High Order

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The High Order
Led By Seraph
Created March 5, 2013
Disbanded February 21, 2014
Holy Symbol a long black wing feather
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attendants None
Ordained Mortals Melven
Allies None
Enemies Katrana
Temple The Hall of the High Order
Hum [      Demigod      ] Seraph Fallen Angel of the High Order

Following Description / FINFO:

The High Order is a group of those who have fallen from grace.
yet risen up once more to destroy that which caused their fall.
Led by the Seraph they seek to purge the world of evil and save
others from their mistakes, by force if necessary. there are but
four immutable laws that they hold. Seek out Seraph to learn them.


(Includes all members, past and present, at the time the following closed.)
Alfonse, Allanthon, Anarchyx, Arn, Barriac , Belgarion, Bheid, Broody, Chico, Coulter, Daelarga, Daleri, Dezmond, Dorin, Dralend, Dustyn, Ebony, Eldric, Eldric, Gocu, Gorbash, Grimworth, Hadrian, Hlugh, Howling, Hulk, Iggwilv, Inay, Isaiah, Jamilla, Kibou, Krong, Lamkrong, Melven, Miressa, Nagas, Neesha, Ninja, Nordak, Odie, Ozar, Quarn, Rancor, Rye, Rysa, Samiyah, Sanitarium, Seto, Sirka, Taliesin, Tildian, Toby, Wellington, Zander, Zhivotnyy

Membership (Who Lists)

Hum [ Bard:  30  30  29 ] Samiyah bint Suriel, ukhayyatun Deme <High Order>
Ogr [       Wa:28       ] Hlugh Hawknose High Order Guardian
Gno [ Sh:30 Th:19 Wa:20 ] Seto
Hum [ Bard:   8   8  6  ] Taliesin Goldbrow, singing pickle of the High Order
Hum [   The One Mortal  ] Sirka, The Thing of The High Order
Gno [    Wa: 7 Sh: 9    ] Chico has gone High Order!
Sah [    Cl:15 Wa:14    ] Hadrian the
Hel [       Ma: 3       ] Nordak, the Highly Ordered Half-Elf
Hel [    Wa: 3 Cl:11    ] Daleri is a humble member of the High Order
Hel [      Cherubim     ] Melven, given to the Highest Order
Hum [ Ma:17 Th:15 Ra:16 ] Iggwilv High Order recruit
Sah [       Ma: 7       ] Daelarga the Sahuagin Female received a high order
Hum [ Wa:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ] Eldric has had his soul saved by the high order
Min [    Sh:27 Wa:24    ] Odie, Supreme Grade A Rump Roast of the H.O.
Hlf [ Wa:30 Th:26 Cl:30 ] Dezmond,   squishy warric of The High Order
Min [ Tg:11 Wa:30 Ma:30 ] Ebony looks for the High Order
Hum [ Wa:30 Th:26 Cl:30 ] Dustyn Knight of the Rose (Guardian) The High Order
Hum [ Wa:30 Tg:30 Cl:30 ] Miressa Lowbie of the High Order
Hel [    Wa:21 Ma:21    ] Neesha, Sanctified Battle-Wizard of the High Order!
Ogr [    Wa: 9 Sh: 9    ] Ozar the Ogre. Merry Christmas! HO H|O HO

Requirements for Entry

Additional Info

Seraph's High Order has three groups within it:

  • The Council of Knowledge, which seeks out lore of the land to share within the Order
  • The Fallen Angels, which takes up the sword to save the land from the scourge of evil
  • The Choir of Angels, consisting of all bards within the Order, led at Seraph's direction by his daughter, Samiyah
  • The Snowman of the High Order, Suriel's Icy Indifference, won the 2013 Snowman Wars.


[ 9] Lycron: Snowman Wars 2013 Results
Fri Dec 27 18:42:16 2013
To: all
Snowman Wars has concluded! Seraph's snowman Suriel's Icy Indifference
was the champion. Second place was Katrana's Hunter Stark. All prizes have been handed over to the winners. Thanks for playing everyone!

[ 34] Seraph: me
Thu Feb 20 14:50:37 2014
To: all
due to resent events i can no longer stay a fli
there is way to much to swallow and i dont want to anymore
so as soon as i see tynain or Nati i will be requesting retirement
i would say its been fun but i would be lying
i Seraph lord of the Order here by declare the Order done

[ 22] Natilena: Seraph
Fri Feb 21 09:05:24 2014
To: all
Seraph has been retired at his own request. We wish him well in his future endeavors.