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The Cat Lord
Created October 1993
Status Retired
Race Half-Elf
Last Seen September 4, 1996
Areas Written The Gods' Realms
Temple Area
Admin Duties Code Writer (1993-1996)

Nicknames: The Cat Lord, The Master of Magic

IvoryTiger's Immortal Profile/Bio

(Taken from the TFC Website Archives)

IvoryTiger is an enigma. Some say he prowled the lands of limbo for centuries before settling here, others say he merely lets us exist here in his lair. Most people (especially casters) are just happy he's here. He is the Master of Magic, the source of mana from which all who cast magic get their power. The next time you are saved by a mage casting a spell at just the right time, or healed by a cleric, or phosphated by a shaman, remember the Cat Lord, for without him, it would not have happened.


Ivorytiger was one of the three "founding" Implementors of TFC. As a founder, he, along with Tynian and Maurice, are the only characters within TFC to start out their careers as Immortals. All other Immortals have worked their way up through mortality.

Tynian brought Ivorytiger in as an additional coder near the beginning of implementation in 1993, and worked on TFC during its early years. He spent a lot of time adding and improving skills and spells, as well as other aspects of the game. Ivorytiger, not being a Challenger MUD native, also brought in ideas outside of what Maurice and Tynian were thinking of, and put TFC on the road to becoming its own game.

Tynian's nickname for IT was "Ice Puppy."

IvoryTiger created The Gods' Realms and the Temple Area.

Character Description

You see a pair of green eyes staring intently at you. You break off the contact and notice a beautiful siberian tiger is watching you.

'Goto' Inbound & Outbound

IvoryTiger steps from the shadows...
IvoryTiger steps into the shadows...

IvoryTiger's Office

IvoryTiger's Den

Before you lies a shadowy cave from which low rumbles can be heard. Green eyes stare back at you as you search the shadows for IvoryTiger. A large ivory-colored tiger stares intently at you.

Tynian's Notes

IvoryTiger was a real life friend of mine. He was a good guy that was always around when I needed help. I think we first met when he made a donation to my fledging BBS[1] in the early nineties. He made another donation or two as time went on. When Maurice and I started work on TFC, I realized that I needed help with the coding side of things if we had any hope of launching in a reasonable timeframe. IvoryTiger was there to answer my plea for help, and was very active in the early aspects of the game. He had not played Challenger MUD like Maurice and I had, and his ideas moved TFC beyond its Challenger aspirations. He was around less and less often, life taking its toll on his free time. He did not so much quit TFC as simply fade away.