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Hound of the Hunt
Created 2/23/2011
Status Active
Race Dwarf
Classes Cleric/Warrior/Ordained
Last Seen Active
Followed Katrana

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

June, 2011 - Used for Cordir's Quest of Words

Feral. That is the word that springs unbidden to your mind as you look at the dwarf before you. His short, stocky frame is powerfully built, and what skin is visible is ruddy from exposure to the elements and criss-crossed in a maze of white scars. While he has the same bulbous nose and plain features of the rest of his race, however, his expression is that of a hound on the hunt: focused and intense. Thick white hair cascades in a mane down his back, untamed and unimpeded by the simple leather headband, occasionally falling into his face. And those eyes – no true dwarf has eyes the color of blood.

Suddenly he raises his eyes skyward and sniffs sharply, as though sensing something. A snarl of pure, carnal rage crosses his features and his lips part, revealing teeth that belong on a dog more than a dwarf, before he stalks away. As he passes near the fringes of the light, his shadow throws odd shapes against the wall – one moment a dwarf, the next a stalking canine.

WHO Lists:

Dwa [    Wa:25 Cl:30    ] Sagan'dari the Hound.                    (Hunt / -gossip)     (June 12, 2011)
Dwa [     The Hound     ] Sagan'dari.                              (Hunt / -gossip)     (July 3, 2011)



 Sagan (II): Male Dwarf 21 Ordained, 30 Warrior, 30 Cleric (Eff. 47)
 Was created 2011-02-23 07:36:11, and has
    played 21dy 15hr 3min  (actual time online).
 1778454 total experience earned.
 Scored 55 mobmaster, 25 mobhunt, and 0 location quest points.
 The Past Finder Adept
 Scavenger hunts for the month  : 1st.
 Scavenger hunts for the year   : 5th.
 Scavenger hunts overall        : 13th.
  7 day activity rank           : 14th.
 14 day activity rank           : 9th.
 30 day activity rank           : 12th.
 60 day activity rank           : 9th.
 90 day activity rank           : 8th.
  7 day out-of-safe room rank   : 11th.
 14 day out-of-safe room rank   : 4th.
 30 day out-of-safe room rank   : 5th.
 60 day out-of-safe room rank   : 5th.
 90 day out-of-safe room rank   : 3rd.
 PK ranking: 1st.
 ------------------------------- PK INFO -------------------------------
 Has initiated 486 attacks (183 justified, and 303 not justified).
 Has been attacked 196 times (79 justified, 117 not justified).
 Is credited with 37 PKs (8 justified, 29 not justified).
 Has been killed 3 times (0 justified, 3 not justified).

Character History:

Submitted for Cordir's Quest of Words

Cearn the 7th, The Month of the Deities Wrath, 3040:

Belisha, Sagan’s mother, was 50 when she died – barely out of adolescence for a dwarf. The wasting illness – the plague, clerics called it – afflicted the young and old alike, and had not spared his mother. Sagan mourned her in his own way, his father, Rogalf, in his. Rogalf frequented the seedier establishments in Dhuvrad, seeking to drown his sorrows, and neglected the young son he had waiting at home.

This arrangement lasted for years; Rogalf stumbling home from the mines, dropping a few silver on the pallet Sagan used as a bed and then leaving until the wee hours of the night, until something happened. One day in the Month of Dawning in 3044, Rogalf came home. He never said exactly what it was, but he came back, pale-faced and bleary, packed their belongings and moved them to Dwarvenhold.

Sagan remembered little of the ocean voyage, the highwaymen who had robbed them blind on the Great Western Road or the cold shoulder his father first received when arriving, penniless and homeless, at the gates of the great city, but he remembered his father’s focus. That singular determination that drove him to relocate his family with no explanation lasted until they reached the city and Sagan met his uncle, a butcher. He did remember falling asleep that night in an actual bed, with a full stomach and his aunt fussing with his hand-me-down clothes. That night, 5 years to the day that his mother had died, was the last night he ever saw his father.

Zoardryn the 15th, The Month of The Fool’s Bounty, 3048:

The chunk of rock clattered into the cart and echoed hollowly on the sturdy wooden planks that made up the bottom. Sagan hated that noise. It meant the cart wasn’t full, which meant he had hours of work yet to go. Some dwarves were cut out for a life of mining, but Sagan wasn’t one of them. He didn’t know what it was that he was cut out for, but swinging a pick at a wall for hours was definitely not it. His options were limited, however. His uncle already had an apprentice, mushroom farming was even more unappealing than mining, and he was not yet old enough to join the ranks of the city guard, let alone the dwarven hunters who ranged the Whitefrost for food that didn’t grow underground – preferably food that bled at some point in its life.

He almost didn’t hear the noise at first, over the sound of metal striking rock, metal striking metal and occasionally fist striking flesh as fights broke out over a particularly rich chunk of ore. It was a quiet rumbling, as though an enormous mine cart was being emptied into a drum behind a wall from a distance. Sagan imagined it being a landslide topside, but winter still had the land in its grip, and little was left to slide to make that much noise. He ignored it, as he tried to ignore and forget most of his days spent in the Vein. That was a mistake.

The rockworm burst through the cavern wall at the far end of the passage he was mining. Two miners screamed as they were crushed by the falling rock, and another was swallowed by the grinding teeth. Acrid smoke quickly filled the room as the acidic saliva began to eat at the stone.

“Rockworm!” went out the call. While deadly and dangerous, rock worms were simply a part of the job. The dwarven warriors, standing guard at the entrance to the vein, would dispatch the creature – or so Sagan thought. What was not a part of the normal job day was the stream of dark dwarves that poured into the passage behind the rock worm.

Sagan swung his pick at a dark shape that appeared before him. The duergar was wearing a filthy cloth mask covering his nose and mouth, to protect him from the smoke probably, and easily dodged the clumsy blow. The bludgeon wielded by the wiry creature, however, cracked Sagan across the head and he knew no more.

He woke, minutes or hours later, to the sounds of groans and screams. The rock worm was gone, the duergar was gone. So too were their stores of mithril ore. The Dwarven Warriors had slain a single invader. Four miners were dead and many more injured.

That was Sagan’s first brush with the duergar, the distant, dark relatives of dwarves. It would not be his last.

Dreade the 3rd, The Month of Frozen Depths, 3051:

Sagan knelt clumsily in his armor. The plate and chain suit was new to him, but had seen many years of service from previous guards. He was painfully aware of the shiny new links in the chain shirt, just below the breastbone, where repairs had been made. I hope I am luckier than the last owner, he thought grimly to himself.

The stomp of mailed feet on stone shook Sagan from his reverie. He looked up as Lt. Tragg moved through the small company of dwarven soldiers like a landslide, pausing only as he reached the head of the group. His face was set in a mask of fury as he whirled to face them.

“Ten dead. Ten of your brothers dead and not a single, stinkin’ duergar corpse to show for it?” The dwarf spat on the ground. “If this,” he said, gesturing towards the assembled group of green soldiers, “is what Dwarvenhold has to offer then the dark dwarves can have it.”

The seasoned warrior shouldered his axe and thumbed his nose. “I’ve pulled the guards from the gates. I’ve pulled the guards from the forges and the mines. Tharlodin’s fit to strangle me, I’ve killed his production. And it depends on us. We go in, we break their defense, and the rest follow behind us and sweep up. Now are you dwarves or aren’t you?”

The men, Sagan included, rattled their axes against their wooden bucklers and stood. Beyond them was the crude barricade separating the duergar homecaves from his home – Dwarvenhold. As he navigated the maze of dark tunnels and entered the homecaves of the duergar, the blood rage took him for the first time. His memories, after the fact, consisted only of snatches of events. His axe buried deep within the chest of a duergar footsoldier. A crimson stain spreading across the dark waters of the lake. Screams when the duergar clerics and shamans waded into the fray, the air crackling with magic. The pride as he heard the remainder of the dwarven forces enter the duergar homecaves.

Only one memory was truly clear. Deep within the duergar caves, Sagan had become separated from his companions when a powerful-looking duergar in chainmail strode forward determinedly. Sagan swung at him with a bludgeon he had looted from a downed duergar, but the duergar had merely smiled – smiled! – as he leaned casually aside, avoiding the blow. The ground itself shook as words fell from the clerics lips and an unseen force slammed Sagan against the wall. Already weakened from previous battles, he could only watch as the cleric advanced on him, blade drawn.

Sagan almost thought he was delirious when he heard the giggle in his ear. “I can help you, you know,” said a voice conversationally. “But I don’t know if you’re worth it. I think I’ll keep an eye on you, little Wyldling.” Before Sagan could even acknowledge the voice, he heard a snipping sound and the cleric fell to the ground, dead.

Sagan had never heard of a Wyldling, let alone the Wyldess before, but whatever had just happened to him, he resolved to find out.


  • Sagan never uses public channels (shout, yell, gossip or auction).
  • Sagan's Thread was Dark Emerald Green, but is now, Alabaster, with splotches of Dark Emerald Green.
  • Sagan won the No Frills Quickie Labor Day Scavenger Hunt of 2011.
  • Sagan is referenced in The Old Man and the Hound, a story written by Zephyr.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

2/23: Sagan is created and raises to level 7 cleric.
2/24: Sagan raises to level 10 cleric and becomes a warrior.
2/28: Sagan raises to level 10 warrior.
3/12: Sagan raises to level 15 cleric.
3/12: Sagan was granted a Rebirth by Zmandforkso.
3/20: Sagan raises to level 15 warrior.
3/23: Sagan is reclassed as a vigilante.
4/1: Sagan raises to level 20 cleric.
4/9: Sagan raises to level 20 warrior.
4/12: Sagan joins the Wyld Hunt.
4/15: Sagan becomes the Hound of the Hunt by his Thread becoming merged with Katrana's hound, Ashendarei. (This was in a RP following quest Katrana ran for her following - called Creation of the Hound.)
4/19: Sagan is reclassed as a miscreant.
4/23: Sagan raises to level 25 cleric.
5/2: Sagan cuts Hutt's Thread.
5/21: Sagan cuts Soloban's Thread.
5/21: Sagan is reclassed as a sociopath.
5/27: Sagan obtains level 30 cleric.
5/30: Sagan was appointed "The Finder Adept". (Sagan, The Past Finder Adept, is here.)
6/2: Sagan cuts Thorpik's Thread.
6/11: Sagan raises to level 25 warrior.
6/14: Sagan cuts Zephyr's Thread.
6/19: Sagan cuts Markoon's Thread twice.
6/29: Sagan cuts Buffertank's Thread.
6/29: Sagan is granted a Rebirth by Kylor.
6/29: Sagan raises to level 30 warrior.
6/29: Sagan is ordained "The Hound" by Katrana.
7/2: Sagan raises to level 5 ordained.
7/2: Sagan cuts Valentine's Thread.
7/6: Sagan raises to level 10 ordained.
7/7: Sagan cuts Blackmist's Thread.
7/8: Sagan cuts Raage's Thread.
7/9: Sagan completes MM 20 - a goblin miner.
7/17: Sagan cuts Illegal's Thread.
7/17: Sagan raises to level 15 ordained.
7/20: Sagan completes MM 30 - a minotaur soldier.
7/20: Sagan cuts Eldric's Thread.
7/25: Sagan cuts Anathema's Thread.
8/6: Sagan cuts Flamingoman's Thread.
8/8: Sagan cuts Lucretia's Thread.
8/8: Sagan cuts Dimwit's Thread.
8/9: Sagan raises to level 20 ordained.
8/11: Sagan cuts Uthmar's Thread.
8/24: Sagan cuts Leo's Thread.
8/28: Sagan completes MM 40 - the student.
9/3: Sagan cuts Hutt's Thread.
9/4: Sagan cuts Tirpitz's Thread.
9/5: Sagan cuts Silverthorn's Thread.
9/5: Sagan won the No Frills Quickie Labor Day Weekend, by completing 6 scavenger hunts with the top scores!
9/7: Sagan cuts Maxwell's Thread.
9/7: Sagan cuts Qaletaqa's Thread.
9/9: Sagan completes MM 50 - a Lesser Unfinished One.
9/11: Sagan honors the Wyld by cutting the Threads of Three in one attempt - Miressa, Leo, and Hutt.

Player Information: