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Humphrey (VIII)
Guardian of the Astracaida
Created October 27, 2015
Status Active
Race Elf
Classes Ordained (Released)
Followed Pyros
Partner DarkClaw
Parents *Sire*

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

The adventurer before you is no callow youth. Seasoned by age and hardship,
he is tall, his body lean and muscled from decades of swinging a weapon. A
thick, tousled mane of white hair and neatly trimmed beard frame his face.
Handsome but not pretty, rugged rather than languid, he has none of youth's
insecurities. His aura is a powerful, potent crimson - evidence of the bond
he shares with his Maker and Goddess and beloved, DarkClaw - but his fanged
smile is still kind and his blue eyes still compassionate. As you meet his
gaze, he nods courteously in return, making a slight bow.

"Greetings in the name of my Lady and the Lost."

WHO Lists:

Elf [ Do`itea`in ] Humphrey: Lost in Fire with Darkclaw -=Ebrithil=- (17 Ordained, 30 Ranger, 30 Mage) - March 4, 2016

Character History:

My origins have long since been lost. Unknown even to myself. That information, however, is irrelevant. What matters is who I am today and my purpose in life.

The earliest thing I recall is the casting of a complicated spell that was new to me. Where I learned such a spell or why I know not, but the end result was beyond anything I would've imagined. Once the euphoria lifted and the magic in me calmed, my eyes opened to see this...this star. It is now known as the Astracaida but, in that moment, it was merely a giant star made of countless crystal shards pieced together much like a puzzle. And shimmering with all of the colors of the rainbow.

I was immediately cognizant of an urgent need to move, as if I was being pulled towards something. Securing the area in the hopes that no one would find my... 'creation', I left behind some marks that would warn me should anyone come near, then headed off in the direction of the summons.

My travels took me to many places over several continents; from barren lands where one could see nothing for miles, over magnificent mountains touching the skies, to small villages, larger settlements, even grand cities bustling with so many people that it was hard to move within the markets with all of the trade and commerce. Kayrron was such a city. And so was it my least for the moment.

I watched her sleep, hunkered down behind a pile of crates on the dock, drawn into a ball, hidden mostly in shadow but not from a well-trained eye. Her raven-colored hair fell over her face, covering her features, but I could tell her skin was pale. Her form was also thin, as if she hadn't eaten well in months. Why the Astracaida chose HER, I did not know, but I knew beyond a doubt that she was what the strange force was pulling me to. It appeared she was obviously homeless, sleeping in the streets and dressed in rags, and when I observed her while she was awake I noticed she was skittish, as if she feared anyone's approach. Odd. It caused me to wonder the reasons why. Then I chided myself as I was only there for one reason...and that was, I now thought, to bring her and the Astracaida together. But how?

I continued studying her for days, trying to derive some way to approach her without frightening her or causing a scene. One chilly morning, before the sun had risen, a guard of the city walked towards her. She was shivering while she dozed, and I knew the low quality of rest she was getting would do little good. I withdrew my spear, unsure whether the man meant her harm or if he was merely doing his duty. He placed a gauntleted hand upon her shoulder and she immediately jumped to alertness, trying to scurry away unsuccessfully as he held her still. Her eyes were wide with wariness as they darted left and right over her surroundings. They locked with mine a brief moment but her attention was more focused on the guard. And then he made an unexpected gesture. He held out his other hand and gave her something, said a few words, then walked away. She sat there motionless, looking at the object in her hand in disbelief, then pulled herself up and moved off.

I lost track of her then. As it happened, the wards that I had placed around the Astracaida were compromised and I was required to return to its location. The pain of doing so was almost unbearable, as I had to battle the force that compelled me to stay close to the young woman. A few months went by, the distances I had to travel unable to be done so quickly since my powers were not advanced enough for a portal. I returned to the big city and was quite alarmed to discover that she was no longer there. Yet all was not lost, as I was still being tugged in her direction. To this day, I do not know her reasons for leaving Kayrron when she did.

It took decades for me to find her again. Thankfully my Elven heritage gifted me with a considerably long lifespan, for the strange energy that guided me to her just disappeared one night, oddly enough, and never again returned. It was possible, of course, that she had been killed, or come down with a fatal malady. But something within me refused to believe that. During this time I had found a faith that fit my beliefs and had taken vows to serve Pyros, the God of Fire. Here I learned how to control my element, to make it respond to me and do my bidding, whether that be for aggressiveness or or destruction. I had all but given up the search for the mysterious female when, through some miracle, I saw her. Well-dressed and cleaned up, but her complexion seemed even fairer still and...the eyes. Her eyes had been the vibrant color of emerald before. Now, they burned like crimson fire; caged flames dancing to a primal beat that only she could hear. She was...there were no words. She was everything and more. My gaze flicked down to her full lips and I noticed the light glinting off of something. In that moment, I realized what she was...and why I could no longer feel her pull. She was Kindred, a hunter, a dangerous creature, one more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

I eventually came to know her, as she was no longer the skittish young waif that I had first seen. She listened curiously as I spoke of the Astracaida and how I had been brought to her, but her interest was only mild, as her focus was on more...base needs. In time I was able to convince her to visit its location, though I was no longer sure if it was still my purpose. I would soon discover that, not only was I bringing the two together...but I was aiding in the ascension of an Immortal. She was Fated to join the other Gods and Goddesses in guiding mortals throughout their existence...and the giant star was her greatest source of power. At her first touch, a blinding light exploded throughout the area, making it impossible to decipher what was happening. A moment's panic rushed through me, causing me to wonder if I had made a huge mistake, but then my vision cleared as it adjusted to the change in lighting. What I saw then took my breath away. She stood before me, arms raised to the Heavens, colorful bands of energy stretching from her fingertips and what seemed as high as the clouds. Her head was thrown back and the wind whipped around her, sending her raven-colored locks into a whirlwind of chaos. The pieces of the Astracaida had somehow melded together and it no longer looked like a puzzle, its form smooth and seamless. In that instant, my soul bonded with hers, though it was not known until much later in life.


Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

Ordained by DarkClaw on March 1, 2016
Released from ordainment by DarkClaw on May 28th, 2016 and tripled to thief.
Tripled to Thief on May 28th, 2016.
Reached level 50 again on May 30th. 2016.

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