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Gytar (I)
Created 1995
Retired Jun 13 2004
Race Dwarf
Classes Cleric
Followed Kalten
Portrait by Jerome

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

A small pile of iron has been placed in front of you. Upon looking
more carefully down, you observe the pile moving. Then, a face 
appears and it turns toward you. A quick glance gives you the
impression that this creature has lived forever. Actually, Gytar is
older than the days birthday records were kept. He has lived since 
the days of Coleman, eternal God of Mirth. However, Gytar choose to 
follow the path of Kalten, the beloved and feared Keeper of the Ivory
Rose. In those days, Gytar was knighted as 'D1' or Dwarven One of the
Ivory Rose. Now the days of the Rose are gone and deities went and 
came. The Lord of Unity, Robert, accepted Gytar in his clan as his
right hand. The D1 of the Ivory Rose is now the Medic D1 of Unity. 
When you listen carefully, you hear Gytar murmur a short riddle:
. Seven deadly sins
. Seven ways to win
. Seven holy paths to hell
. And your trip begins
. Seven downward slopes
. Seven bloodied hopes
. Seven are your burning fires
. Seven your desires....
His bright eyes stare at you, and he says: 'Choose your decisions
well my friend, or Hell awaits us all'.
Gytar is in perfect health.
Gytar is using:
<used as light> (Moderate magic) (Glowing) a spinning blue spindle
<worn on finger> (Powerful magic) (Glowing) the Golden Ring of the Medic
<worn on finger> (Powerful magic) a simple ring
<worn around neck> (Artifact magic) a Major Amulet of Health
<worn around neck> (Artifact magic) the dazzling gold amulet
<worn on body> (Moderate magic) a splint mail shirt
<worn on head> (Moderate magic) a steel helmet
<worn on legs> (Moderate magic) a pair of steel leggings
<worn on feet> (Moderate magic) a pair of splint mail boots
<worn on hands> (Moderate magic) a pair of scale mail gauntlets
<worn on arms> (Moderate magic) a pair of leaf mail sleeves
<worn as shield> (Moderate magic) the platinum spiked shield
<worn about body> (Moderate magic) a leaf mail sash
<worn about waist> (Moderate magic) a ring mail girth
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) the shattered spinel bracelet
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) a studded leather wrist guard
<wielded> (Potent magic) a snake whip
<worn with pride> (Potent magic) (Sparkling) A flask filled with buckyballs 
<worn with pride> (Moderate magic) (Glowing) the holy symbol of the draconian

Character History:

From the 2x Rogue's Gallery:
NOW: 10/28/01 - Dwa [ Doctor ] Gytar D'Alchemist of Unity -LLU- -DOP-
THEN: Dwa [Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Dwarven One, the first dwarf of Ivory
For a long time, Gytar served Kalten as "D1". After Kalten's retirement, he joined Lorna's tigers for a time. When Robert immorted, Lorna released Gytar to be in Unity's service - a rare event as she did not release many Tigers. For the last year and a half, Gytar as served as an Ordained in Robert's service. For a long time, he was titled D1 - Medic, but has worked his way up to being a full "Doctor".


Player Provided Information

I had a great deal of respect for Gytar as a player and as a character. If I had a problem with a Unity follower, as often as not, I'd talk to Gytar first, before Robert. He was calm and willing to discuss almost any situation. It was also a source of humor between us that Robert hated to write restrings - Gytar had earned several, so I created them for him.

Personal Timeline:

Gytar: It has been fun.
Sun Jun 13 08:31:35 2004
To: all

Dear all,
After 9 years of play, I feel it's time to retire. Thanks you all for playing
with me or against me. I would like to thank some people in particular:
Lady Ginny, Lords Coleman, Kalten, Robert and Tiax
Lords Tynian and Madman
Lins and all of his emotion
Whoz and all his characters
Riella, Lanfear, Aiken, Saruman, Noctus, Wolfgang and all other Dutchies around.
The followers in Mirth, Ivory Rose, Unity and Sun
Belgarion for our Velalisier adventurers
And all the others that made this Realm possible.
Gytar, D'Alchemist of Unity
Sharn, Stargazer of -Fate-
Tenuviel, Coven fresh!
Alsor Power
Ernoy Me
Total, the BBQing lil Ogur of Sun
Gedix, Sergeant of the Sun Defenders
JustMe, Venturon, Tourion, Amras


Player Information:

(As provided to the "Faces Behind The Names" page of Cordir's website, around 2000)
Gytar started playing in 1995 at the University of Utrecht (Holland) during his studies Chemistry. Initially introduced by Starlord to TFC, he soon played along with the enthousiastic people of the Dutch clan: Robert, Kalten, Faith, Saruman, Twinklefire and many others. Gytar was accepted in the following of Kalten, and knighted as the D1 of the Ivory Rose. Years later, when Kalten retired, he joined Robert after a short period in the the Flying Tigerss clan of Lorna.