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The Abrasive One
Status Deleted
Race Human
Classes Mage
Immorted DEMI: Nov 1995
Following Knowledge

Mud Contributions:

[ 68] Agape: Azra...
Fri Nov 22 15:13:14 1996
To: All
You aren't, nor have you ever been worth my time. I wouldn't ask mine to
pursue you, you really aren't worth anyone's time.
Your opinion of my group means so little to me... Your opinion is like
a flash of tiny light, it's there, but mostly ignored. As for your
views about my following... Speak harshly of them, if you wish, I'm sure
they are in tears knowing they have lost your respect.
Agape, God of Knowledge, The "Abrasive" One
Not here to be liked, here to be the lord of my people...

Current Description:

Character History:

Agape's Immortal Profile

(Taken from the TFC Website Archives)
Through the vast lands of TFC, many secrets are buried deep within the magical and chaotic forces that rule the land. In investigating these forces there is knowledge to be found. Knowledge that can better a person to a degree that makes them a force to be reckoned with. Throughout his time as a mortal, Agape spent much energy on investigating the forces that rule. When he had acrued the knowledge to perfect his strengths, and conceal his weaknesses, he was accelerated towards that mighty throne of immortality.

He was born of common blood, neither rich, nor poor. His father was a mighty warrior in a far land. He fought for good, but sought no knowledge. It was this lack of knowledge that led him to anger the gods. Agape's family was split, and cast to different dimensions, separated by the unknowable. Little memory remains of his family. But one gleaming light always has led him, and that is his beaming curiosity.

He could not have gained his knowledge, if not for the mighty wings that carried him. For Ath led Agape in his mortal years, and taught him the value of knowing over having. All Agapians will show the utmost respect to those who follow Ath, and most certainly to the Lord Ath himself.

Possess ye Knowledge, and ye doth possess that which is Great!

To join the Legions of Knowledge you must be good, and good to the flesh of your beating heart. Agape swore vengeance against the mighty evils that overpower their victims with numbers. But as others have chosen the quick path to glory and victory, Agape chooses the slow, but always successful road to knowledge. He expects the same of his followers.

Agape is a Good Aligned god, but is chaotic in nature. Do not expect from him the rantings of the 'Good' as seen in the eyes of some. For Agape has received little from the other 'good', and expects them to expect the same from him. We are the balance between good and evil, yet we harm NONE that do not deserve it!

The Rules for Agapeans are few, but demanding:

  • The Legion is to be served first, all knowledge shared between followers.
  • Do not ask your Lord for words of knowledge, for it is your responsibility to seek out knowledge.
  • Good will have priority in any and all circumstances if within your abilities
  • You may not assist evil in any way, except by reason of knowledge to be gained.
  • PK'ing for equipment is strongly discouraged. If you cannot find equipment on your own or with the help of other Legion members (or other goods), then you fall short of being called a 'Seeker of Knowledge'
  • PK'ing is strongly encouraged, however, if it is in retaliation for the demise of a Legion member or Seeker, or for assisting another good in recovering their equipment.
  • Do not become attached to equipment. Rely on your skills, and that which you know, not on your objects.
  • Do as your lord commands.


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