass tomes upon tomes of knowledge, exploring the far corners of the world and slaying its creatures, frequently participating in Mob Mastery and Mob Hunt quests. Throughout her career, she embraced those who she considered friends, and considered them the main reason she enjoyed being an adventurer.


  • Kaleyah was once killed after a quaffing a potion and teleporting randomly to the Ancient Blue Dragon. Mael performed the CR.
  • Kaleyah is listed on Plaque25 of the Room of Records for her participation in the Kobold Movers Quest.

Player Provided Information:

Gup cants, 'hey Tiberius, tell Kaleyah to keep it down, she's waking up the neighbours :)'. (01/27/2002)


<used as light>     (Glowing) the Dead Heart of the Wraithverge
[g|ac:-1 svs:-1]

The dead heart of the Wraithverge is here, glowing ominously.

<worn on legs>      (Moderate magic) (Black Aura) the Skirt of Swords
[mm|AC 8 ma:10 dmg:3]

Glowing black blades interlock to form a skirt of dark, wicked steel.

Surely, this craftsmanship is not of mortal hands.  The black glow is most
unearthly, the sound of the blades as they gently swish against each other
is uncanny, unnerving, unnatural.  To your touch, the metal is so cold but
the urge to try this skirt on for size is sooooo tempting...

Personal Timeline


09/13/2001: Kaleyah levels to [Cl:10].
09/19/2001: Kaleyah reaches [Cl:13] and proudly declares, "Alert the presses, I learned Flamestrike!" Later in the day, she kills her very first shopkeeper - Helena of the Half-Elf Camp.
09/25/2001: Kaleyah levels to [Wa:2 Cl:16].
09/28/2001: Kaleyah visits the Magistrate for the first time to check bounties. She also levels to [Wa: 5 Cl:16] and kills a formless spawn for mobmastery level 7, and a ferret for mobmastery level 8.
10/02/2001: Kaleyah reaches 100 hours.
10/11/2001: Kaleyah levels to [Wa:10 Cl:16].
10/13/2001: Kaleyah levels to [Wa:11 Cl:16].
10/15/2001: Kaleyah is killed by Heim's Wife, but is able to recover her corpse herself. She also completes a quest from Kerriariadne, and then later levels to [Wa:12 Cl:16].
10/17/2001: Kaleyah nearly falls to hear death in Aara when gravity sets in and her Fly spell wears off. Legionaire, Indiga, Kaori and Kaleyah continue to work on their first following quest - part of which was slaying Anubis and claiming his weapon.
10/22/2001: Kaleyah dual-classes back to Cleric.
10/29/2001: Kaleyah levels to [Cl:18 Wa:16].
11/07/2001: Kaleyah participates in Fate's Bardic Circle, and recites the Tale of Old War'loov.
12/11/2001: Kaleyah kills a patrolguard for mobmastery level 14, and also levels to [Cl:23 Wa:21].
12/02/2001: Kaleyah levels to [Wa:20 Cl:21].
12/11/2001: Kaleyah levels to [Cl:23 Wa:21].


02/14/2002: Kaleyah participates in the Valentine's Day creative writing contest, held by Bliss.
03/08/2002: Kaleyah reaches 500 years of age, and along with with Gunner, Iso, Kelanea and Lexie, kill Bethany, who is now a mage mob. As fate would have it, she ghosted! All the while, Kain was harassing the group. Kaleyah, Keat, Indiga, Solaron, Famine and Lexie, having enjoyed their epic battle against Bethany, continue the rampage by killing Justice.
03/16/2002: Kaleyah is rescued by Triston and Lexie from the Longship, where she bad-recalled into a locked no-teleport no-recall room.
03/19/2002: Kaleyah is stuck in Landru's Office until rescued by Lexie.
03/21/2002: Kaleyah reaches [Cl:27 Wa:25].
05/08/2002: Kaleyah posts a note expressing her gratitude to Solaron and Noctus of Fate for a corpse retrieval after dying to Scairz.
05/21/2002: Kaleyah completes mobmastery level 35.
05/26/2002: Kaleyah kills a knight for mobmastery level 36.
05/27/2002: Cordir holds a scavenger hunt, and the winner is Whoz with 18 items. Dyptricx gets 2nd with 11 items, and Kaleyah gets 3rd with 8.
07/04/2002: Kaleyah completes mobmastery level 40.
07/31/2002: Kerriariadne holds a "Find The Booga Contest". Kaleyah wins the first round (N'Kai), Marius wins the 2nd round (the Nest), Kaleyah wins the 3rd (Light Wood Forest). Marius dies in the fourth round (Velalasier), and Vex accidentally sacrifices the corpse when he tries the CR, so the game is put on hold.
08/26/2002: Kaleyah levels to [Wa:29 Cl:30].
09/05/2002: Kaleyah kills the Minister of Heat for mobmastery level 42.
10/04/2002: Kaleyah won a mobhunt with 8 points.
10/09/2002: Kaleyah killed a guardian spirit for mobmastery level 43, a monk for 44, and the Minotaur Ring-Keeper for 45.
10/18/2002: Kaleyah completes mobmastery levels 46 and 47.
11/06/2002: Kaleyah kills Marshall Diana for mobmastery level 50, and the guru for mobmastery level 51.
11/07/2002: Kaleyah posts an untitled poem to "That Special Someone, You Know Who You Are".
12/09/2002: Kaleyah kills Ogra for mobmastery level 53. (Cordir's note: First time I've had a zombie report timeline news!)


01/31/2003: Kaleyah posts "One With Me" to the forums.


04/14/2004: Kaleyah is reformed from Kerriariadne's following.
05/13/2004: Kaleyah is reclassed as a miscreant due to killing Babu (her first PK).
09/07/2004: Kaleyah [Wa:30 Cl:30] is re-accepted by Kerriariadne into his following.


10/01/2005: Kaleyah is recovered from deletion.
[ 3] Kaleyah: The Inevitable! / Sat Oct 1 09:45:00 2005/ To followers of: Kerriariadne
Hey folks - lots of new faces, I see. But the inevitable has occurred, and like a moth to the flame, I have returned to the embrace of Darkness. I just wanted to say hi to everybody, and let you know that I have returned! Muha!
10/27/2005: Kaleyah becomes one of the last Half-Elf Thugs.
[ 5] Kaleyah: *raspberry* / Thu Oct 27 21:02:09 2005/ To followers of: Kerriariadne
Indiga! It is so good to see you're still around. Anyhow I still skulk about mostly nighttimes. At any rate, long enough for Belsambar to drag me to a dragon and etch nearly all of my equipment (Yay AC0 4dam shields) Well, look forward to seeing more of you guys soon. By the way, I started a thug class. Wish me luck!
10/28/2005: Kaleyah kills a male centaur for mobmastery level 57.


04/26/2006 The Blue Savannah, Kaleyah's first area, is installed.
05/08/2006 Kaleyah levels to [Tg:10 Wa:30 Cl:30].
05/31/2006 Kaleyah is reformed from Kerriariadne's following (again).


10/18/2007: Isolas accepts Kaleyah [Tg:10 Wa:30 Cl:30] into his following.
11/06/2007: Kaleyah levels to [Tg:11 Wa:30 Cl:30].


07/14/2011: Kaleyah recovered from deletion.

Player Information

During much of her activity, Kaleyah was a college student in New York.