Aarakocran City

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Aarakocran City
Type Racial City (Aarakocra)
Author Slash
Location Northern Continent

Area Lore/Back Story

Aaracity is the hometown of the Aarakocran on the northern continent. They
live on the sides of a canyon found deep within a forest. New Aara's here
play amongst the trees and vines, but try to avoid getting lost in the

General Information/Trivia

Aarakocran City (also called Aaracity) is home to Aarakocra living on the Northern continent. It is located east of the Great Western Road, south of Midgaard.

Player Provided Information


Map of Aarakocran City by Corri

Aarakocran City is accessible from The Great Western Road to the West.

.                                 Vortex
                                 Temple--Shaman Guild
  Dump-----Ruined-----Food----Market Square--Food--Warrior Guild
              |         |       Fountain       |          |     
              |         |          |           |          |
Gallery--Taxidermist--Armory--Market Square--Jewelers--Weapons
 Dwelling--Dwelling--Dwelling--Town Square--Dwelling--Dwelling
                                   |                      |
(thieves guild on lower levels)    |                      |
   (train at revolutionary)        |-------Shanty Town----|
                             |                            |
                             |--Primitive area------------|