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Totec (I)
The Desert Wraith
The Black Dracolich
Created 07/22/2006
Status Inactive
Race Gnome
Hometown Thistlerock
Classes Shaman
Last Seen December, 2010
Followed Isolas

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

WHO Lists:

Gno [       Sh: 2       ] Totec the Gnome                                 07/22/2006
Gno [       Sh:22       ] Totec, Desert Wraith.                           08/29/2006
Gno [       Sh:28       ] Totec, Desert Wraith of the Nashite Magi        09/08/2005
Gno [       Sh:30       ] Totec, Desert Wraith of the Nashite Magi        09/10/2006
Gno [       Sh:30       ] Totec, Desert Wraith of the Nashite Magi        10/12/2006
Gno [    Wa:16 Sh:30    ] Totec, Desert Wraith of the Nashite Magi        11/12/2006
Gno [    Wa:20 Sh:30    ] Totec, Desert Wraith of the Nashite Magi        11/19/2006
Gno [    Wa:27 Sh:30    ] Totec, Desert Wraith of the Nashite Magi        12/05/2006
Gno [       Wraith      ] Totec, Arch-Necromancer of the Nashite Magi     12/15/2006
Gno [       Wraith      ] Totec, Arch-Necromancer of the Nashite Magi     01/10/2007
Gno [ Or:20 Wa:30 Sh:30 ] Totec, Arch-Necromancer of the Nashite Magi     04/10/2007
Gno [ Or:21 Wa:30 Sh:30 ] Totec, Arch-Necromancer of the Nashite Magi     04/20/2007
Gno [       Wraith      ] Totec, Arch-Necromancer of the Nashite Magi     05/19/2007
Gno [ Th:27 Wa:30 Sh:30 ] Totec, Arch-Necromancer of the Nashite Magi     05/29/2007
Gno [ Wa:30 Th:30 Sh:30 ] Totec, Arch-Necromancer of the Nashite Magi     06/10/2007
Gno [ Wa:30 Th:30 Sh:30 ] Totec, Black Dracolich of the Nashite Magi      08/14/2008

Character History:

Corri says (in common), 'when did you become a sheep dog, scorpion?'.

Totec says (in common), 'um'.
Totec says (in common), 'well'.
Totec says (in common), 'i was trying to convert some peeps to boro'.
Totec says (in common), 'and i said they could follow me like mindless sheep and i would be their Shepard'.

Samiyah giggles.
Samiyah says in common), 'oh dear'.

Totec says (in common), 'and boro said he was the Shepard and i the sheep dog'.
Totec barks like a dog.


Totec tells you (in common), 'So I asked Schwartz if he could rename me to Cirth, and Cirth to Totec so I could steal your love, but he like totally ignored me'. (Corri)
Totec says (in common), 'So, I sincerely and profusely apologize for the pain I caused you which I have admittedly enjoyed doing'. (Rincewind)

### [ Totec tells Violaine (in common), 'Yeah, hitting on Corri']
Totec tells you (in common), 'I love that Dryad'.
Totec tells you (in common), 'Misstell, about you'.
Totec tells you (in common), 'Just ignore'.

Historical View: The Great Orpik Corpse Event

Part 1: The Setup

Rincewind had pked Orpik. A short time later, he joined the Nashite Magi. This caused an uproar among nashites, as it effectively put him out of reach. Totec, also a member of the Magi, grouped with Rincewind then watched a mob kill him without helping. He then took the corpse - and logged out.

Part 2: The High Council's response

[ 15] Dundrave: Rincewind - Orpik and Totec
Sun Sep 7 17:17:48 2008
To: all
I have betrayed by a fellow follower once, that is why I left the blue cause, to join a following with Honor
It disappoints me that a fellow Nashite would bring HARM to another Nashite, disregarding the Ancient Laws of Nash.
If Isolas ordered his Ordained to take a corpse of a follower for discipline reasons, then please disregard the rest of this note.
While I disagreed with Isolas's choice to allow Rincewind to worship, it was his choice.
If the corpse of Rincewind is not returned, I will personally issue a vote by the High Council of the Black Conclave of Nashite to petition the powers to be, to remove any false worshipers of Lord Nash, including Isolas himself.
Lord Nash does not need worshipers who know not the meaning of what it is to be a NASHITE.
The ultimate decision will be in the Arch Lich's hands.
The decision may very well be forced though, as Tynian has set a precedent of returning corpses when betrayed by their own followers before.
Rincewind killed Orpik. Orpik's corpse is Rincewind's to do as he pleases.
If the all the above comes to pass, there will be no quarter for those who have soiled and profaned upon the Name of Lord Nash.
Dundrave,Blood Zealot, Minion of the Arch-Lich

Part 3: Totec answers a series of questions about the event

You tell Totec (in common), 'what really happened, with rincewind?'. (Corri)
Totec tells you (in common), 'Well, let's see'.
Totec tells you (in common), 'He died'.
Totec tells you (in common), 'And, I decided to have a unilateral discussion on the topic of his corpse retrieval with the brothers whom mean more to me'.
Totec tells you (in common), 'Than my posessions or soul'.
Totec tells you (in common), 'Too much flaming going on about the political decision to accept him into the following'.
Totec tells you (in common), 'I got what I wanted, Rince got what he wanted, so I think I'm generally satisfied'.

You tell Totec (in common), 'your brothers in nashism, or in Magi? *tilts her head, curiously*'.
Totec tells you (in common), 'Nashism.'.
Totec tells you (in common), 'Divisive actions annoy me'.
Totec tells you (in common), 'Nash unity and respect is the only thing we have. I think there are some serious consequenes to the Magi's actions'.
Totec tells you (in common), 'While Rincewind was never in the wrong'.
Totec tells you (in common), 'I think we should have kept our brothers in mind when we accepted him'.
Totec tells you (in common), 'And it was clear from the outcry that we had not'.
Totec tells you (in common), 'I don't mind taking a hit, even becoming an outcast, to bridge some discussion on the topic'.

You tell Totec (in common), 'how did his corpse come to be returned?'.
Totec tells you (in common), 'Oh, asked Schwartz to give it back to him while I ponder my ice prison'.

You tell Totec (in common), '..did you intend his mobdeath, or take advantage of an accident, or let the accident occur? *smiles ruefully as her 20 questions continues unabashed'.
Totec tells you (in common), 'I watched him pridefully be devoured, yes'.
Totec tells you (in common), 'And I liked it.'.
Totec tells you (in common), 'For the record, I was just prompting a discussion. I neither killed him, or took anything from his corpse :P'.

Totec tells you (in common), 'You know'.
Totec tells you (in common), 'I could have sacrificed it'.
Totec tells you (in common), 'People begged me to'.
Totec tells you (in common), 'I said, no no, Dundrave's word is the final on the topic'.
Totec tells you (in common), 'The others - said to destroy it'.
Totec tells you (in common), 'That's the divisiveness that has been caused'.
Totec tells you (in common), 'That's what concerns me'.

Part 4: Resolution

Totec says (in common), 'So, I sincerely and profusely apologize for the pain I caused you which I have admittedly enjoyed doing'.
Rincewind laughs.

Historical View: Totec Joins the Nexus

[ 11] Totec: Mea maxima culpa
Sat Jan 9 21:43:44 2010
To: all
This is quite a monologue. Consider yourself warned.

I have left and returned to this world many iterations. The time I spend away seems to grow each time, but it's hard to forget a place where I have spent thousands of hours of my real life since 1996.

I blame Corri for my latest resurfacing. After a continual stream of updates on her adventures and her genuine kindness both OOC and IC, I let the white-washed memories of TFC lure me back for a login.

At first, all is well:
1) Grand Master Shaman, decent base stats. Check.
2) Thunderclap for golding/random hunting. Check.
3) A warm greeting from mainstay immortals and mortals alike. Check.

Six hours of golding and equipment hunting later...

I'm following around two good OM's, hanging out, cloaking them and what not when Sam decides to charm me and mob kill me with a dragon worshipper. Sam then proceeds to loot items and gold from my corpse. I haven't even attempted a steal, kill, or loot myself in the short time I've been around after a year hiatus. I have to say, I was surprised.

After coming out of my stupor and then anger for having wasted 6 hours of my time here only to be slain without provocation by a paladin, I had an epiphany -
I've changed. I am guilty for what Sam did. I've led multiple campaigns to pervert good alignment, have condoned and encouraged kills of betrayal, and on many occasions have been a nuisance. Sure, I can hide behind roleplay or "it's a game" as an excuse for my behavior, but the reality is that I truly had no regard for the real investment we each put into our virtual selves. I've been a jerk.

To what few of you remain, I am sorry. For those I had part in driving off, it is only fitting that I be welcomed with such disregard as Sam has shown me. As a player and a person, that treatment is what I deserve for years of transgressions against any decency and sportsmanship; not the kindness Corri, Darkclaw, Isolas, and others have always shown me.

I leave behind my disdain.

Whenever it is in my capacity to do good, I will strive to do so. I will buy organic groceries, demand of our producers responsibly manufactured goods and services, donate often, and reduce my resource consumption. And when I play games, I will strive to exemplify good sportsmanship, help others, and manifest by proxy whatever in me is civil and kind.

I don't know to what extent I will play again, if at all. But thank you, Sam, for indirectly coaxing out of me apologies long overdue.


  • A bag of Totec hide is in Cordir's trophy collection. She doesn't remember why.
  • Totec was one of those listed by Corri as being someone she would like involved with her Triat Mastery Quest in a conversation the Initiate has with Cordir.
  • Totec is mentioned in the history of Corri.

Player Provided Information:

Wolves and Sheep
[Chosen of Fate Board 17] Arcanum: Totec, wolf in sheep's clothing
Tue Nov 14 22:36:36 2006
To followers of: Cordir
Totec says (common), ' Kill Arcanum, he denies me bread'.
Now, I was actually buyign some bread so he didn't have to leave guild and fall into Paython and Waylin's trap, I didn't have any on me at the time. I thought we were supposed to be allies with these people. Until I see further proof that this was just a "accident" which I am sure that will be that claim I will not aid any Magi. I apologize if this creates bad karma but I don't like allies telling enemies to kill me, doesn't sit right.
Arcanum Dra'sai, Chosen Defender of Fate.

Scorpion and Frog
Background: Totec had dragged Corri down into the cell of torment in the River of Despair. Totec had been pked a few days previously and the pker gave Corri Totec's Red Dragon eye (light).

Totec says (in common), 'What if I, whom you trust, decided to claim that light of yours'.
Totec says (in common), 'In a moment of physical weakness'.
Totec says (in common), 'In a precarious situation'.

Corri nods simply, acknowledging the exact truth of the words.

Totec says (in common), 'When you have opened yourself up to me'.
Totec says (in common), 'Listen here, sancha, I'm at a loss'.
Totec says (in common), 'You hang out with scorpions'.
Totec says (in common), 'You're a frog'.
Totec says (in common), 'It's a miracle of god I haven't stung you'.

Personal Timeline:

07/22/2006: Totec is created.
06/18/2007: [ 16] Totec: player file wipe / Sun Jun 17 22:22:35 2007 / To: all / Hegemons will be hegemons. We pwn you.
04/20/2007: Totec invites Myst over gossip to portal to him, utilizing a wizmark she had placed there previously. Myst tells Sarai, whom she is exp'ing with, to rest, and portals. Combat is engaged - and Sarai, who failed to rest, is involved in the conflict as an aggressor, when Myst attacks. As a result of the conflict with an Ally, Cordir slays Sarai, has the Chosen of Fate member name her three most valuable items, and orders them to be given to Isolas as reparation, along with a personal apology to Isolas, Totec, and a public note to All.
07/11/2007: [ 19] Totec: re: Mish and fines / Wed Jul 11 04:14:38 2007 / To: all / Avangeline. Nuff said.
07/12/2007: [ 23] Totec: re: mish ID / Thu Jul 12 01:59:27 2007 / To: all / I believe very strongly in the RP aspect of TFC. That being said, you want me to believe Mish has ties with Guido, Merrick, AND Avangeline?! It is so obvious this isn't realistic in our fantasy context. You may as well put space aliens from Stargate and explosive ammunition into the game. Way to suggest something to totally ruin the integrity of TFC. I pwn you all.
07/15/2007: [ 27] Totec: Re: Cadee / Sat Jul 14 02:07:20 2007 / To: all / As the thread moderator, I am banning bards from further participating in the discussion of Mish's services. Please ignore any song-like banter on this subject.
09/08/2006: ### Totec killed by a sturdy nightwood at Against a Canyon Wall
11/18/2006: Totec gossips (in common), 'any class is a good class for minotaur. all you are going to do is spend your life serving humans anyway'.
12/14/2006: Totec is Ordained by Isolas.
05/05/2007: Totec levels to Ordained 24.
05/21/2007: Totec triples to thief.
06/14/2007: Totec kills an undead Ofcol cityguard for MM#61.
06/15/2007: Totec reaches 600 years of age.
09/11/2008: Totec is rejected by Isolas and leaves the Magi.
01/08/2010: Totec returns after being gone a year.
01/09/2010: Totec worships Boromir, joining the Nexus.
02/13/2010: Totec has a total of 261 mobhunt points.
03/02/2010: Totec PK's Sirka and mobdies to Ebencaleneezer.
03/06/2010: Totec dies to the ancient red dragon, Sendres the High Mage, and the Lighthouse keeper.
08/07/2010: Totec dies to Headmaster Vaeran, The Tempest, and a sleepy minotaur officer.
12/10/2010: Totec stops by for a visit.
06/24/2012: Totec stops by for a visit.
06/14/2013: Totec, Corri and Samiyah go on an adventure to the Shrine of Neutrality. It ends poorly, with all three dying to the Dragon Mistress. Totec says (in common), 'on the bright side, you now have a patented Totec Adventure(tm) to remember'.

Player Information: