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Tes (III)
Created July 12, 2011
Status Active
Hometown Human
Classes Shaman
Followed Lycron

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

WHO Lists:

01/12/12 - Hum [       Sh:14       ] Tes'er!
06/08/12 - Hum [    Wa: 1 Sh:18    ] Tes'er!                         -=Pacifist=-

Character History:


  • Tes was mentioned in a poem by Rosemark on July 21, 2011, for his soul rift.
  • Tes commissioned Samiyah to write something about the Hunt, Katrana, Wyld Stuff and him. The result was The Hunters Call.

Player Provided Information:

07/12/11 - Tes is born!
07/16/11 - Tes joins Lycron.
12/02/11 - Tes is reformed when Lycron becomes a God.
12/13/11 - Tes joins Katrana.
01/11/12 - Tes PK's Zmandforkso.
05/21/12 - Tes levels to SH:18.
05/22/12 - Tes duals to Warrior.
08/16/12 - Tes hires Samiyah to write a song.
08/17/12 - Tes dies to Posion, but still levels his warrior class twice, reaching WA:11.

Personal Timeline:

Player Information: