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Status Retired
Race Human
Classes Paladin
Followed Jaxxon
Spouse Catlinda

Dirkstrom's Immortal Profile/Bio

(Taken from the TFC Website Archives)
Dirkstrom comes from a long line holy warrior nomads,who have roved the seas for centuries. In their great long boats, they would sail from shore to shore, fighting all evils where ever they were.Sometimes they would settle an area for a few generations,increasing their numbers before they would begin again their holy exodus across the seas.It was during the latest one that Dirkstrom had the misfortune of being on a boat that had it's bottom ripped out on some shoals of a unknown shore. As the storm surged and broke the back of the ill fated ship Dirkstrom jumped into the sea, swimming strongly he just cleared the breakers as the boat sank with all. Stumbling around for a few days in the strange realm he was soon directed to a school where things became very clear.

It is at this time that he discovered the God Jaxxon, a noble being with a belief in good almost identical to the one I was raised with. Soon I was roaming the lands, learning the races and the evil.... Yes the evil, hidden in dark holes and high towers in dank forests. And those who actively supported the evil Gods, it was tough time indeed for young Dirk.Again his divine lord, Jaxxon gave him guidance, showing him the ways of the most holy warrior, the Paladin. Now armed with the right and the might he began his personal crusade against evil, ridding tunnels of vile kobolds and mines of wicked orcs.

It is at this time young Dirkstrom heard of a Templar order, a group of his distant relations, hidden deep away in a mine. Only the mightiest warrior of good could reach it, so began his next quest. Many a dead Drow and slain Lamia later Dirkstrom began his decent into the mines. After many a heroic battle he arrived at the temples of the Knights Templar and as according to tradition battled his way into the standing, the title of Grand Knight insured him respect and a base to operate against evil from.

At this time a beautiful Tabaxi entered Dirkstrom's life, one who liked walks in the park and chocolate bunnies, one who also wanted power. And so it was that Evil, in the dead of the dark night stole my true love and swayed her with shiny baubles of power. Life then had but one meaning, to win back the heart of the one i wanted, but without stooping to the level of the opposition. So began the romance of Catlinda. Besides my worship of Jaxxon nothing meant more to me then when she was freed from her evil bonds and consented to be my wife. Life that was meaningful now was filled with happiness as well and the lands felt the joy. Dirkstrom's life was then a wonderful thing, adventures with his soul mate, deeds for his God and opposition of all plans of those Evil. Life was very good.

Then joyous news was received from the heavens, My Lord and Master was through deeds of his own and those of his followers to be elevated to the divine stature of God. The down side was that He would be to far removed from the realms to be in contact with followers and would no longer be able to guide the mortals of TFC. His teachings are too important to let be forgotten, the ways of the Knights Templar is too needed to let it be forgotten as surely they would if only mortals preached them....It is my duty to carry on, to lead the mortals of Good against the ever encroaching Evils. And so i beseeched the Gods, I prayed hard and quested even harder and lo and behold i was heard. I bow to the wisdom of the immortals and swear to serve as i have been taught thus eternally serving the teachings of Jaxxon and the Templars.