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Sparhawk (XXX)
Created March 16, 2014
Status Active
Race Elf
Hometown Loth Llorien
Classes Cleric Warrior
Followed DarkClaw

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

Darkness. When you look into this young Kindred's eyes, you feel the darkness
he dwells within. His eyes are green, but at the core, they are blacker than
the night sky. As you stare into them, his mouth opens in a wide grin, giving
you a clear view of his fangs. The young vampire removes his helmet and rests
it on the ground, baring his short brown hair. He runs a hand through it, in
an attempt to tame the disheveled locks, the gesture drawing the eye to marks
upon his throat, recent and vivid, the marks of the Kindred Queen's pleasure.
He murmurs a spell, protective wards swirling into being around him, and then
asks if you are in need of any. Before you can reply, he disappears back into
the night, returning to the task his god has set before him.

A long, restorative sleep has stolen away the grim shadows that had collected
beneath this elf's eyes, leaving his face angular and edged: cheekbones in
high relief above a mouth once boyishly curved in a grin, now in a teasing,
knowing, more confident smirk that reveal the fangs that expose his true
nature. The manner in which his blonde hair, shaved closely on the sides and
longer atop, is drawn back from his face and bound at the nape of his neck with
a band of dyed purple leather, only serves to accentuate the upward curve of
his ears and the strong line of his jaw. Faint, ancient scars upon his neck
are also put on display by the hairstyle and the cut of his shirt - No mark of
shame, but of acknowledgement of identity, history, and his Maker's profound

His eyes, dark emeralds, shift in hue, sinking into an ebon black as his
nostrils flare as he scents blood in the air. Broad shouldered and lithe,
his form is that of a predator, ready for the hunt - or any other pursuit.
His clothing is simple: a white linen tunic that clings to his body, showing
to advantage a well-defined chest and stomach, and leggings of leather,
fitted for sin or speed of movement. Only his boots, worn and dusty from the
many miles travelled, show the marks of age.

WHO Lists:

03/17/14  Elf [       Cl:10       ] Sparhawk The Lost Bird and The Hidden Dreamer
03/23/14  Elf [    Wa: 5 Cl:11    ] Sparhawk The Lost Cleric of Serenity
05/10/14  Elf [    Cl:21 Wa:21    ] Sparhawk: Lost in the Shadows
09/11/14  Elf [    Wa:22 Cl:30    ] Sparhawk Remembers those on 9/11 \NexuS/  
09/28/14  Elf [    Wa:24 Cl:30    ] Sparhawk Knight for Lin-Silverdyne (Nexus)
10/14/14  Elf [    Cl:30 Wa:30    ] Sparhawk Reverse Summon (Pro) (Nexus)
10/18/14  Elf [ Or: 1 Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Sparhawk:Servnat of His Holiness (Nexus)
10/23/14  Elf [    Nexus Prime    ] Sparhawk:Is a shade of Gold (Nexus)
11/11/14  Elf [    Nexus Prime    ] Sparhawk supports Vetrans all across the globe 
11/15/14  Elf [   Angry Penguin   ] Sparhawk is angry and territorial 
01/24/15  Elf [    Nexus Prime    ] Sparhawk is on a murder break (Nexiest of them all)
04/14/15  Elf [    Nexus Prime    ] Sparhawk is a suicidal angry penguin (Nexius?)
05/20/15  Elf [    Nexus Prime    ] Sparhawk lost his Shadow.
06/14/15  Elf [    Nexus Prime    ] Sparhawk:proud owner of the Book of Unleveling 
06/27/15  Elf [    Nexus Prime    ] Sparhawk sacrifices himself to the glory of Khore
08/20/15  Elf [    Nexus Prime    ] Sparhawk has no trousers half the time. Beware! (TFC PSA)
06/08/16  Elf [    Nexus Prime    ] Sparhawk knows nothing but Boy Better Know
10/10/20  Elf [ Th:25 Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Sparhawk Suicide Cleric. Lost Chyld. Hidden Nexus. GoV

Character History:


Sparhawk hates liars and thieves and those who cheat him. He's to stubborn for his own good and often gets in trouble for it. He's very caring and always willing to help those in need. He's always willing to go on a random adventure or go and help pop items. He believes people should be talked to formally if he's just met them such as sir, ma'am, Lord, M'Lady, etc. He has a very harsh temper if he's upset. And when he falls in love he holds a bit of that person with him forever. - Sometime 2014


  • Sparhawk was the first player to have a Dream when the code went in for the 20th anniversary.

Player Provided Information:

I wanted to congratulate him on achieving level 40, but alas, my weapon slipped! He and his group of hooligans instantly pounced on me. Samiyah and Kelek, along with Mr. Just-turned-40 were a force to be reckoned with. Now as an OM, we're so proud of you Sparhawk!

Personal Timeline:

03/16/2014: Sparhawk joined The Lost Ones.
03/20/2014: Sparhawk dual classes as a Warrior
10/14/2014: Sparhawk Reaches Level 40
06/08/2016: On this day Sparhawk is 14th on XPRANK (3311406 total) and 15th on MMRanks (101 total)

Khore says, 'I will grant an answer to each of you.'.

Khore says, 'Pose one question.'.

Sparhawk sits down and thinks deeply. Sparhawk looks at Khore.

Sparhawk says (in common), 'Do you love me?'.

Khore says, 'I love no one. Insomuch as I am indifferent to all that matters to you, I am slightly less indifferent to you.'.

Sparhawk is so excited that it cheers just for the hell of it.


<worn on arms> mithril pauldrons with intricate repousse

l mithril: The mithril used in the crafting of this armor is of an unusually pure ore. The workmanship seems to be that of the Master-Smith of the dwarf town of Kharad-Delving.
l hawk: The hawk is young, though no fledgling. His demeanor is one of courage - if sometimes perhaps a bit brash and over-confident. His talons are long,curved blades, ready to attack his prey - or defend a loved one. Sharply observant of the horizon, he soars where he wishes. There's just one odd feature, unusual for a bird: Since when do hawks have fangs?
l pauldrons: Only the most skilled of smiths can form metal into more than just armor,but art. The articulated segments of these pauldrons form a hawk, beak in a defiant scream, wings outstretched, soaring through a cloudy night sky. Figures appear here and there amidst the landscape, their presence hinted,rather than clearly told, reminding the wearer of the fellowship that has been left behind. Only one form is clearly wrought - a Immortally perfect female form, Her hand extended towards the hawk.. though whether in good-bye or in pleading, you cannot tell

<worn around neck> an onyx ring on a plain silk strand

exam ring :A small ring is attached to a piece of string.
l band: All that was once lost is always found, whether it is years or centuries. The fondest memories are always wrapped into the smallest of packages. Even when all was lost, he looked upon this ring with a engaging smile.
l strand:As bright as a full moon, this silk stand hold whats left of his mortal memories. The silk strand is plain, no fancy embroidery, no burns - everything about it is perfect.

<used as light> (Glowing) a light blue dragonling clutching a ball of light

l dragon:As you examine the rest of the dragon, it lifts her head to pierce your gaze, her innocent look belies a quiet dangerousness, should she be backed into a corner. The light sparkling off of her pale blue scales gives her the appearance of being made from thousands of light-blue gemstones.

Sinewy legs ending in vicious looking claws and a tail covered in spikes serve as a reminder that this seemingly cute creature could cause some serious damage. The dragon takes a deep breath and breathes a small flame, reigniting a small ball that she appears to be playing with.

Player Information:

Not much to know, still always open to answer questions at any time.