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Created 02/14/2009
Status Banned
Race Elf
Classes Mage
Followed DarkClaw
Areas Written Cursed Circus

Mud Contributions:

Area: {HARD!} Kylor Cursed Circus

Current Description:

The young man before you embodies the word sexy. His
light footed grace makes his movements seem easy and relaxed
while in fact his position in the room is always calculated
as is his stance. His glance is never forward. He looks
upon his surroundings always out of the corners of his
eyes. Taking everything in and alerting nothing to his gaze.
You get the feeling he could explode into light speed movements
at any given second yet his trained self control
keeps his cool as he casually caresses the handle of his sword.
This is the thing that shares the shadows with the
evil minions of the realm, hunting them in their own natural environment.
This is the blue ninja.

WHO Lists:

Current EQ Set

You are using: 
<used as light> (Moderate magic) (Glowing) a spinning blue spindle [!OLgm|ac:-2 svs:-4 1#]
<worn on finger> (Artifact magic) a simple ring [mAE|AC -1 mrk:30 dmg:5 hr:6 1#]
<worn on finger> (Artifact magic) a simple ring [mAE|AC 0 mrk:30 dmg:5 hr:6 1#]
<worn around neck> (Artifact magic) an aquadragon skin collar [!m|AC 6 mrk:30 svs:-3 ac:-5 str:2 5#]
<worn around neck> (Invis) (Artifact magic) a golden medallion [!im|AC 5 mrk:30 int:2 svs:-4 1#]
<worn on body> (Artifact magic) some flowing red robes [!m|AC 5 mrk:30 hr:3 str:3 5#]
<worn on head> (Artifact magic) a heavy cloth lace scarf [m|AC 7 mrk:30 hr:3 con:2 1#]
<worn on legs> (Artifact magic) a pair of quilted cloth peasant pants [m|AC 6 mrk:30 hr:3 luc:3 1#]
<worn on feet> (Artifact magic) a pair of heavy cloth slippers [m|AC 7 mrk:30 dex:3 wis:4 1#]
<worn on hands> (Artifact magic) a pair of leather gloves [m|AC 4 mrk:30 dmg:3 dmg:2 1#]
<worn on arms> The Emerald Vambraces [!NDNR|AC 6 svs:-3 dmg:2 15#]
<worn about body> (Invis) (Artifact magic) an aura of darkness [!eimAG|AC 6 mrk:30 svs:-2 dmg:3 1#]
<worn about waist> (Artifact magic) a quilted cloth belt [m|AC 6 mrk:30 dmg:3 int:3 1#]
<worn around wrist> (Artifact magic) the magnificent amber bracelet [m|AC 0 mrk:30 hr:3 dex:2 2#]
<worn around wrist> (Moderate magic) a studded leather bracer [m|AC 5 luc:2 dmg:3 luc:1 dmg:1 1#]
<wielded> (Invis) (Potent magic) the silver sword Qual'Minai [!imNR|8-12 hr:5 dmg:2 luc:1 4#]
<wielded off-hand> (Moderate magic) a dagger [m|1-5 wis:4 svs:-3 1#]
<worn with pride> (Moderate magic) (Glowing) Zonaso's "Almost Won the Scavenger Hunt 2919" badge [!OLgm|svs:-3 1#]
<worn with pride> (Moderate magic) (Glowing) the Crest of the Dragon Riders [!OLgm|svs:-3 1#]

Character History:

Born into poverty Kylor was abandoned by his mother shortly after birth. Left on the steps of a local
temple in a small basket, he was adopted into the ranks of the elven priests and raised amongst the
religious elites of Loth Lorien. Throughout his childhood Kylor continually refused to conform to the
ways of the priests and suffered endless punishment at the hands of the temple elders for his lack of
commitment. During his youth Kylor encountered a travelling priest who had sought shelter at the loth
lorien temple. This was no ordinary priest. This traveller was an assassin in disguise, sent to hunt
and kill the guildmaster of the mage's guild in loth lorien. During his stay at the temple the quiet
and somewhat mysterious stranger was able to observe Kylor's activity and behavior during day to day
life in the temple. It didn't take long for the assassin to realize the young elf's potential and begin
making plans for Kylor's future. The assassination attempt on the guildmaster's life was a failure and
in order to keep his superiors from punishing him, the assassin brought them a gift.
Kylor had taken no time to decide to leave the safety of the temple and had been eager to follow the
travelling assassin in diguise into the heart of a whole new world. Under the promise of a new life
studying the arts of the ninja and taking assassination contracts for money, Kylor would become an eager
pupil. By the time Kylor reached mature age he had become a weapon of death and destruction. Like a
shadow, his ability to remain masked in the darkness and silent as thought had earned him a solid rank
amongst the greatest ninjas of the realm. Deep down in his heart, however, lay a void. His great secret.
Kylor had been hiding something grave throughout his entire training with the ninja clan. Kylor had guilt.
In his younger years Kylor had believed he could live with his guilt. He had to believe it in order keep
pursuing the life he thought he wanted. As he became older and the guilt became worse, Kylor knew, he could
not live with the evil things he had been trained to do. Along came a savior.
His first completely solo assassination attempt had been an easy success physically, but as Kylor lay in
his bed, deep within his safe house, he knew fear. The fear of living a shameful life as a hired killer
sank deep within his stomach and Kylor wept to himself. The one thing Kylor could never have prepared for
burst into his room that night like divine retribution. Thor! Thor heard the weeping ninja's sobs like a
prayer and he brought to the young elf a way to redeem himself. Using his skills to fight for the cause of
Thor's guardians would be Kylor's greatest acheivement and he finally would become complete. With each small
child defended Kylor would slowly wash the blood of his past from his hands. For a time the realm had been
made safe and Thor's guardians would be the beacon of light and righteousness for the realm. Those days
like all things would eventually fall to time, the all consuming foe.


Personal Timeline: