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Craige (I)
The Destroyer
Created 1997
Status Inactive
Retired 2003-2004
Race Human
Classes Warrior
Followed Farin

Mud Contributions:

[Note 15] Kerriariadne: a Fantastic Achievement
Mon Mar 4 04:26:07 2002
To: all

Yes, the usual Love Fest that occurs when one of my former brothers or
sisters does something remarkable has already happened, however I will
congratulate Craige on his fantastic achievement as well.

In rare form, Craige actually attacked Thingone by himself. In similar
rare form, Thingone's link decided to go screwy just a few seconds prior
to Craige's valiant and daring feat. (Faulty links happen, and I do not
make any illicit leaps of faith or logic here.) Thingone was close, and
Craige wasted no time in getting to the room where Thingone was already
engaged with Emperor War'loov, and decided to add his own hits to those
of the emperor's. War'loov delivered the death-dealing hit, leaving the
sweetest of moments dreamed of by any lucky opportunist.

Thingone mobdied while linkdead, and, praise Nash, Craige enjoyed the
role of "lucky opportunist," there to snag the corpse.

Craige also confirmed that it is not Conclave policy to return restrings,
nor is it Conclave policy to return "linkdead corpses", both statements
extremely contrary to those which Rath clung to in his similar demise a
few weeks ago. Now we all know, at least. Of course, that situation was
somewhat different, as the battle between Thingone and Rath raged across
several rooms, and carried on many rounds, until Rath's link went screwy.

In any case, it is done, and an old lesson re-taught. Let us be reminded
to stay on our toes. Everyone is vulnerable.


The Booga has spoken.

Current Description:

WHO Lists:

Hum [ Wa:19 Cl:30       ] Craige: Bailiff of the [COURT][EMS]                    (May 10, 1997)
Hum [ Wa:19 Cl:30       ] Craige wishes to speak with Tynian [COURT][EMS]        (May 18, 1997)
Hum [ Cl:27 Wa:15. .. . ] Craige has been a very bad boy. [NO-TITLED]            (February 23, 1997)
Hum [ Cl:29 Wa:15. .. . ] Craige: Purple Heart, Silver Star, Conclave Head.      (March 16, 1997)
Hum [. . Wa:23 Cl:30. . ] Craige, Nemesis Enforcer of the Black Conclave         (January 10, 1999)
Hum [    Wa:25 Cl:30    ] Craige the protector. 1st General of the Tigers.       (Date unknown - Day of Deception)
Hum [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Craige the Destroyer, Grand Sentinel of the Conclave   (October 14, 2000)
Hum [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Craige AKA OG Showtime (Tucson) (Chaos)                (December 11, 2000 - Day of Deception)
Hum [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Craige the Destroyer, Grand Sentinel of the Conclave   (January 11, 2003)
Hum [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Craige the Destroyer, Grand Sentinel of the Conclave   (January 11, 2004)

(written by Cordir)
The bulk of a tall, muscular figure blocks the light, casting a shadow over those in his way. As he removes the iron helm that protects his skull, two braids slither out which bind the majority of his dark blond, rough, unkempt hair back from his face. His eyes glare down at you, black and cold, shadowed, haunted eyes which have seen far too much over the many centuries. The gaze is almost painful to bear, causing a violent shudder to crawl up your spine and a sense of unease to sweep over you. A large man of towering height and build, he wears the heavy mail with the indifference of one ever ready, even eager for combat.
He shifts his weight, heavy-set shoulders squaring slightly, and the leather grip of his mace groans in protest at the strength of that grasp. The weapon is of dark metal, and like his armor and body, bears the countless scars of eternities of combat, grimy with sweat and blood and dried flesh torn from his foes. This is not one who is overly concerned with pretty appearances; only the sacred truth conveyed through pain and combat, where holy purpose and grim unwavering determination merge.
His voice is deep, gravelly, harsh. "Embrace Lord Nash and submit to me, or be Destroyed."

Character History:


      1. The cityguard has spotted Craige, a SERIAL KILLER, at Inside the East Gate of Midgaard.
      2. A city protector has spotted Craige, a SERIAL KILLER, at Entrance to Nydia


  • December 4, 2009: Craige pays 25,000 gold for a level 19 Anti-Theft amulet, during a special auction held by Tynian.
  • Craige received a mention in the BlissPoll 2000a, for "Most Powerful Mortal" and "most Intimidating Mortal" with 3% (or less) of the vote.
  • Craige received a mention in the BlissPoll 2001b, for "The People You'd Most Want to Take With You to Visit Scairz," receiving 3% of the vote.
  • Craige received a mention in the BlissPoll 2002, for "The Person You Most Fear," receiving 2% (or less) of the vote.
  • Craige was among the members of the Conclave who gave private congratulations to Cordir upon her promotion to Ambassador. (At the time, members of the Conclave were not allowed to speak to her, per an edict of Molo.)
  • Craige appeared no less than four times on Cordir's 'Foulness' page - a log of inappropriate language from various individuals.
  • Craige is mentioned in Aslan's BIO as being one of the mudders she's had the pleasure of meeting. He is also mentioned in the Bio of Skie and Strider.

Player Provided Information:

My interactions with Craige covered the span from respect to disdain and back again more times than I can count. He was a strong, opinionated player and character, who wasn't afraid to speak his mind. I respected that about him, even though it brought us into conflict many times. I enjoyed crafting a description for him, as, unlike most recipients, he actually had a strong vision of his character. It took several drafts to get it to his liking, and I enjoyed that challenge. He was Anathema much of the time I was an FLI, but I still recall a time or two that I spoke in his favor or defense when his name came up in conversation... unless he was actively hunting a follower at the time. In those instances, I kept my attention very focused, as Craige could - and would - be relentless and effective in player vs player combat.

Personal Timeline:

(Note: Because Craige was Anathema from 1999 onward, his deeds were not recorded in Cordir's Timeline project. Thus, there isn't a lot of information detail available.)
Date Unknown: Craige participated in the Conclave group that slew the Grand Knight of the Realm (and its ghost).
February 6, 1999: Craige participates in the Conclave group that slays the Master of Magic.
March 1999: Craige is provided as the reason that Aries Apostatizes from the Black Conclave.
June 26, 1999: Someone submits some Ftells by Craige about Bliss to Marisa's timeline.
July 1, 1999: Cordir asks Craige, as a member of the High Council, if he will grant safe passage to Deamhan An-Shalach as he travels to N'Kai to join the Chosen of Fate. His response: Craige tells Cordir, '*nod* he will not be touched'
December 5, 1999: Craige participates in Lorna's challenge to slay Ebencaleneezer. The Fall of A King

May 31, 2000: There is an 'incident' involving Kantor and the WarDancers that sparks a number of notes. Craige adds to the conversation by stating his willingness to sell some of his collection of bags (of those he had killed): Izzy, Malin, Mael, Bliss and Grismal, andl also mentions Gunner.) Cordir arranges to purchase the bag of Bliss so that it can be (and is) destroyed.
August 25, 2000: Craige, Harmful and Orpik group to kill Tien in N'Kai in just two rounds as Tein is joining the Chosen of Fate.
October 29, 2000: Craige slays the Ghost of a Coatl for MM40.

2001: March 10, 2001: Tokugawa hosts a game of Cat And Mouse.... the winners were Nepos and Craige, who found Alex, and Aries, who was not found at all.
July 21, 2001: Craige takes part in the Slayer Quest as part of Team Conclave.
August 21, 2001: Craige, Ravaged and Xavier disrupt the joining ceremony of Morgaine, attacking Noctus who is in their range. Craige then politely asks Cordir how she's doing.
September 2, 2001: Craige is the topic of a note by Skeeve entitled, 'A Poxy Braggart' in which Skeeve shows off what big words he knows and makes fun of Craige's language in a prior note.
November 12, 2001: Craige and Tynian exchange a number of note posts regarding buggy area spells and PK code changes. (( Tynian posts the following information about TFC & pking: "I recently answered a series of questions that Craige had regarding TFC and PKing. He has re-posted the message to his following's discussion board. With Molo's permission, I am providing the URL, so that everyone has the same information: [1]".))

February 15, 2002: During one of Cordir's description writing marathons, Craige requests a description, and much to her own personal surprise (since he's Anathema) Cordir agrees. (See above)
March 4, 2002: Craige is the subject of a note by Kerriariadne about the death of Thingone. (See Above)
March 5, 2002: ### A ranger guard has spotted Craige, a SERIAL KILLER, at An Entrance to the Caverns of Kuroth
March 28, 2002: Maldobar gives away all his gear, as does Craige.
May 27, 2002: Craige posts a formal retirement note.
May 25, 2002: A GT is held in New York with with Aslan, Belsambar, Craige, Dart, Garland, Nicolas, Talyn, Virez and Zoah attending. Virez creates a log of the event: [2].

January 13, 2003: Craige posts a note about the 2x vote.
January 11, 2003: Craige disrupts the wedding of Garland and DarkClaw. He stops when he is asked to do so.
December 9, 2003: Craige multikills Azeworai, slaying him 3 times.

Player Information: