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"So Fresh!"
Created 10/10/2008
Status Active
Race Human
Classes MageRRanger
Followed Hork

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

Written by Cordir, 12/22/2011:

The blatantly arrogant smirk on the face of the man before you - and the 
comfortable way he wears his expensively made but heavily scarred armor- 
(almost as if he practically lives in the stuff) is a clear indicator of 
his confidence in his abilities. His expression is one of cocky and bold
appraisal, looking everyone over to see what sort of threat or challenge 
they might bring.  Whether at rest or moving at a swift pace through the 
forest, there is a sense of energy and a restless, constant vigilance in
him. The silver crescent-shaped blade he bears is instantly recognizable: 
Qual'Minai, a legendary sword crafted by one of the Hundred.  The bright
metal stands out in bold contrast against the crimson red and ebon black 
of his robes, which bears an Ebon Sigil Odegra gripped in the fangs of a 
hunting hound above his heart.  Loyal servant of the Wyld Hunt, he walks 
the path of Chaos, servant to the Wyld.

WHO Lists:

04-09-2011  Hum [ Ma:29 Ra:25 Tg:25 ] Troy so fresh                             -=<CS>=-
07-15-2011  Hum [ Ma:29 Ra:25 Tg:25 ] Troy so fresh                             -=<CS>=-
12-21-2011  Hum [ Ra:27 Ma:30 Tg:25 ] Troy so fresh                          -=H=U=N=T=-

Character History:


Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

12/07/2011: Troy gives Katrana his worship, joining the Wyld Hunt.
09/10/2011: Troy is reformed from the Crimson Sun upon Lycron's retirement.
04/25/2010: Troy celebrates his 200th birthday.

Player Information: