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Nalya (I)
Status Retired
Race Half-Elf
Hometown Half-Elf Camp
Classes Cleric
Followed Snare
Spouse Syrinx
Areas Written Treehouse
Ramsey Island
Moose Hunter Camp
Immorted Immorted/Demi: Summer-ish 1995
Lesser: "same as Molo"
Goddess: July 1996
Following PBS

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

Hel [  Lesser  Goddess  ] Nalya the first blue lesser goddess     (at the wedding of Siren & Thaygar)
Hel [      Goddess      ] Nalya is at work.. tell again.                             (August 19, 1996)
Hel [      Goddess      ] Nalya is AFWish.. tell if you need something               (Dec  4, 1996)
Hel [      Retired      ] Nalya the Queen of Voodoo                                  (March 27, 1999)

Character History:


  • Nalya was specifically mentioned in Bumblefoot's Burrow.
  • Nalya was specifically mentioned in Lorna's Study and The Temple of Lorna.
  • Nalya's God+ pet was a small white bunny named Kuta.
  • Nalya's wedding ring to Syrinx was: a ring inscribed "Nalya's Promise of Love"
  • Nalya was part of the group praised in Plaque5 in the Room of Records for completing Tynian's "Great Quest"
  • Nalya reached 1000 years of age on November 1, 1997. Someone 'forced' everyone present to wish her Happy Birthday!
  • Nalya was referred to in the geasa of Fuzzy. (Will always remember the Lady Nalya and Her following, by having PBS in his title at all times.)
  • Nalya received mention in the 2000 BlissPoll, with votes for Most Lovable Immortal.

Personal Timeline:

  • May 1995: Nalya and Syrinx become engaged.
  • October 1995: Syrinx and Nalya are wed.
  • November 1995: Nalya becomes and Ambassador.
  • December 1995: Nalya becomes a Demi Goddess, leading the PBS (Pink Bunny Slippers). Her first worshipper is Znarx. A number of individuals seek to be her Ordained - among them, Ankara, Lorna, and Thomas. A competition of sorts is held, and Anakara becomes her first Paladin. Gaul Stone is ordained as her second Paladin when she reaches Lesser Goddess the following year.
  • March 1996: Nalya's first follower to Immort - Lorna - becomes a DemiGoddess.
  • July 1996: Nalya becomes a god+.
  • October 1996: Nalya officiates the wedding of Xymo and Ankara.
  • May 1999: Nalya officiates the wedding of Karyna and Terny.
  • May 1997: Nalya is still an active God+.
  • November 1, 1997: Nalya reaches 1000.
  • July 16, 1999: The mud crashes and Tynian starts up a backup from some point in 1995. Nalya appears as an active DemiGoddess.