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Vex (II)
Status Active
Race Human
Hometown Kuroth
Classes Cleric
Followed Solanthas
Partner Lexie
Relatives Ironwolf Clan


Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

You catch a glimpse of a distant fire, like wicked burning coals glinting
in the light. It moves, comes closer, and you realize it is the powerful
crimson aura of the unusually tall priest-warrior who now stands before
you, the deep scarlet of his hair highlighted to pure flame by the magical
fields around him. His locks are bound back from his tanned face by a blue
headband but allowed to pour in a cascade down to mid-back. The narrow band
matches the deep blue of his intense, piercing eyes. By the gods, those eyes
have seen a lot. They are weary yet keen, sensuous but cruel, much like the
gaze of the creature displayed on the the headband - an Ironwolf. His brows
arch into pointed arcs that speak of a sense of humor and emotions that run
deep below his icy calm exterior.

About his throat hangs a glowing medallion, its light nearly lost below the
cloak of magical energy that swirls around him. It is hard to separate the
auras - the magics of his goddess, the artifact around his neck, and that
bizarre cloak he wears. It shifts color and shade like the blue-black
iridescence of a demon's wings, its mighty sorcery helping him blend into
the background, unseen. Trying to focus on it makes your stomach churn
uneasily. Breaking your eyes away from it you realize that he has been
watching you as you have perused him. Amusement curves his lips into an
odd, feral smile, and time seems to slow a touch... perhaps gawking at the
Grim Warder wasn't such a good idea after all.

WHO Lists:

Hum [    Cl:29 Wa:22    ] Vex Ironwolf, Twisted Warder of Bliss 
Hum [ Cl:26 Wa:21 ] Vex Ironwolf, Full time hero for -Solanthas-War D (01/03/00)
Hum [ Grim Warder ] Vex Ironwolf, -Inquisitor- *Lexie's fiend* (08/01/02)
Hum [ Ironwolf ] Vex, Inquisitor of the Ashen Moon --*Lexie*-- (12/29/03)

Character History:

12/22/2003: Chosen of Fate Ftell

Kethran ftells, 'Noone is "unkillable" ;)'.

Faile ftells, 'Vex comes close, in my opinion'.

Pol ftells, 'I dunno....Keller in his prime....Vex, yeah....Godzilla was a monster....'.
Pol ftells, 'Dove....*shivver*....'.

Faile ftells, 'Dove?'.

Abe ftells, 'Keller was never a tank. Dove was nuts.'.


DarkClaw wrote this poem about Vex:
[ 15] DarkClaw: Prologue
Sun Nov 18 19:59:22 2001
To: all
Those eyes, the deepest blue I've seen, they haunt me as I lay...
Those words that I so long to speak, they never come into play...
His voice, a whisper on the wind, no matter where I stand...
Fire seems to burst to life with the simple touch of his hand...
A wolf, a Warder, a man of magic, and everything in between...
Those eyes, again, they taunt me with tales of all they've seen...
Who can tell me the ending to this story that's just begun?
To the Weaver, I pray only one thing...that our threads be treated as one.

Player Provided Information:

Daelin gossips (in common), 'Hmmm... Vex's bounty is 56k, I have 2 million in the bank, and no concept of the value of money'. (01/12/2003)

Personal Timeline:

1999 - 2001

3/31/99 - Vex is created.
08/25/01 - Vex completes MM#47 & #48
08/30/01 - Vex killed a skeletal sorcerer in 3rd floor of masters for 49th mobmaster and completed MM#50, killing Odir.
10/19/01 - Vex slays a Triton Guard for MM#62 while drowning the entire time.
10/27/01 - Vex slays Travim the Holy Cleric for MM#64, and a short time later, reaches Wa:28\Cl:30.
10/28/01 - Vex gets his 65th mobmaster today - Travim, the holy cleric.
11/01/01 - Vex killed Denrew for MM#66.
11/8/01 - Vex gets his #67 mm - a drow soldier.
11/10/01 - Vex Ironwolf, The Inquisitor of the Coven reaches Wa:30 Cl:30 - effective 40th!
11/14/01 - Vex killed Lydain for #73 mobmaster.
11/23/01 - Vex kills Myron for level 77 mobmaster
12/10/01 - Vex kills the Supreme Thief for MM#79 and "some guy in mystic for MM 78 earlier."
12/13/01 - Vex solos the cleric guildmaster so Argon could have his eq. ("he was kind of mean").
12/15/01 - Vex completes several MM quests in a row: #80 - Trelestine the ancient vortex explorer, #81 - Chromicon the Paladin and #82 - the Master Warrior of Llineoth, #82 - the Master Thief, #84 - the Headmaster. #85 is a no-go, though, when it comes up the Black Dracolich.
12/16/01 - Vex completes MM#85 - the Divine Theologian. Ebonie dies to a Vrock on the River, and Vex handles the CR. Wardon dies in the Gas Filled Tunnels killed by an Ancient Green Dragon, and Thingone, Vex and Whoz complete the CR.


1/10/02 - Kerriariadne rises to Greater Power and Bliss falls to Intermediate power. As a result, Vex is deactivated (Bliss entirely places the blame on Kerriariadne).
05/25/02 - Vex levels to 9th Ordained.
05/27/02 - Vex levels to 11th & 12th Ordained.
06/03/02 - Vex reaches level 14 Ordained.
06/15/02 - Vex levels to 15th level Ordained.
06/16/02 - Vex gets MM#87 - Lineoth Camp Leader.
7/1/02 - Vex Ironwolf, The Inquisitor of the Coven, levels to Or:16 Wa:30 Cl:30.
07/14/02 - Samuli is mortally wounded at The Great Eastern Desert... but doesn't die, because Vex kindly goes to the zone, summons him, casts cure serious, hands him a recall potion, and shows him where he can recall out.
7/16/02 - Lanfear levels to Ordained 15th, and Vex levels to Ordained 19th as the two kill Slue together.
07/18/02 - A group consisting of Uriel, Azeworai, Solaron, Lins, Spell, and Vex take on the Master's Tower as part of Solaron's Triat Mastery quest.
07/19/02 - >>> Vex has advanced to level 20
07/21/02 - Furnock dies on the third floor of Master's Tower, and is CR'd by Vex and Agralabean with Abe (quoting him) "waiting at the first floor, providing comic relief".
07/24/02 - Vex reaches Ordained level 21.
07/26/02 - Vex wins a game of Mobhunt. Vex retrieves Tolven's corpse when he accidentally kills self in the Trading Post.
07/27/02 - Omega dies in Sanguinna and Vex performs the CR.
07/29/02- Tamar: The sable dragon is DEAD! \ Mon Jul 29 19:23:58 2002 To: All \ Teluin, Kaltar, Mon, Agralebean, Aster, Spell, Allanon, and Vex all bravely fought the sable dragon, and actually managed to kill it. Congrats! (Death of the Sable Dragon)
08/06/02 - During a stretch of mud time covering 26 hours (straight), Vex leveled to 23 ordain and got MM#88 - the Lineaoth Camp Leader. He also did a number of very naughty things we don't discuss here on the time line involving blood and gore. Cordir advises Bliss: " I thought of the perfect restring for Vex! 'Worn with Pride: A Junior Ubergeek In Training Pin' "
8/7/02 - Vex and Sylt spar. VERY briefly: A Very Short Spar. Vex gets his 88th MM - Lineaoth Camp Leader.
8/8/02 - Vex reaches level 24 Ordained.
08/15/02 - Vex CR'd Aravan's corpse from Demon Realm.
08/17/02 - Vex has advanced to Ordained level 26.
08/19/02 - Vex slays the LL Ranger Guildmaster (with help from Nazinthas) for MM#89 and gains 2700 exp. Vex tried to CR Wisteria in Ents, but couldn't carry the corpse, so he summoned her to it instead.
08/20/02 - Lexie and Vex are briefly locked into a Jail Cell. Ihsahn of Fate dies in the Black Manor to the Dark Horrifying Essence, and Sylt and Vex perform a CR.
8/22/02 - Vex got MM 90 today - the divine warrior.
08/23/02 - Teluin dies to the mayor. A race ensues to see who can get the corpse first. Arianos Talesedrin of the Tigers finds it first (less than a second before Vex) and returns it intact. Vex gets MM91 - A divine warrior, then announces "Vex has initiated 2687 attacks, 1325 justified, and 1362 not justified,"
05/23/02 - DogDaze dies in Aran to a guildmaster and Vex performs the CR. Zane looses link in the trading post, with a ghost draining him. Vex rescues his fellow Covener, catching him at 'barely concious.' Vex gets MM#92 - Jair the Librarian and #93 - the Triton King.
08/29/02 - Vex works on Mob Mastery quests, completing #94 -an elite tritan guard, #95 - the Tritan war captain, and #96 - Amirth.
08/30/02 - Vex gives Alex a piece of his mind after hearing about Natilena's death the night before, and is silenced until an apology note is written.
08/31/02 - Vex reaches Ordained level 28.
09/01/02 - Vex reaches 2000 hours old. Vex vows to hug Gytar one million times.
09/03/02 - Vex somehow manages to attacked Rath in kitchen and Maimer in the hallway. He is asked to CMDLOG himself and bug report the situation.
09/05/02 - Various mobs from Velalasir keep attacking the temple area: (Translucent) (Light Red Aura) (White Aura) The High Priestess of Lloth snarls at your intrusion! ... and they turned into ghosts almost every time they were slain... Abe, Gytar, Lexie, Vex, Rubicant, Mordith, and others had fun fending off the invasion. Gytar gossips (in common), 'The High Priestess of Lloth is DEAD!!'.
09/07/02 - Pardoquilian bad recalls to the Strands. A CR is performed by Mordith and Abe, with Lexie, Vex, and Rubicant luring the demons out of the way.
09/13/02 - Lumpy mobdies on Longship and Vex steals the corpse.
09/15/02 - Mordith is killed by the huge mithril golem at Before a Large Staircase, and seconds later, Gabriel is killed by a zombie guard at The Third Floor. (Master's Tower) Abe performs the first CR of Mordith solo, then goes back for Gabriel's corpse with Vex. Vex goes linkdead in Master's Tower just as the corpse is retrieved, and two goddesses sit a vigil waiting for him to return as Abe runs the corpse back to Gabriel. (A power outage kept Vex off mud for quite some time)
09/19/02 - Vex kills Bliss's panther pet mob, who is.. *cough* significantly large.
10/03/02 - Mnaramenth dies to Scairz, Vex performs the CR.
10/06/02 - Vex slays Borlan for MM97, the Magistrate for MM98, the Clerk for MM99, and Captain Niall for MM100.
10/17/02 - Vex CR'd Traume's corpse from Demon Realm.
10/21/02- Grathuk dies to Yargits in vile ruin, and Vex performs the CR.
10/24/02- Cordir runs a mini scavenger hunt. Participants include: Wisteria, Lorax, Lomu, and Vex. At the end of the 2 hour time limit, Vex and Lorax were tied. Vex wins the tie breaker, fetching a pustulus heart.
10/28/02 - Vex CR'd Rolken's corpse from Demon Realm, as well as Chaar's corpse from Ents and The Isle.
10/31/02- For the third time this week, Vex bad recalls to the room just outside the Coven temple. Ambrose dies in the Demon Realm, and Vex and Mael go in and find it, turning an unhappy trick into a treat.
11/01/02 - Vex and Mandrake search the high seas for Traume's corpse (who died to the Tempest).
11/06/02 - Kerriariadne gossips, 'I hereby formally decree, announce, make known, publicize, and otherwise run my mouth...'
Kerriariadne gossips, 'That Vex and Lexie have my permission to marry! MUHA!'
11/06/02 - Vex CR'd both Mistyfier in Landru and Gaz in Demon Realm, literally within minutes of each other.
11/08/02 - Twelf's 'survival streak ends horribly, when he 'bad portalled to gassy rooms near Ancient Green Dragon.. of ourse bumped into him.' Pitt attempts a CR (portaled there by Twelf) and dies.. but Vex and Mael recovered what they could for both.
11/11/02 - Vex CR'd Goodspeed's corpse from Cannibal Island, and a couple minutes later, Chaar's corpse from Cannibal Island.
11/12/02 - Vex performs a CR for Nazzuk. Wylin advances to Ordained level 28, and reports, 'oh timeline news.. vex hasn't attacked me today.'
11/22/02 - Vex CR's Lestat's corpse from Tharlodin's Vein.
11/25/02- Vex cr'd Roar's corpse from the terrible dangers of the Peaceful Glade.
12/06/02 - Cordir runs a game of Teleport, and Quarnel is the winner, with other competitors winning points on the scoreboard being Vex, Sylt, Traume, and Drakar.


01/04/03 - Calivax of Fate dies in Vela and Vex performs the CR.
01/07/03 - Vex posts a Forum note offering a prize to the best Avatar/Icon created for him. Cordir wins.
01/17/03 - Vex CR'd Nazzuk's corpse from shadowed valley.
01/22/03 - Someone gossips, 'Khore controlled himself from killing Vex at least three times today. For the timeline.'
02/05/03 - Vex performs a CR for Wolfwood on the River of Despair, against Scairz.
02/06/03 - Kethran is killed by the Avatar in Sahuagin City. Vex performs the CR.
02/10/03 - Vex, Dogdaze, Uriel, Malakost, Zip, Alucard and Lins travel to Master's Tower, slaying everything in their path, including the Master of Magic and the Lady.
02/14/03 - Tynian posts a note about Anduin's death to Vex. (Summary: Vex did NOT cheat when he killed Anduin.)
03/03/03 - Vex of the Coven slays Orpik of the Draoi, whose player promptly decides its time to post a retirement note as one of his alternates, listing all his characters.
04/03/03 - Boromir dies in Jester's Keep to the Billow Weeds and Lexie & Vex perform the CR.
05/26/03 - Vex reports that he CR'd Lexie in the Dragon Tower and 'some 3mage/10warrior earlier' who may or may not have been named ' Meline or something'.
06/26/03 - In a ritual known as the Sceleratus Sacramentum, Vex ritually offers his life and blood to Saya, binding them forever. Saya then departs the Ash Moon Coven.


March 16, 2011: Vex requests restoration. He triples to Thug and begins burning some of that Ordained exp...