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King of Kings
Member: TFC Explorers Society
Race Minotaur
Classes Warrior

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WHO Lists:

Date Unknown: Min [ Wa:30             ] Ozymandius King of Kings, Warleader of House Veladorn

Character History:

11/22/2011: Sweetpea's Memories

(Log by Cordir. Previously, Sweetpea had been telling stories about Veladorn)

Sweetpea says (in common), 'thats all that comes to memory, cept for the different quests and accomplishments that ozymandius had, but they are well documented'.

You nod in recognition to her.
You say, 'I would deeply enjoy the opportunity of speaking with him.'.
You say, 'for a long time, I had thought he was a mortal incarnation of someone else'.

Sweetpea says (in common), 'not sure if it is documented that ozy mapped out the 1st path for merrick'.

You say, 'the rumors having been... quite persistant.'.

Sweetpea says (in common), 'it was a quest from madman'.

You say, 'Indeed, that is not recorded, Sweetpea'.

Jaerith says (in orc), 'it could be.'.
Jaerith pokes Sweetpea in the ribs.

Sweetpea says (in common), 'ozy did many quests to get god enchants on his belt, which was a worn weapon as well as a quest to make his weapon no disarm'.

You nod.
You say, 'the waist axe'.


Hutt says, 'I was looking at his wiki today'.

Sweetpea says (in common), 'this week ozy drove from dallas tx to altoona pa for thanksgiving :)'.

You say, 'hopefully some day he can see it, and share more information with us'.

Eathor says (in common), 'Rod of Neutrality?'.

Sweetpea says (in common), 'was there ever a way to repair pitted armor added to the game?'.

Jaerith says (in orc), 'to a point'.
Jaerith says (in common), 'you can only repair something so much..'.

Cordir nods in Jaerith's general direction, still staring out the open archway.

Sweetpea says (in common), 'long ago there was no way to repair armor and ozy was often hunted just to be etched'.

Jaerith grins wickedly.

Norak says (in common), 'lol'.
Norak says (in common), 'thats harsh'.

Jaerith says (in common), 'silly naked mages and their acid blast.'.

Eathor auctions (in common), 'We love Mish.'.
Eathor grins evilly.
Eathor leaves west.

Sweetpea says (in common), 'it was one of the reasons he became a permanent structure in the recall room'.

Norak says (in common), 'mish de-etches?'.

Sweetpea says (in common), 'he was almost killed by 3 naked shamans as well'.

Hutt throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Jaerith says (in common), 'You can fix some things on the Moutain of Knowledge, Norak.'.

Boromir says, 'it was a way mages could counteract the shamans and their rift'.

Norak says (in common), 'yep .. what was that about mish though?'.

Sweetpea says (in common), 'it was impressive because i believe ozy was the 1st player to swing his weapon for annihilate'.


Player Provided Information:

Remember when Ozzy tried to do a quest to change races? He wanted to dual to cleric to keep his metal!
I remember seeing Ozymandius losing link in the Guild Hall (back when it was unsafe) and logging back in with two or three corpses of Sadow at his feet and low hit points. He'd killed Sadow repeatedly - linkdead.

Personal Timeline:

January 1995: The House of Veladorn is created by Coleman, Ozymandius, and Szordrin.
May 1995: Marisa and Talen are xping in Ofcol when Diana dies of plague in front of them, fully eq'ed. They scoop up her eq and manage to trade it all to Ozymandius for (among other things) *two* Rods of Neutrality (+5 damage lights).

December 5, 1995 - Ozymandius is challenged by Madman to a quest... one aspect of which is to slay the Warrior Guildmaster of Lothlorien, who had remained undefeated up to that point. But that day, The Guildmaster Dies.

Player Information: