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Azeworai (I-IV)
Created March 2, 2001
November 12, 2002
Status Inactive
Race Elf
Classes Mage
Last Seen June 25, 2010
Followed Tamar
Spouse Sybill

Mud Contributions:

[ 17] Azeworai: My following and My View of a good.
Fri Oct 12 16:09:40 2001
To: Tamar Cordir Aslan Kerriariadne Bliss Vorax Noctus Lanfear
I would like to state in this first par. what i have done
As being from a good following i have done many things that have been up and above the call of duity 1.) Noctus was pked by ravaged and so on... i have givein him many of +3dmg items to help get him back to a strong OM
2.) Aslan died befor the mud crashed, i sacraficed my char sep to save her corpse, and did, and i am glad i did it
3.) if any of your followers have ever needed anything in FATE,DARK,VORAX,BLISS,And all other good followings
i would stop what i am dooing and come to aide them in what ever thay would need
4.) I have tryed to be my own person by following my own path that tamar has let me choose and in dooing so i have become stronger and a better person for her letting me do so. Also in dooing so i have never asked for anything in return because i do not require anything for my services because my services are free to anyone who ask

Now for what i believe a GOOD should be....

I have been good all thru my years on this mud, and i have seen alot of things which has made me believe that a true GOOD char or person will be chivalrous and have great honor for everyone and everything in believeing this i have set my self aside from the (BLUE AURA) because it does not fit me, coz like most people on the mud thay will base a char on the aura not on how he acts or his beliefs.
now for me i do not care what a players aura is, because i try to find good in the deepest darkest places of one's soul and on many accounts i have found good in the darkplaces, and it has shown me that (RED AURA) people are good people from time to time..
now for them to show great honor in giveing me a lesson or my weapon or just anything back, i would inturn show them the same respect. and it was taken.
In being a TRUE GOOD i will help anyone that is less fortunate tham my self, may it be with spells, eq, gold, or anything i will offer my services, because thats what good people do..
now you say that most people will still be evil.. yes i know but hay if thay pk me in a dark place.. i will not condem them to hell and back and make offers to get their bounty b.c of something thay have done. nor will i tell them that i will not offer any more spells to them..
EQ in TFC has become too easy to get nowadays.. it only takes 3 runs to places of goof randoms and i can come back fully equiped
so as my oath to my self and Tamar...
i am Azeworai the mage who will give his servies out to who ever needs them good/evil/netural or what ever else
because i am a true good
Now for my actions today towards Cordir..
all who recieve this will be witness to what i have to say in reply to what she said that day Now i know calling Lady cordir a cowerd was wrong.. i admit that but what she said about my following was wrong and PROVES what the Black Conclave bave been saying all along.. about why thay will always control the mud in a sence on several accounts i have talked with a Conclave member and they mention the same thing each time The reasons Good and Neturals do not do real good is because the FLI's don't respect eachother and help eachother
now for what cordir said about my following today, proved them right and that for any of us to beable to take a stand and be Strong again and be able to run the mud again..
now Cordir i have had nothing but the most respect for you untill you said that today, tho some respect has been taken away i will still respect you, for you have made a great following
now i wish you could have somewhat respect for ours b.c what all i have tryed to do and legolas and almost everyone in Dreamwalker
has tryed to do to help your followers out in their time of need
Now to Kerriariadne, Vorax, and Bliss in this note i have showed my self to be of service to anyone on the mud.
in being of service to all your followings includeing Robert's Tripper's Plato's and some from OKK
now i will publicly send my hand of need to yawls side for i will always be their if needed

Now Lady Cordir may instruct Fate to ignore me or not help me for what i have proved or said
if any one from FATE needs anything from me i will still be here to help
because 1 person's actions do not make the whole group at fault.
Thank you for your time,
Azeworai the PhYscHO of DREAMWALKER

i am open for discussion on anything in this note if their is a even playing ground involved

Current Description:

June 2, 2005:
The Mouth of the Just Shall Meditate Wisdom
And His Tongue Shall Speak Judgement
Blessed is the Man Who Endures Temptation
For, Once He has Been Tried
He Shall Receive the Crown of Life
Oh Lord, Oh Holy Fire, Have MERCY
Oh How Scared
How Serene
How Benevolent
How Lovely
Oh Lily of Purity
Sybill is my Judgement and Purity of Life
She is my crown of Life
Azeworai has a special twinkle in his eye.
Azeworai is in perfect health.

Azeworai is using:

<used as light>     (Moderate magic) (Glowing) an anthracite dragon eye
<worn on finger>    (Artifact magic) a chain of tiny silver links glowing red from within
<worn on finger>    (Artifact magic) a simple ring
<worn around neck>  (Artifact magic) a Major Amulet of True Seeing
<worn around neck>  (Artifact magic) a dripping crimson key on a chain of adamantite barbwire
<worn on body>      a dragon scale shirt
<worn on head>      (Moderate magic) a quilted cloth hat
<worn on legs>      (Potent magic) a pair of quilted cloth hose
<worn on feet>      (Moderate magic) a pair of leather knee-high boots
<worn on hands>     (Moderate magic) a pair of quilted cloth lace-trimmed gloves
<worn on arms>      (Moderate magic) a pair of animal hide armlets
<worn about body>   (Potent magic) a quilted cloth fur-trimmed coat
<worn about waist>  (Moderate magic) an elven chain girth
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) a sapphire of Skelos
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) a studded leather wrist guard
<wielded>           (Potent magic) a large syringe filled with a dark red fluid
<held>              (Potent magic) a staff
<worn with pride>   (Red Aura) (Weak magic) (Glowing) a black pearl brooch
<worn with pride>   a cloth baldric, draped over the shoulder

Elf [       Ma: 3       ] Azeworai Walks in the Shadows but Lives in the Dreams      March 2, 2001
Elf [       Ma:21       ] Azeworai Walks in Shadows but Lives in *Dreams*            July 12, 2001
Elf [    Ma:22 Wa:15    ] Azeworai*Dreams* of his chocolate love                     September 10, 2001
Elf [    Ma:28 Wa:15    ] Azeworai says ID'S NOW MAGE SLAVE!                         October 10, 2001
Elf [    Wa:16 Ma:30    ] Azeworai The PsYcHO in your (DREAMS) that runs rampant     December 31, 2001
Elf [    Wa:16 Ma:30    ] Azeworai MYRON FOR AMBASSADOR!                             February 7, 2002
Elf [    Wa:17 Ma:30    ] Azeworai All Your Bliss Are Belong To Us                   May 23, 2002
Elf [    Wa:18 Ma:30    ] Azeworai, The Prevaricator of the COVEN                    July 28, 2002
Elf [    Wa:19 Ma:30    ] Azeworai coven                                             August 28, 2002
(Self Delete, Re-Roll)
Elf [    Wa:23 Ma:20    ] Azeworai, Minion of the Arch-Witch                         December 20, 2002
Elf [    Wa:23 Ma:20    ] Azeworai, Minion of the Arch-Witch                         January 22, 2003
Elf [    Ma:20 Wa:25    ] Azeworai Kissing Bandit of Coven! -=KISS=-                 March 16, 2003
Elf [    Ma:24 Wa:25    ] Azeworai: Protector of his Wiccan Queen                    July 26, 2003
Elf [    Wa:30 Ma:30    ] Azeworai, The Acrimonious Coven                            September 13, 2003
Elf [ Th: 1 Wa:30 Ma:30 ] Azeworai The Prevaricator of Coven and Sybill              October 22, 2003
Elf [ Th:16 Wa:30 Ma:30 ] Azeworai, The Prevaricator of Coven/Sybill/FTP             December 31, 2003
Elf [ Th:22 Wa:30 Ma:30 ] Azeworai, The Prevaricator of Coven/Sybill/FTP             February 13, 2004
Elf [ Th:23 Wa:30 Ma:30 ] Azeworai Prevaricator Coven/Sybill/Last Will Holder        April 30, 2004
Elf [ Th:26 Wa:30 Ma:30 ] Azeworai Prevaricator Coven/Sybill/Last Will Holder        July 1, 2004
Elf [ Th:26 Wa:30 Ma:30 ] Azeworai, Stealthy Assailant of the Black Conclave         August 25, 2004
Elf [ Th:28 Wa:30 Ma:30 ] Azeworai, Stealthy Assailant of the Black Conclave         October 11, 2004
Elf [ Wa:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Azeworai, Stealthy Assailant of the Black Conclave         December 1, 2004
Elf [ Wa:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Azeworai, Stealthy Assailant of the Black Conclave         March 24, 2005
Elf [     Ambassador    ] Azeworai, Stealthy Assailant of the Black Conclave         October 4, 2005
Elf [     Ambassador    ] Azeworai Quantum Killer of the NASH faith                  January 2, 2006
Elf [     Ambassador    ] Azeworai, Master of the Nashite Quantumati                 March 7, 2006
Elf [      Retired      ] Azeworai, Master of the Nashite Quantumati                 october 23, 2006

Character History:

Written for the Dreamwalkers and taken from their website via Wayback Machine:

As this elf stands before you in a long black silk over coat, with weapons attached at sides, you notice a long scar across the top of his left eye. This scar does not look like it would have hurt him or damaged his abilities any but it looks like a scar of Valor and Chivalry; of how he has proved himself to be worthy of the great power that will be bestowed upon him when he reaches level 30 mage. This great power was born in an image that Tamar, the Goddess of Serenity, Mistress of Dreams, had later that night when she went into her dreaming slumber. During the dream a lonely elven lady brought Azeworai to her and set him down beside her, so that when Tamar awoke she would see him. As Tamar awoke she immediately who this newborn was and what he was put on the realm to achieve.

As Azeworai walks by you can't help but look at how bright, blue and strong his aura is, depicting who and what he is. As you run your eyes up and down trying to check and what he is and how he has been chosen you can't help but see the Crest of Dreamwalkers etched above a mysterious crystal ball that looks like it might actually be real inside a tattoo on the top of his left hand. The tattoo is so that all who he greets will see the mark and know he belongs somewhere, where the people are happy to see each other and glad that the company of many others around. The Crest of Dreamwalker that is etched above his hand looks like it was made from the skin itself because of the beauty and preciseness of the etching. The burn looks like a crystal ball with one of Azeworai's dreams Floating around with others from the following as if each member was given this tattoo when they have joined Tamar. As you scan down to his feet you notice that there is a tattoo on his left leg representing his love to Tamar and his fellow friends who have supported him through the thick and thin with all the blood that was shed and the wounds that were healed in the end.

This mage offers his hand in guidance and spells, all he ask in return is your gratitude and a hello every once in awhile just so he knows you care.


  • Azeworai was named Anathema for killing Qeiri on 05/22/2005.
  • Azeworai appears in the Room of Records on Plaque25 for winning second place in The Kobold Movers Quest.
  • Azeworai received votes in BlissPoll 2002B for 'Nicest Mortal'.
  • Azeworai took part in the Coven & Darkness vs. Master's Tower battle.
  • Azeworai is specifically mentioned in Tamar's Refuge.
  • Restring worn: <worn on finger> (Artifact magic) (Lost) the last will of Coven
  • Restring worn: <worn on finger> (Artifact magic) the faded memories of the Ashen Moon
  • Restring worn: <worn around neck> (Artifact magic) (Bloody) A Barbwire Chain of Swirling Flames
  • Restring worn: <worn on finger> (Moderate magic) (Beckoning) the Band of the Harbinger
  • Restring worn: <wielded> (Black Aura) a Heathen Slayer

Restrings Worn:

(Knotted) The Hangman's Noose

Long Desc: This noose lies ready to snap the scrawny neck of its wearer.

l noose: Along the side of the noose is written, "Bliss OwnZ you."

l knot:
The knot is designed to tighten quickly with the slightest pressure.

l rope:
This noose is made of a strong length of interwoven twine. You doubt it would break before your own neck would.

a bubbling cauldron of chocolate

(Restring by Cordir)
Long Description: Dark runes cover this black cauldron and three types of chocolate bubble within.
Look chocolate cauldron:

You cannot help but stare into this huge black cauldron, for the scent that 
emerges from within is almost mesmerizing. Swirls of pale and creamy white,
richly wicked dark and smooth, tantalizing milk chocolate fill the basin in
an exquisite blend of perfection. The surface of the liquid is glossy, silky,
and you can almost see the reflection of a pert, perky, naughty little Witch
in its sinfully delicious depths.

the silent depths of a grave

(Restring by Cordir)
Long Description: Cold silence fills the air, bearing the rotting scent of a grave and dead things.

Look grave depths:

The air shudders violently, moving before your eyes. It carries a dark
and horrible smell: rotting flesh. Only the air trapped for eternities
within the lowest depths of a grave could bear such a foul scent. Dark
mists outline a crypt, existing here only as a reflection or shadow of
where it must truly stand.

a blood-spattered black leather satchel

(Restring by Cordir)
Long Description: Blood drips wetly down the side of this black leather satchel: what’s the source?

Look bloody leather satchel

This black leather satchel is made of a supple but strong hide. When you
run one inquisitive fingertip over its surface, the diamond-shaped scale
pattern becomes more evident... but your skin is dyed crimson by contact
with the fresh blood that runs in rivulets down its side. The source of
the gore appears to be something that was abruptly shoved into the bag.

a bag of scalps, sewn together

(Restring by Cordir)
Long Description: Beyond foul, this bag is made of scalps sewn and the hair braided together.

Look bag scalps hair: 
This large-ish bag is formed by at least five scalps being sewn together,
the sewing reinforced by the weaving of the various strands, lengths, and
shades of hair together. The effect is like that of a voodoo priest’s bag
of foul and evil magic. Some of the hair is still in good enough condition
to identify its prior... owner: Dreammaster, Humble, Rincewind, Morphius,
and Xander.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

March 2, 2001: Azeworai is created and joins the Dreamwalkers.
March 5, 2001: The selection of the Dreamwalker's first ordained, Azeworai, is announced in a following board note.
March 6, 2001: Azeworai levels to 12 mage.
March 13, 2001: Azeworai levels to 16 mage.
May 31, 2001: Azeworai levels to 20 mage.
June 4, 2001: The Dreamwalkers' scavenger/leveling quest ends. Tamar announces that the winners are: Snappy, first place with 606 points. Azeworai, 2nd place with 314 points.
July 27, 2001: Azeworai duals to Warrior.
August 14, 2001: Legolas tries to rescue Azeworai from Maldobar and Gabriel, and survives (altho Azeworai doesn't.)
August 18, 2001: Azeworai reaches Wa: 8 Ma:21.
August 31, 2001: Azeworai reaches Wa:12 Ma:21.
September 11, 2001: Azeworai reaches Ma:23 Wa:15 and gets a train.
September 13, 2001: Azeworai completes mobmasters 29, 30 & 31 within minutes of each other.
September 22, 2001: Azeworai tells you (in common), 'could you post a time line event?? askin if legolas see that entry to give a email to ?? coz we miss him alot'. Azeworai reaches Ma:24 Wa:15.
September 24, 2001: Azeworai reaches Ma:25 Wa:15.
September 28, 2001: Azeworai has fun with ventriloquate. Khore kills Plane twice, and gives his brain to Tamar. He then kills Azeworai, when Azeworai refuses to eat a chocolate heart from Tamar's ocelot.
October 4, 2001: Azeworai reaches Ma:28 Wa:15 and completes mobmasters 37 (an elder), 38 (queen serpent) & 39.
October 9, 2001: Azeworai reaches Ma:29\Wa:15.
October 10, 2001: Azeworai reaches Ma:29 Wa:15.
October 19, 2001: Azeworai reaches Ma:30 Wa:15 (effective 35) and duals back to warrior.

January 15, 2002: Azeworai posts a note regarding iding, to clear his name, and announces that he is "closed". In response, Xavier posts an apology to Azeworai (and all).
February 25, 2002: Azeworai reaches Wa:17 Ma:30.
May 2, 2002: Azeworai is ordained "Dreamkeeper" by Tamar.
May 30, 2002: Tamar accidentally kills Azeworai in Bliss' temple, and gossips (in elven), 'Guess my rift is stronger than I thought now'. People then begin nominating other people for her to test it on.
July 18, 2002: A group consisting of Uriel, Azeworai, Solaron, Lins, Spell, and Vex take on the Master's Tower as part of Solaron's Triat Mastery quest.
August 4, 2002: Abe challenges Azeworai to an Honor Duel.
August 14, 2002: Clue casts her very first rift ever (on Azeworai) and it does "about 150 hp".
September 17, 2002: Marisa Writes - "Azeworai (a Bliss follower) meteor swarms the temple area, and Blacky (another Bliss follower) suicides on it over and over again in it to give debt, thinking it's someone else's swarm. (As in, 17 times...ouch.) I hope he makes it up to Azeworai somehow :P"
September 30, 2002: Azeworai reaches Th:2 Ma:30 Wa:19.
October 16, 2002: Azeworai CRs Score in the Wicked Overgrown Gardens of the Elven Homestead.
November 12, 2002: Azeworai deletes himself and starts over. (Azeworai gossips (in elven), 'OOoo i got a pummel stick all Fear me now!'.)
November 17, 2002: Azeworai levels a few times, reaching Ma:18 Wa:11. He also completes mobmasters 25 thru 27 (the medium golem, a Dwarven Warrior & the male ent).
November 22, 2002: Azeworai reaches Wa:13\Ma:20.
November 23, 2002: Azeworai reaches Wa:16\Ma:20.
November 25, 2002: Azeworai tries to shock people by expressing (in rather bad spelling) that he is "a pritty ballerina with my pink tutu and my fairy wand *SMOOCH*"
December 21, 2002: Azeworai reaches Wa:23 Ma:20 and completes mobmaster 44.

January 16, 2003: Azeworai is silenced on the mud for something on the Forum (disobeying Molo's order to apologize to Asia for something Azeworai said to her on the Forum.)
January 29, 2003: Keat attempts to worship Cordir and fails, then decides that Azeworai will be his next deity. Unfortunately, Azeworai's hopes are dashed when Alyria enters the realm and the fickle Aara drops Azeworai like a hot rock to attempt to worship Alyria.
February 1, 2003: A GT is held in Tempe, Arizona with Pitt, Mistyfier, Johnpaul, Syla, Azeworai, Rubicant, Majere, Alucard, Tolken, Tokugawa & Marisa attending.
February 22, 2003: The Dutch GT is held in Amsterdam, with Adso, Whoz, Gytar, Robert, Saruman, Pitt, Tiax, Riella, Rhys, Lins, Lanfear & Azeworai (via phone) attending.
March 14, 2003: Azeworai, the self-proclaimed 'Kissing Bandit" of the Coven levels to Ma:20\Wa:25, and completes MMs #47 - clan mother, #48 - Ghost of clan mother, and #49 - "one of the O mobs" which was later revealed to be Orina.
March 15, 2003: Azeworai reaches Ma:24 Wa:25.
May 23, 2003: Azeworai reaches a creepy '666 years old (1308 hours), created Tue Nov 12 02 20:08:06.'.
June 4, 2003: Marisa Reports - "Azeworai Prince Junior Grade of Rhinoceroseseses reaches Wa:27 Ma:25. (What IS a prince junior grade anyway?)"
June 13, 2003: Nevyn has a field day with Azeworai (apparently Nevyn was ticked that Aze wasn't paying enough attention to his songs - Vex gossips (in common), 'Nevyn yells, 'You RUINED my performance!'.'..
June 18, 2003: Azeworai reaches Wa:29 Ma:25, and gets 20hp and a train!
August 7, 2003: Garland dies in Master's Tower, and gets his corpse retrieved. He then posts a note to all saying, "Valin, Vex, Alucard, Azeworai, Aoife, Indiga, Roen, all my thanks go out to you guys for diving head first into Masters tower to get my corpse."
August 8, 2003: Azeworai kills Borlan & makes effective 40th! (Ma:30 Wa:30) It's reported that this level was due to a final little nudge from Tamar, his old immortal.
October 9, 2003: During a few group fights today, Azeworai realizes he's just a few deaths away from hitting the 2000 death mark for Bliss. Shortly afterwards he reaches that mark by dying to Teluin.
October 22, 2003: Azeworai triples to thief.
December 9, 2003: Craige multi-kills Azeworai, slaying him 3 times.

February 20, 2004: Kim gossips, 'hey Azeworai, dont you hate when you buy an expensive pair of hose and put a run in them just putting them on?'. Azeworai gossips (in common), 'yea!'. Azeworai gossips (in common), 'it looks nasty!'. Azeworai gossips (in common), 'it feels weird on your legs to'.
July 8, 2004: Azeworai joins Molo, and posts a note about it.
September 25, 2004: Natilena holds a pk rumble! Her summary says: Gregar killed by Ink, Thor killed by Orion, Guartwog killed by Valgar, Valin killed by Ink, Orion killed by Dart, Lex killed by Orpik, Eldric killed by Azeworai, Cujo killed by Mystaya, Dart killed by Ink, Valgar killed by Orpik, Mystaya killed by Orpik, Cyali killed by Orpik, Mistyfier killed by Ink, Faile killed by Orpik, Ink killed by Ink, and Azeworai killed by Orpik.
October 28, 2004: Azeworai reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Wa:30 Ma:30)

February 6, 2005: Azeworai posts an invitation to his wedding to Sybill.
February 16, 2005: Azeworai and Sybill get married in a Nashite ceremony, after having their wedding unexpectedly delayed a few days ago when the mud went down.
May 11, 2005: There's some discussion between Analay and Azeworai on notes.
May 23, 2005: Azeworai rants about bards, and Tynian responds, both in a couple of notes.
June 23, 2005: Azeworai reaches 3,656 years/7288 hours of age.
September 9, 2005: Azeworai posts a profanity laden retirement note.
October 4, 2005: Solaron and Azeworai are promoted to Ambassador, and Thor is promoted to Demigod!

May 30, 2006: Tynian posts a note announcing Azeworai's retirement at Ambassador status, thanking he and two other immortals for their service.

Player Information:


Azeworai lives in Texas. He provided the following info for a "Bio" page on Cordir's website:
Personal info: I love piercing my body: I have both my ears done, both my eyebrows done, 2 in my bottom lip, my tongue, and both my nipples done. I can't mention the rest. I have one tattoo on my back it's a family symbol of a grove rat AND IM A FREAK! WOHOOO GO FREAKS UNITE!
Mud life: How come everything starts in 8th grade .. well it was in 8th grade science class when my friend was talking about this mud he played something like well I didn't know anything about it so I went home and started playing. This was late 95 early 96. I played a few loooooww chars who sucked coz everyone's first char sucks. So then I made Crinos the puffed corn cheese snack of Adventure. Well he went real well until he died a lot and racked up some major expnext. Coming from Adventure I met Scott (solaron) and his mom who were badass people. So I decided to keep playing, and then Zarous left. All my friends and I joined OKK, where everything was fine till I took a year or so off and came back to no god at all. Hehe by this time Dalaran pked me and got perm debt for which he was pissed for *HEHEH*. Then stumbled into Tamar's arms and played for her for a long time. About after a year or 2 she asked the world of me, she asked me to be the ordained for Dream. And I took on the challenge and then the rest is history and I love everyone that I have met and had the pleasure of being friends with.