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Asia (I)
The Cowdragon
Created January 1996
Status Retired
Retired March 2, 2001
Race Minotaur
Hometown Mithas
Classes Shaman
Followed Lorna
Immorted AMB: May 1998
ATTND: Oct 1998
DEMI: Jan 1999
Following Pain

Mud Contributions:

The epic fight in Salias Square with Tynian...

Current Description:

The Legend of the Minotaurs :
A Minotaur with golden horns will unite thee Minotaurs
of Mithas and Man athor. 
You see before you a large Minotaur with golden horns and brown fur. She looks like an experience explorer
She is a proud member of the elite House Veladorn
Asia is in perfect health.

Asia is using:
<used as light>     (Glowing) a war banner
<worn on finger>    a dwarven golden ring
<worn on finger>    the grim azurite ring
<worn around neck>  the Amulet of True Seeing
<worn around neck>  (Humming) the superb amethyst amulet
<worn on body>      a suit of padded leather
<worn on head>      a golden circlet
<worn on legs>      a pair of black leather pants
<worn on feet>      a pair of padded leather boots
<worn on hands>     dwarven gloves
<worn on arms>      elven vambraces
<worn about body>   a rockworm hide
<worn about waist>  a studded leather girth
<worn around wrist> an onyx bracelet
<worn around wrist> the plain star rose quartz bracelet
<wielded>           the sword MooScaliber

WHO Lists:

Min [ Th:28 Wa:30 Sh:30 ] Asia Moo Princess {Tiger}                   (March 16, 1997)
Min [ Wa:30 Th:30 Sh:30 ] Asia is just another bored 50th {Tiger}     (June 8, 1997)
Min [ Demigoddess ] Asia                  		               (June, 1999)

Character History:

Asia was born to a poor minotaur family in the city of Mithas. She spent her early days learning the ways of the Shaman. During her adventures she meet up with Ozymandius, the great Hero of Mithas, Shoya the Executioner of Ofcal and Talen the Enchanted. They were all members of the Great House Of Veladorn. After adventuring with them for some years. They invited Asia to join Veladorn. Asia stay with Veladorn for quite sometime and mastered the art of the shaman and learn how to fight there under their guidance. As the years passed and members of the House slowly started retiring, the still young Asia met the Goddess Lorna and decided to join her following of warriors. Asia mastered the art of war and thievery under the wing of Lorna's Flying Tigers. Asia went on to many legendary adventures even killing the Demon King numerous times and many battles with Scar. Asia finally settled down and retired to a quiet life until the immortals granted her the chance to become immortal.

Asia as a mortal was known as the Cowdragon, which was actually her last name. But her many mortal companions called her that because of her huge size. She was a gigantic heifer with dark brown fur, golden horns and grey eyes. Her biceps were bigger than two elves standing beside each other, her legs were as big as tree trunks, and her hooves were always well polished. As a immortal Asia can appear anyway she chooses but usually she appears as she did as a mortal, but sporting a big pair of furry wings.

It is rumored that the power of immortality has corrupted the once peaceful Minotaur and Asia now enjoys the pain and suffering of mortals more than the average immortal.

Asia's History from her webpage

(original source Asia's Web Page)

Asia was born in Mithas about 900 years ago. She started training as a Shaman at a young age and quickly gained high ranking in the Shaman's guild in Mithas. When she completed her Shaman training she went out in the realms and searched for others to share her knowledge with and to seek her fortune. During her travels Asia became friends with members of the famed House of Veladorn. Most noteable were Ozymandius, Talen, Shoya, and Laujar. After her travels Asia was appointed high shaman of Mithas by the Emperor. Also during her travels Asia found the ancient sword Mooscalibur, the powerful ring of Neutrality and was known to always carry around ranger repellent. Asia also began training as a warrior during this time as well. Many years later when she was an accomplished warrior, Sadow, Huey, and her decided to take on Borlan. Borlan was known for ripping of his customers so the trio decided to straighten him out. (side note: this was a very bad idea) As it turned out Borlan straightened the trio out and massacared all of them in seconds. As the three were regrouping after the gods brought them back to life a young lad named halpo decided to destory the trio's equipment in the process sending Asia's famed blade to another realm. (This powerful artifact couldn't be destroyed so easily and Asia is now searching for it as we speak) As the years went by Asia left Veladorn and became a Tiger serving under Lorna. During these times Asia completed her studies as a warrior becoming the Captain of the Mithas Guards and began training as a thief. While training as a thief Asia meet and became friends with Myronides an elven ranger, priest, and soon to be thief, Azzark a human ranger priest, and thief, and Pendor a ranger shaman and thief, and they formed AERB, also know as Asia's elite ranger bodyguards. Asia with this elite group traveled all over and even slew the notorious killer Azra, who happened to attack Asia when Aerb and her went to go buy a ship. Asia with AERB quickly attended the title of Master thief of Mithas and was proclaimed a hero of Mithas and given a statue along side of the Emperors and Ozymandius's. But Asia was not done. She then decided to go after Scar, Madman's pet demon. This was another bad idea as Scar quickly killed her and threw her limp corpse back down to the realms.(think he was still mad when me, Welverin, Kaern, and Foolkiller killed him, but thats another story) Asia then joined a group that had lured Scar down to the realms and helped slay him making the score Asia 2, Scar 1. Many years later a group of Tigers, along with two Aerb memebers, Myronides and Azzark, and the elven Paladin Dalaran decided they would go down to the Realm of Demons and kill the one and only Eb, king of the demons. The group went down and cleaned out that horrible realm, slaying every demon in sight till they came upon eb and his two lackies, and after some name calling and other bad words exchanged between the groups, Asia and the group slaughtered them all. Asia made a bag out of eb's corpse and presented it as a trophy to Lorna. With everything she ever wanted to do, done Asia then retired to a life of luxury in the palace of Mithas. Soon after retirement Asia was called forth by the gods. The powers of immortality quickly corrupted Asia and she was soon transformed into the Mistress of Pain and Misery. Years after Asia became the Great Mistress, a young priest of her Cult, named Sith, found a great artifact of Lord Nash. A torn piece of Parchment from his bible. Now Asia serves Lord Nash


  • Asia rather famously dueled Tynian in Salias Square. (She lost.)
  • Asia purported to have never been PK'd prior to becoming Immortal. (except by Tynian).
  • Asia was in the group led by Welverin to first slay Slue the Executioner.
  • Asia as a mortal had a "Asia's Who's Who" shout-out on her webpage.
  • Asia grouped regularly with a pack of folks she called her "AERB" : Asia's Elite Ranger Bodyguards.
  • Asia had a sword named Mooscalibur. A restrung Large sword from Mithas

Player Provided Information:

Asia was a great player and a great FLI.

Personal Timeline:

  • April 1996: Asia joins House Veladorn.
  • May 15, 1998: Asia becomes Ambassador
  • October 1998: Asia made Attendant to Khore
  • January 1999: Asia is promoted to Demi Goddess of the order of Pain and Misery.
  • April 20, 1999: Molo announces that Asia's following has been accepted into the Nashite faith, and names her Mistress of Pain and Misery of the Cauldron of Nashite.
  • Dec 30 1999: Tynian posts a note stating that Asia (among other immortals) has been flagged as Inactive.
  • January 2m 2000: UuKrul leaves the Black Conclave of Nashite and joins the Cauldron of Pain and Misery. Later that evening, he is Ordained by Asia.
  • March 2000: Asia decides to 'Start Over' and wholesale slays and rejects followers as they enter the realm.
  • April 2000: Tynian posts a note stating that Asia (among other immortals) has been flagged as Inactive.
  • March 2, 2001: Tynian posts a note stating that Asia has been forcibly retired.