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The Demonic Guardian
Member: TFC Explorers Society
Status Inactive
Race Human
Classes Warrior
Last Seen June 18, 2010
Followed Molo


Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

From beneath unkept, sandy-brown hair, a turquoise gaze meets yours. Fierce, bright, assessing, measuring... A sense of forboding sweeps over you. These are the eyes of a fanatic, one utterly dedicated to the Arch-Lich and His principles. The fellow raises his right fist in a salute of sorts, and upon his forearm you see the symbol of Lord Nash burned and inked into his flesh, and freshly stained with blood. Again, a shiver sweeps over you, and you hope he has no desire for your life or your goods.
"Hope?" he snickers. "I am the destroyer. Hope is empty."
His stature, armor and weaponry bespeak a warrior of experience, one more than capable of taking what he wants... at the cost of your life if necessary...

WHO Lists:

Hum [     Wa: 6 Cl:11   ] Tylorn.
Hum [    Wa:15 Cl:14    ] Tylorn, Squire of the Black Conclave       (July 9, 1999)
Hum [    Wa:24 Cl:25    ] Tylorn, BellyDancer of the WarDancers      (Day of Deception: Sept 15, 1999)
Hum [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Tylorn, Demonic Guardian of the Black Conclave  (Feb 7, 2000)
Hum [     Executioner   ] Tylorn, Minion of the Arch-Lich            (October 31, 2000)
Hum [      Assassin     ] Tylorn, Minion of the Arch-Lich            (October 15, 2001)
Hum [      Assassin     ] Tylorn, Minion of the Arch-Lich            (October 31, 2002)

Character History:

Player Provided Information:

Well, when he finally died - after ruling this place for so long - I was with him. We were on Tier Sh'Halen. The story is this: He had cast sanctify, and we were resting there. Along comes Mael and Vex. Tylorn had all that limited gear from Dragon's Tower, and the talon extenders... all sorts of eq, by the way. So, he went AFK. They summoned in a mob, which somehow cancelled the sanctify. This was the PK that changed everything. Because the sanctify dropped, they started pounding on us, and I had to flee. Tylorn was afk. I could have portalled us out, but I didn't think about it before they attacked. I thought we were safe. After that, with Tylorn's gear, Vex was a monster. Tylorn was never the same: he checked out, physically and mentally, from the game. I felt guilty as hell. But what else could I do? I'm a mage! I don't know anything about cleric spells. :(
Tylorn, Chronic and I all sort of 'grew up' together in the Conclave. The three of us started in the following at about the same time. Tylorn and Chronic took care of me and helped me in so many ways. I always always safe when I was with my brothers. It was fun to watch them both grown both in levels, game knowledge, and as friends. Tylorn was always a good sport and I loved to RP with him! I miss both Chronic and Tylorn so much. It wasn't ever the same without them.



  • Tylorn was specifically mentioned by BeelzeBub in his retirement note. (January 2000)
  • Tylorn was mentioned in the BlissPoll 2000, with votes for Most Powerful Mortal, Most Intimidating Mortal, Best Description of a Mortal, Best Looking Mortal, and Most Annoying Mortal.
  • Tylorn was mentioned in the BlissPoll 2001, with votes for The People You'd Most Want to Take With You to Visit Scairz, The People You'd Most Want to Take with You to Visit the Master of Magic, Most Annoying Mob ("Kuroth guards when Tylorn is in the room.").
  • Tylorn was mentioned in the BlissPoll 2002, with votes for All Time Most Powerful Mortal, All Time Scariest Mortal, What Person Do You Fear
  • Tylorn was the first (known, logged) mortal to slay the Dream Weaver of Tier Sh'Halen.
  • Tylorn commissioned Cordir to write up a custom restring for him to give to Silonch: (Aflame) the mark of a demon's kiss. (Details can be seen on Silonch's page) It took three drafts to get it just to his liking...
  • Tylorn commissioned Cordir to write up a number of custom restrings for himself, including (Aflame) vestments of fire and ash, and The shattered seal of King Ebencaleneezer.
  • Tylorn appears on the Tiger Retribution List - July 2002

Personal Timeline:

September 29, 1999: Tylorn completes his 57th and 58th mob masteries.
October 30, 1999: Tylorn reaches effective 40th level.
November 1, 1999: Tylorn is accepted into the High Council of the Black Conclave.
December 5, 1999: Tylorn becomes the first person known (and witnessed) to slay the Dream Weaver of Tier Sh'Halen.
January 13, 2000: 13/00 - Cordir sets Ptarchyzk and Palmer to a contest to see which is the 'cooler' thief. Neither fulfills all aspects of the quest. Craving one of the quest items - a chocolate eclair - she lays a challenge to the whole mud: The first to gain her a chocolate eclair within 2 minuets to gain a special mention on the Time Line. Within 15 seconds, Tylorn had one in his inventory, but couldn't get it to her. Palmer slid in under the wire with 3 seconds to spare, and gained her the pastry she was seeking. = )
February 1, 2000: A new Inner Council of the Black Conclave of Nashite is announced and takes control. They include Salem the Black Dragon, High Wizard of the Black Conclave, Stouthbound, Minion of the Arch-Lich, Tylorn, Demonic Guardian of the Black Conclave, Chronic, Pale Cambion of the Black Conclave and Daelin, Grand Knight of the Black Conclave.
February 8, 2000: Tylorn is the topic of a poem by Silonch, called 'Tylorn The Hunter'.
May 9, 2000: Tylorn is Ordained by Molo.
November 1, 2000: Silonch's heart is obtained by the Tigers. Mass chaos ensues and threats are levied against the Tigers should it not be returned to Tylorn. Cordir talks to Silonch about the situation.
March 2, 2001: Tynian posts several notes about behavior, and states in one of them that Tylorn has been deleted, Qithlorien has been stripped of all gear, Malin and all of his mortal characters have been deleted and Asia has been retired .)
March 4, 2001: Tynian undeletes Tylorn.
July, 2001: Tylorn takes part in the "Slayer Quest." One of the 'Slayer' blades is created specifically to kill HIM.
February 2002: Cordir has been making 'calling cards' for folks to display on their websites and on her site, and Keat commissions cards for Tylorn and Maldobar and Bubba, and Dart orders one as well. (Displayed above)
October 15, 2002: Tylorn is reactivated as Ordained of the Black Conclave.
August 18, 2001: Per Nayr's note: " Tylorn was the first to find the watery entrance to the Triton Halls, after 1 hour and 55 minutes of extensive searching by the populace. He joins the ranks of the TFC's Explorer's Society with honor. Check out the Halls if you can, as they are the first completely new area on TFC in quite some time. Be warned, however, that the tritons are not for the small or the weak. :)" Triton Halls was written by Mael.
September, 2002: Tylorn is #10 on XP Ranks and #9 on Mob Mastery Ranks.
March 3, 2002: Tylorn is named in Xavier's retirement note.