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Status Inactive
Race Human
Hometown Midgaard
Classes warrior
Followed Tel

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Anwar gossips , 'nash is dead. whee.'

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Date Unknown:
Gatharin says (in common), 'I remember Anwar'.
Gatharin says (in common), 'Questionable character'.

Jerald nods.
Jerald says, 'true.'.

Gatharin says (in common), 'A certain following, a good following, put a price on Anwar's head.'.
Gatharin nods.

Jerald says, 'Keller was Tel's paladin.'.
Gatharin says (in common), 'Okay. A wretched good, he was'.

[ 33]P Tel: The release of Anwar from ordained service

Gatharin says (in common), 'He had another good slain'.

Gatharin says (in common), 'though, not by his own hands'.
Gatharin says (in common), 'he chose to pay another for their services'.
Gatharin says (in common), 'This infuriated the Lord of the victim'.

Jerald says, 'well, I would nae call th' one killed a model o' propriety either :)'.

Gatharin says (in common), 'Perhaps not'.
Gatharin says (in common), 'but, he was, nonetheless, the victim'.

Jerald says, 'true enough.'.

Gatharin says (in common), 'His Lord was considered questionable as well'.
Gatharin says (in common), 'if you recall'.

Jerald says, 'aye, true enough.'.

You tell Jerald, 'who did he follow?'.

Gatharin says (in common), 'They sought Anwar... and he feared them'.
Gatharin says (in common), 'So much so that he kept his travels short'.

Jerald says, 'a' one point I was convinced ha' th' people in th' world who claimed t' be good were black=-hearted.'.

Gatharin nods.

Jolynn says (in elven), 'this is better than the books in safeheven'.

Gatharin says (in common), 'But was this lord black hearted?'.

Jolynn grins neutrally.

Jerald tells you, 'Anwar paid Aahz to off Homer, who followed Agape.'.
Jerald sits down and thinks deeply.

Gatharin beams a smile at Jolynn.

Jerald says, 'nae.'.

You tell Jerald, 'ah, Agape'.

Gatharin says (in common), 'Perhaps vindictive...'.
Gatharin nods.

Jerald says, 'misguided, in mae view, but I was a mite misguided then as well.'.
Jerald says, 't'was a dark time, tha'.'.

Log by Gryphon, 08/08/96:
Keller tells you (in common) 'but you tend to side with your RL friends over others.'.
Keller tells you (in common) 'for example...Tel most definately should have punished anwar.'.
Keller tells you (in common) 'he didn't, because they are RL friends.'.

Personal Timeline:

04/1995: Tel becomes a Demi God and takes the title Lord of Passions. His holy symbol is two blades crossed. His first follower is Anwar, whom Tel slays immediately for worshipping without his consent.
03/1996: Anwar is made Paladin of the Passionate by Tel.
01/19/2005: Although he wasn't active, Anwar was referenced in a note by Jara of the Black Conclave: [ 15] Jara: Ask Syrinx, Anwar and Jerald what the point of killing Salem at The Pit was. / Wed Jan 19 01:46:58 2005 / To: all / PRAISE LORD NASH! PRAISE SIRAK THE SON! PRAISE THE ARCH-LICH, MASTER OF THE BLACK CONCLAVE! PRAISE THE SPECTRE LORD!

Player Information: