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Natilena Athsien (I)
Goddess of the Stars
Created Before Records Were Kept
Status Retired
Retired October 4, 2017
Race Elf
Hometown Safehaven
Classes Mage
Last Seen March 26, 2017
Followed Cerebus
Spouse Zakath
Partner Craige
Children Justine
Areas Written Great Eastern Desert
Sailing Ship (with MM)
Immorted June 17, 2003
Following Stars
Admin Duties Code Writer (2005-2017)

Mud Contributions:

General Squishyness.

Before Natilena became a god+, she led the Chaotic Good following "Stars."

As a Greater Goddess, Natilena was responsible for updating TFC code and destroying bunnies.

Natilena developed a new race, the first since TFC's early days. Other code contributions include new bard abilities and a casino on the Sailing Ship.

Natilena also ran many quests, and specialized in grand quests that involved plenty of code support, which she provided.

Great Bunny Quest of 2004, Snowman Wars - several years, TFC Poker, TFC Scrabble, Bob Jokes - 2004, Thanksgiving, 2004, Halloween, 2005, many more

Current Description:

(Mortal description written by Triston and still in use)

In the twixt of a moment, a tall and slender elven woman stands before you. A gentle hum escapes as she purses her lips together as you begin to speak. A single, long feather appears in her hand while a mischievous grin wrinkles her nose. Darting into the shadows she reappears behind you with a whisper of a tickle against the back of your neck. Startled you turn and find a flash of brown eyes whirl away from you. A giggle trails behind her, she leaves you wondering about this strange encounter with this beautiful creature.

(Mortal description by Cordir)

With the grace of a sparrow on the wing, dancing upon the morning breeze, the elven Lady before you turns and smiles quietly back at you. Her long, thick auburn hair flows down her back like the tumble of autumn leaves, and her expressive brown eyes echo her friendly smile. With a tall, shapely form, she is enough to catch any man's eye, but only one elf has captured this heart. The faintest lines about her mouth and eyes are the only hint of the centuries she has wandered this realm, other than the smooth muscles beneath her flowing garments, trained over decades of surviving the pursuit of folk seeking more than her hand... She gives a soft whistle, and a tiny bird alights upon her hand. She whispers to it for a moment, then smiles mischievously as it flies off to do her bidding.


Natilena is using:
<worn on body> a fuzzy and perfectly white terry cloth robe
<worn on head> hair curlers
<worn on feet> a pair of fuzzy white slippers
<wielded> a sharp kitchen knife
<wielded off-hand> a tickling feather!
<worn with pride> (Artifact magic) (Glowing) (Humming) the Medallion of Goddesshood
<worn with pride> (Glowing) a handful of stardust

Natilena is using:
<worn on body> a lovely, summery periwinkle dress
<worn on head> a big floppy sunhat
<worn on feet> a pair of strappy sandals
<worn around wrist> a set of bangles
<worn around wrist> a set of bangles
<wielded> a tickling feather!
<held> a bowl of strawberry ice cream
<worn with pride> (Artifact magic) (Glowing) (Humming) the Medallion of Goddesshood
<worn with pride> (Blue Aura) (Glowing) a handful of stardust

Moral - Dec 2002

Natilena is using:
<used as light> (Weak magic) a luminescent crown of flowers
<worn on finger> (Artifact magic) (Glowing) the dim rhodochrosite ring
<worn on finger> (Artifact magic) the glittering fire opal ring
<worn around neck> (Artifact magic) a perfect diamond necklace
<worn around neck> (Moderate magic) the bright steel amulet
<worn on body> (Artifact magic) an elven chain shirt
<worn on head> (Artifact magic) (Glowing) a circlet of daisies
<worn on legs> (Moderate magic) a pair of animal hide leggings
<worn on feet> (Moderate magic) a pair of animal hide boots
<worn on hands> (Moderate magic) some sharkskin gloves
<worn on arms> (Moderate magic) a pair of reinforced leather armlets
<worn about body> (Moderate magic) a quilted cloth harness
<worn about waist> (Moderate magic) a quilted cloth belt
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) a leather bracer
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) (Humming) the magnificent rose bracelet
<wielded> (Potent magic) a pick
<wielded off-hand> (Humming) a tickling feather!
<worn with pride> Amulet of the Tel'Quessir
<worn with pride> a cloth baldric, draped over the shoulder

(Artifact magic) a perfect diamond necklace
l perfect
Unlike most Major Amulet's of Health, this one seems to be perfect!
It just must be Natilena's, who else could be that perfect?
l diamond
This huge diamond, a 'Hearts on Fire' cut by the famous elven jeweller
Hans Goldenelf is priceless. It must have been crafted for someone very special.

Titles over the Years

Moved to a secondary page

Character History:

(written as a mortal)

I began life in the treetops of Loth-Llorien before records of such special events as births were recorded. Brought up by wonderful Elven parents in a comfortable family group I grew safe and secure out of babyhood. When I was still very young I one day climbed the Great Tree to sit upon its high branches, play with the sparrows making their home there and taunt the Vultures. Climbing higher than I ever had before, what I found there I consider the beginning of my current outlook on life. A large swirling vortex just above the treetops is what held my attention. Dreams and questions filled my mind. What was it? Where did it go? What else was there outside of the safe home of my birth?

Thus began my first steps into the rest of my life. Dragging my young friend Zakath off with me we both headed for the Guild to be trained in school for the paths we had chosen. Knowing the power held by the Elven mages about Loth-Llorien I chose to be trained in those arts. Zakath chose the healing arts of Clerics to begin his training. We made a fine pair Zakath and I, fighting our way through school, through the training arena and even down into the depths of Lleheibwen, learning together the skills to survive and to grow. Many friends I made, relaxing in safety above the challenges of the arena.

Then one day, not long before I was to graduate from school, a strange thing happened that would define the rest of my life. I came face to face with a Demi-God. Zakath came to me that day so excited I could barely understand what he was saying. Zakath was always a little over-excitable. "I've found us a following!" he exclaimed grabbing my arm and pulling me off towards the temples belonging to the Immortals of the Realm. I had never given the Gods or religion any ounce of my thoughts before. I had been brought up in an agnostic home that taught to rely on self not others. I didn't agree, I didn't disagree, I just hadn't really thought about it. Before I knew it, Zakath had pulled me along until I stood blinking in the bright light of Justice on the marble floor of Temple of Cerebus. A friendly voice whispered in my mind, asking me if I was ready to join in the fight against evil, if I was ready to kill if necessary and then HE appeared before me. A silly grin broke across his face and asked me if I could dance. He looked so human yet not I can't explain it. I also tripped over my own feet while sweeping him into a waltz, he just smiled again and said, "You may worship me." I knelt and worshiped Cerebus, the God of the Court of Justice.

Many wonderful things happened though the years, many loves, many friends, many good times. I could tell you about them now but maybe it is best to leave these stories of adventure for another day. I achieved my childhood goal of surfing the winds of the vortex and exploring new places. Cerebus married Zakath and I in a crazy little ceremony surrounded by a few good friends, we adopted some wonderful children and eventually had beautiful twin girls of our own. I, with Syrinx as a mentor and guide, began studying the skills of a ranger and of a thief and continued to grow in knowledge and skill. I spent much time either adventuring with friends: Egesta, TerraHunden, Kira, and others, just relaxing in the Inn of Loth-Llorien with other Elven adventurers or doing silly things with Cerebus, Kim and other members of the Court in our temple. So much happiness, so much fun: wine flowed freely from the hands of my Lord, small puppies infested the temple and bunnies were nailed to the wall.

he beginning of the end was when a great cataclysm tore are world apart and the Greatest Gods, the Implementers, rebuilt it into a new form. The southern continent was discovered and exploration of it had begun. So many things had changed that all Guild members who wished to continue adventuring were required to repeat several levels of growth. There were many that could not survive the challenges of the new land and some just wandered off into other worlds to face other challenges. I lost much to the cataclysm and the unsettled time that followed. Both Zakath and my children all faded into memories. The warm circles of friends chatting in the Loth-Llorien Inn were gone. Fellow members of the Court and other friends all disappeared, one by one. The most painful of all was the dwindling presence of Cerebus and then, finally, the reformation from my following due to the retirement of my beloved God. Such sorrow filled me in response to the infrequency of his presence that when I finally accepted the reformation from my following, I felt nothing; I was numb already with the loss.

I suppose that good things did come out of that traumatic time. Grismal, a young member of Lorna's Tigers, and I became great friends and good confidants. He suffered the loss of many friends as well and that common bond grew our friendship. In my loneliness I joined the ranks of JohnPaul's following of Holy Virtue hoping it would help ease the suffering of the loss of Cerebus.

Also in this time began a tempestuous relationship with a human that may have contributed to my unsettled state of mind. As change ravaged the lands and friends disappeared I was wrought with emotional turmoil that landed me into Craige's arms. With my elven upbringing and heritage I was never much interested in the human race but something between us connected. He was a fellow follower under Cerebus and as the following was dissolving we looked to each other for comfort. Earlier, in the good days, Craige had always been a protector and guide. He showed me some new spots to explore, taught me some skills needed to survive and even saved my life a few times. The relationship carried with it all of the underlying pain of the times and I suppose, was fated to fail. Just as I was deciding to carry on Cerebus' legacy by taking on another blue aura, he was allowing the loss to eat him up inside and following a different path, a dark path, and an evil one. One painful day he made his choice and stood before me holding the banner of the Black Conclave and surrounded by a sickly red aura. The Arch-Lich had claimed his soul. I cried alone many hours trying to resolve in my heart the paths we had chosen and how to keep love alive. We did try for some time but the pressures on a relationship in which one is good and other evil are sometimes too much to overcome. Eventually I was requested to stand before my God JohnPaul and explain my dalliances with evil. Placing a hand on my shaking shoulder he gave me some comfort, I was still allowed contact with Craige but no assistance in spells or gifts should ever be given to him. Afterwards, as I lay weeping and trembling in my room at the Inn, my heart discovered what my mind always knew. The relationship could not continue.

Now dealing with more loss I found myself ill equipped to rise above the new challenges in my life. JohnPaul had been showing himself less and less frequently and I found myself bereft of Immortal and of following. Again. I suppose it was inevitable that after so many years of learning and growing, so many years of loss and change and so many years of intense good and bad that a retreat within myself was a necessary step.

The world around me had become a nasty place full of evil thoughts and deeds. Murders of fellow adventurers were that occurring almost hourly further dampened the goodness of my beliefs. The bickering and fighting between everyone was too much more than my damaged insides could accept.

I had, a few years ago, moved from my hometown of Loth-Llorien to the seaside of the southern continent. The grand Implementer, Madman, paid the relocation fees himself as a boon for my team winning a quest run by him. No longer knowing which path was the right one for me I began a journey: across the Maelmordian Seas, through decrepit old Thalos, skirting the edge of the Great Eastern Desert, up through the Lightwood Forest and through Midgaard. Standing on the Great Western Road on the other side of Midgaard I could see the path crossing the footbridge into the Haon'Dor Forest. Looking higher above the treetops I could just glimpse the Great Tree of Loth-Llorien and the swirling grey vortex above it. This was the same vortex that inspired my dreams of adventure and excitement so long ago. I now knew where my feet were taking me. They were taking me home. My parents had long ago left the mortal world so in their home, I began a meditation. For years I remained in the lonely little hovel of my birth healing my heart, healing my mind and healing my soul. My mind wandered to many places during this time and I did wake once in a while, to eat and drink, sustaining my body during my mind's long sabbatical.

One day not long ago I awoke, and felt better. The pain had faded and a smile had returned to my face. I walked slowly to the Guild drinking in the bright colours and fresh scents long since forgotten. In the Guild I found that much had changed. Some that I used to adventure with had now gained acceptance into the ranks of the Immortals. The bright young faces I viewed around me, talking of adventures and preparing for new ones were a breath of fresh air to the plans of death and destruction I had experienced in my past. I felt renewed and began my own provisioning to return to my path of mastering the skills of Mage, Ranger and Thief.

Torchbearer came to me that day with the intense blue aura of an immortal surrounding him. Torchie was an old friend from eons ago. He told me how he had created a new following called the DawnBringers based on the teachings he learned under JohnPaul. He welcomed me to join so I worshipped Torchbearer and joined the third following of my lifetime. What I found is that Torchie hasn't changed much over the years, he is as much of a zealot now as he ever was! Gracefully I asked him to be released from the following but I will always have a hug for him when he asks. I find this time I am not as sad to lose another following. I miss the companionship but maybe I have grown out of my dependence on religion enough to accept my own strength for company when needed.

I moved then to Myronides for both comfort and a new following. He'd move as well into the ranks of the immortals during this time and had brought together a group of Elves to lend each other strength. It was during this time I reached the limit of mortal successes, my learning was complete. He as well faded one day from day to day life leaving me with a decision.. what should I do with my life anyway?

Do you know the answer?

Elf [ Lesser Goddess ] Natilena: bunnies or pants, your choice! February 26, 2004


  • As a mortal Syrinx first took Natilena to dual class to Ranger.
  • According to Kim, Natilena is a very messy eater.
  • On Sept 28th, 2004 Natilena was briefly promoted to Implementor level and assigned as Regent
  • Natilena appears throughout the Quotables - She is the second most quoted person in 2002, with 10, tied with Abe for second place, both with 10, just behind Lexie, who had the most with 11.

> e
A wagon worn path
[Exits: north east west]
You're standing along a wagon worn path that leads to a large bazaar. Tents
stream banners in the wind, and you can hear the hawking of the mechants
carried on the breeze.
The sky is cloudless and a cold northern gust blows.

No one has been through here recently.

This is the room you set out to find!
You receive 600 experience points.
### Natilena has scored 2 points on a location quest (1209 points total).

Cordir cants, 'good lord, Natilena! That's getting excessive, don't you think?'.


Nazinthas cants, 'I agree, she must be stopped!'.

Personal Timeline:

March 28, 2002: Natilena turned 1000.
December 14, 2002: Natilena rescues Tweedle's corpse from Scairz.
January 17, 2003: Natilena meets the Triton King for the first time.
February 22, 2003: Natilena decorates the Tel'Quessir temple.
June 17th, 2003| Natilena granted Immortal position of Ambassador.
July 04, 2003: Natilena granted Immortal position of Attendant.
July 09, 2003: Natilena celebrates her 1600 year birthday (Attendant).
July 23, 2003: Natilena granted Immortal position of Demigoddess.
February 13, 2004: Natilena (I) granted Immortal position of Lesser Goddess.
March 30, 2004: Natilena (I) granted Immortal position of Retired.
May 23, 2004: Natilena (I) granted Immortal position of Goddess.
June 30, 2005: Natilena (I) celebrates her 2600 year birthday (Goddess).
September 08, 2004: Natilena (I) celebrates her 2200 year birthday (Goddess).
September 16, 2005: Natilena (I) granted Immortal position of Greater Goddess.
December 06, 2005: Natilena(I) celebrates her 2800 year birthday (Greater Goddess).
August 26, 2011: Natilena floods Cant with her rendition of "The Eye of the Tiger".

Player Information:

How NOT to name your character: [1]
Natilena is Canadian and loves to argue about the best packaging for milk. Go here to see about Canadian Milk.