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The Demon King
Member: TFC Explorers Society
Status Deleted
Race Half-Elf
Classes Mage
Followed Molo

Mud Contributions:

Beelzebub’s most lasting “contribution” was also the one that got him deleted: He created a log, going from one room to the next, of all the zones on TFC. This log contained a great deal of immortal-only information, and he distributed it freely to his friends. It is often referred to as ‘the world file.’

Myronides cants, 'I read Tylorns notes # 21 and was wondering which god+ to send Beelz'es 'fictional or not so in this case' log to'.
Molo cants, 'send it to Nayr'.
Myronides cants, '*nod* '.
Molo cants, 'you might want to include the names of people you think have it too'.
Myronides cants, '*puts on his Columbo hat*'.
Malin cants, 'if you have it, then thats illegal too, no?'.

Current Description:

WHO Lists:

Hel [ Th:16 Wa:19 Ma:19 ] BeelzeBub TFC lags.                                     (Date Unknown)
Hel [ Wa:23 Ma:22 Th:22 ] BeelzeBub, Sorcerer of the Black Conclave               12/01/1997
Hel [ Th:20 Ma:20 Wa:20 ] BeelzeBub, Sorcerer of the Black Conclave. *NASH*       06/13/1998
Hel [ Ma:20 Th:20 Wa:20 ] BeelzeBub, Sorcerer of the Black Conclave. *NASH*       08/08/1998
Hel [ Wa:23 Ma:22 Th:22 ] BeelzeBub, Sorcerer of the Black Conclave.              10/03/1998
Hel [ Th:24 Wa:30 Ma:30 ] BeelzeBub climbs trees [Nature]                         (Date Unknown)
Hel [ Th:24 Wa:30 Ma:30 ] BeelzeBub Pl@iez d/\ ]-[@rP 4 U! [ARTist At WeRK]       01/10/1999
Hel [ Th:24 Wa:30 Ma:30 ] BeelzeBub will steal your corpse! -Tiger Guard-         01/18/1999 <- Day of Deception
Hel [. . Ambassador. .. ] BeelzeBub, the Dark Overlord                            06/21/1999
Hel [      Retired      ] BeelzeBub: Chances are, that I'll wear a silly grin, t  08/16/2000

Character History:


  • Beelzebub was specifically mentioned in the temple of Morimox.
  • Beelzebub is currently mentioned in the Temples at the Temple Courtyard: As you look down into the desolate pit, you wonder what could have created such a lonesome and despair filled hole. Straining to look you see the lifeforces of Iggy, Jander, Slayer, Oxide, Farin, Sajkald, Primal, Kiki, Lorna and Beelzebub wracked in pain and eternal torment begging for release. Sadly this is the price you pay for overstepping your powers and offending those that created this universe.
  • Beelzebub was the 25th member of the Black Conclave High Council, taking the title ‘Dark Overlord.’
  • Beelzebub had an unpleasant habit of taunting those who he PK’d in the cruelest means possible. In one such incident, he sacrificed the restrung wedding band of Trap T’Sarran, right in front of Trap. (The ring was +2 dex.)
  • Beelzebub received votes for “Best Immortal Departure from a Room”
  • Beelzebub received votes for “The People You'd Most Want to Take With You to Visit Scairz” and “The People You'd Most Want to Take with You to Visit the Master of Magic”
  • Cordir wrote a temple for Beelzebub, however it was never implemented as he never reached Demigod.(See below)
  • Beelzebub was one of the 11 individuals in the Black Conclave who later immorted.
  • Beelzebub was a member of the TFC Explorer’s Society
  • Tynian notes in a post about password security that “failed attempts have been made on Daelin and Beelezbub from the same source.”

Player Provided Information:

Bubba gossips (in common), 'beelzebub didn't like my name.'
Bubba gossips (in common), 'he was just jealous though'.

Boyardee says (in common), 'last time I killed anyone was 98 I think...Beelzebub'. (11/18/2001)

Khorlan gossips (in common), 'beelzebub pretended to be kearn to find out where my corse was and he didn't give it back when i was lvl 7'. (12/28/2001)

Tylorn gossips (in common), 'actually beelzebub was the first mage to traverse the masters tower'. (05/13/2003)

I'm pretty sure that every single character Beelzebub had, was Anathema. He was an extremely aggressive PK'er - that was where his enjoyment lay. We oftentimes came to conflict, verbally. He was as good at verbal attacks as he was physical ones. When he immorted, I tried to put all of that aside and worked with him for some time on a temple and following concept he'd be happy with, doing several re-writes for him. That temple never saw the light of day. It was Nashite in theme, set in the fiery pits of Hell.

BeelzeBub's Temple:

The Domain of the Demon-King
A sudden blast of frigid air assaults you. Shivering, you gaze about for some
form of shelter, but utter darkness surrounds you - you float in the midst of
nothingness. You choke on the overwhelming scent of rot and filth, all the
more terrifying for the lack of a discernible source. As your eyes begin to
water and your mouth dries from the terror that goads you to flee this place,
you realize that this could only be the sanctum consecrated to the Demon-King
and His minions. Whirling, you search for a pathway out.. only to find that
the blackness has closed in around you and the portal is somehow gone.
A high pitched scream cuts through the air. Shivering in fear, you search for
its source, only to be thwarted. Peering in every direction, you are finally
able to make out tiny points of light which blink and flicker like a thousand
lost souls. With no way of telling up from down, north from south, nauseating
disorientation sweeps over you. You begin to question whether this is some
horrible nightmare, and whisper a prayer that soon you will wake... or else
surely go mad.
(Red Aura) A magnificent pale-gold throne can barely be seen through the darkness.

As you stare into the darkness, a figure slowly approaches. You blink, hoping
to focus your vision or banish this illusion, but when you open them, an imp
with deep black skin stands before you. He is dressed in a maroon suit and
elegant top hat. You cannot help but laugh at the incongruous sight, which
causes the creature to scowl.

The midnight black imp says, 'Welcome, Adventurer, to the Demon-King's home.
He has entrusted me with the task of informing you of His ranking system,
which you will be expected to adhere to, if you are deemed worthy of worship.'
He tosses you a doubtful glance, and continues.

'Are you sure that you are worthy of worshipping the King of Demons, the Lord
of Chaos, the Slayer of Good, the Dark Overlord and Servant of Lord Nash,
the...' The imp stops himself mid-sentence and blushes. 'Pardon me. I
cannot help but be carried away when I speak of him. Here.' The imp thrusts
a bit of parchment into your hands.

Look parchment
Upon the parchment, in an angular, slashing script, is written:
"In His wisdom, our Master demands that one be at least
effective level 14 to petition to join Him. Upon entry,
He requires His slaves identify themselves in a manner
pleasing to Him. Thus, they must use the following titles:

Levels 14 to 20 : Imp
Levels 21 to 30 : Devilkin
Levels 31 to 40 : Hellion
Levels 41 to 50 : Daeva

These ranks must appear somewhere in the title of all
followers. The rest of one's title is up to their own
individual creativity."

The imp waits while you read. When you have finished, he looks around
briefly, then whispers, 'It is also possible to earn a unique title,
regardless of your current level or rank. This can only be done by
completing an extremely difficult quest given by BeelzeBub Himself.'
The midnight black imp smiles, then disappears in a puff of red smoke.

Look EAST:
The tiny lights flicker and coalesce, forming a mirror-like surface in which
you can see yourself. Slowly, the image changes, revealing the possibilities
of your own growth in the company of those who dwell here. Through great hard-
ships and trials on the path of Evil and Lord Nash, you will gain maturity and
the development that comes of surviving those events. You see yourself as
you are now - among the least of the Realm, naked of faith and purpose - but
slowly lifted up by BeelzeBub. The images shift. The next shows you high
above all of your past foes, stronger, and more knowledgeable of the Realm.
This is your dearest aspiration... to prevail over all who would stand in your

Look image reflection vision
Your reflection whispers, 'To join the Demonic Horde and thus obtain your
goals, you must first know its Master's Laws. They are few, but absolute...
'It is the Command and Will of BeelzeBub that you give him sacrifice. Each
time you enter the Realm, before your departure, an offering MUST be made.
That offering may be the corpse of some foe, some discovered treasure, or
another item pleasing to Him. Those who do not make this sacrifice will face
His wrath.

'It is the Command and Will of BeelzeBub that you slay, with utter disregard to
aura, those who raise arms against any under His command, or against the
faithful of Nash. These unbelievers may not be given quarter or mercy of any

'It is the Command and Will of BeelzeBub that you strive towards Perfection and
those goals you may have. If you wish to compete in the arena of the lower
levels (-20s), use caution and stay aware of your debts to society, and the
identity of your targets. If you aspire to enter the grand melee of the upper
levels (+20s), then let nothing sway you from swift leveling. However, do not
sacrifice safety for speed - for death in this fashion only succeeds in making
you look foolish.'

Thus speaking, the reflection falls silent, and is swallowed up by the
billowing darkness.

After several moments of scanning the direction you can only guess lies to the
south, you turn to face another part of this seemingly featureless place. The
moment that you shift, however, you feel something touch your back, sending a
shiver down your spine. You spin around, blinding grasping at the darkness..
to no avail.

From all around you, you hear the soft, mocking laugher of a woman. 'Over
here,' she whispers. Turning towards the sound, you gaze upon another of
BeelzeBub's pets. You are instantly repelled; she has the most twisted and
disfigured form you have ever seen. Your stomach churns as she smiles,
revealing row upon row of serrated teeth, and as she steps forward, you
instinctively retreat back. Sensing your horror, the creature sighs and stops
moving towards you.

'My Master has bid me teach you the Laws of Lord Nash. While I do not care to
explain all of Nash's mysteries, I will speak the rules that are as near to
BeelzeBub's heart as His own, and must be obeyed:
'The First Law of Nash : Praise Nash through word and deed.
'The Second Law of Nash: Harm no other Nashites
'The Third Law of Nash : Destroy all who do not know the True Faith.'
The dark succubus winks, and dematerializes before your staring gaze.

Out of the engulfing darkness, a winged shape appears - a Nightmare with a
dull gray coat and fiery red eyes. As it nears you, it pauses, and rears up,
slashing the air with its jagged hooves.

'It is well that you should know of Him whom you offer blood-oath to. Our
Master was among the few to reach the very pinnacle of mortal achievement,
attaining mastery in his study of magecraft, warcraft, and stealth. The ease
with which he did so is, no doubt, due to the favor of Lord Nash. BeelzeBub
served the Arch-Lich as a High Councilor for decades, and many fell before his
sorcery and blades.'

The nightmare grins, revealing row upon row of copper- colored teeth. 'No
mortal emotions ever corrupted my Master's heart, so do not listen now for
sweet tales of friendship or love... My Master is brutal. Demanding.
Unforgiving. There is no mercy in him. He demands all.' The nightmare
smirks. 'But the rewards are great, as well...'

The tiny points of light that gleam at the outermost edges of your vision seem
to mock you. Picking one at random, you fling yourself towards it. It seems
to recede as you advance, so no matter your efforts, you gain no ground.
Pausing to catch your breath, you glare in impotent frustration at the lights,
which, as if in response, writhe and move, forming various shapes and designs
- a spiderweb-like pattern with pulsing lines that slowly expand and contract,
then spiral into circles and half-circles, and then flow into other shapes you
cannot begin to describe...

As you stare, fascinated, the flickers reform into the spiderweb design.
'A token of appreciation from my Lord to Cordir. She helped Him craft this
place, so He tolerates the presence of one of Her creatures.' The voice is
startling, and you turn to find yourself face to snout with a bat-like
demonling. It seems to snicker at the very thought of following anyone other
than his Master, then flies off without a backward glance. As its form
disappears from view, so do the lights and patterns.

The lights seem to race towards you... or are you falling towards them? Wind
whistles in your ears, painfully loud. Soon the lights reveal themselves to
be not bits of illumination, but rather the reflection of thousands of razor-
sharp barbed spikes along a whip so huge it could encircle the entire world.
At your current rate, you are sure to be impaled within seconds. You throw
your head back, and close your eyes, preparing to expel your last breath...
Several seconds pass, but your end does not come. Stunned, you open your
eyes, and look down. The lights have once more receded, but the vision of
the coiled whip still echoes menacingly in your mind.

Holy Symbol:
Keywords: black barbed whip
Worn Description: A black, barbed whip, coiled in a circle
Long Description : A circle of leather, flecked with blood, lies here.
Look barbed whip
Shards of steel barb the length of this whip, their edges sticky with blood,
flesh, and other substances less mentionable.

Short Description: the golden throne of the Demon-King
Long Description: A magnificent pale-gold throne can barely be seen through the darkness.
Look throne
You stare at the huge throne of the great Demon-King. It is made of solid
gold and is inlaid with assorted gems from the entire realm. A soft red glow
radiates from it.
Look gold
The gold of the throne is strangely pale, and blends in with the darkness.
Look gems
Treasure, most likely spoils from BeelzeBub's many conquests, has been inlaid
into the golden throne.
Temple and Altar Key:
Keywords: key barb
Short description: a bloody whip-barb
Long description: Oozing blood, a barb broken off from a well-used whip lies here.

Personal Timeline:

10/24/1998: Beelzebub kills Clue.
11/28/1998: Beelzebub kills Clue.
06/11/1999: Beelzebub kills Khorlan.
01/15/2002: Beelzebub is listed as #17 on the Mob Mastery Rank, with 72, and #1 on the XP Rank, with 2,413,965.

Player Information:

This player has been deleted as least three different characters, possibly more.