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The Crimson Rockstar
Created July 14, 2008
Status Active
Race Ogre-Kin
Hometown Og
Classes Bard
Followed DarkClaw

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

(Description written by Cordir):
An extremely unusual ogre stands before you. He is oddly short and lean for his race - you could almost say he was lanky and wiry, rather than a more normal bulky and brooding. He has bathed recently and all of his clothing, from a bright, many-pocketed, blue and green striped robe to the fingerless leather gloves of forest green that match his pants, is well kept and clean. No drool or food stains mar his face - instead, intelligence and sharp awareness of his surroundings are easily seen. His hair, at least, is ogre-ish, in its color and texture: Long and dark, hanging straight down his back. But it, too, is washed and neat. Held carefully in one oddly slender and lithe hand (yet more that is entirely un-Ogre-ish about him) is a hand drum of sky-blue ceramic. Smiling, he taps on the drum, the beat quick and lively, in a little flourish. 'Eathor,' he says, in a deep, rumbling bass, as a means of introduction. 'Have you heard the song about Nebbin and Kordee?' He begins looking through his many bags, muttering, 'Where did that banjo go...'
Eathor leads a charmed life.

WHO Lists:

08-05-2008 :  Ogr [ Bard:  11  10   9 ] Eathor will sing thanks for Bubbles or gifts!
07-24-2010 :  Ogr [ Bard:  29  27  24 ] Eathor buys low lvl spell crystals (for lvling) CS
03-25-2011 :  Ogr [ Bard:  30  29  24 ] Eathor, Crimson Rockstar.  Sell me spell crystals.
04-05-2011 :  Ogr [ Bard:  30  29  27 ] Eathor, Crimson Rockstar.  Sell me spell crystals.
04-08-2011 :  Ogr [ Bard:  30  29  28 ] Eathor, Crimson Rockstar Ninja with Fuscia Swirls.
04-06-2011 :  Ogr [ Bard:  30  29  27 ] Eathor is AFK/AFW for a few.
05-01-2011 :  Ogr [ Bard:  30  30  29 ] Eathor, Crimson Rockstar Ninja with Fuchsia Swirls.
06-26-2011 :  Ogr [ Bard:  30  30  29 ] Eathor, Crimson Rockstar Ninja with Fuchsia Swirls.
08-31-2011 :  Ogr [ Bard:  30  30  29 ] Eathor, Crimson Rockstar loves him some chocolate!
11-13-2011 :  Ogr [ Bard:  30  30  29 ] Eathor, Crimson Rockstar of the Nashite Magi -BOC-
03-17-2013 :  Ogr [ Bard:  30  30  30 ] Eathor, Crimson Ninja Rockstar - Elemental Wyld.

Character History:

Marisa’s ghost: Editor’s note: The following is a transcript of the only known interview with Eathor the Crimson Ninja Bard of the Nashite Magi.

Marisa’s ghost: So, Eathor, I’m glad you agreed to meet with me today. I hope that we will both be able to learn something about each other, and perhaps even gain some insight into what it takes to be an Ogre Bard, eh? Now, why don’t we get started with something relatively easy: Where did you come from?

Eathor: Where did I come from? Why would you ask that?

Marisa’s ghost: People are interested in where we are from! They want to try to find commonalities between themselves and the subjects of my interviews! Why wouldn’t I ask that? Is there a problem? Do you not like talking about your past?

Eathor: No, I generally don’t talk about it. Why would I talk about it with you?

Marisa’s ghost: Hey, come on now. You are the one who agreed to meet with me. You obviously knew what this was going to be about. Don’t you think the Realm wishes to know more about such a famous Ogre? Shouldn’t it be reason enough to talk about it to spread the knowledge that not all Ogres are barbaric morons?

Eathor: Heh, no, I don’t think that’s a good enough reason.

Marisa’s ghost: Fine then. Fine. How about we talk about your exploits? All your travels through the realm, your mobhunts, mobmasteries, location quests, etc?

Eathor: Are you serious? No, I’m not going to talk about that either.

Marisa’s ghost: Why did you agree to meet with me if you weren’t going to talk about anything!??!

Eathor: You really are going to press this issue, aren’t you? OK, fine, I’ll tell you a little something about me. What exactly do you want to know? Be specific, I don’t have time to ramble on to your open ended questions.
Marisa’s ghost: I thought I already asked you a specific question: Where are you from?

Eathor: Persistent, aren’t you? Fine, I’m from Og.

Marisa’s ghost: That’s it, you’re from Og? Ok….so were you born in Og? Did you grow up in Og? Do you still live in Og? Come on, Eathor! Readers want to know!

Eathor: All this talk of Og…an interesting place, Og….years ago….well, years ago, it didn’t exactly look like it looks now…it was more…barbaric. We have huts now you know? Real huts! I mean…roofs over the children’s heads. We have a well! Have you seen the well! And don’t believe the rumors, it is safe to drink. I drink from it all the time, and look at me! Fit as a fiddle….yes, I tell you, growing up in Og was a different thing than the kids have it today. I mean, we didn’t even have a garbage heap when I was growing up! Just refuse strewn throughout the “town” (if you could even call it a town back then)…

Marisa’s ghost: That is wonderful! Tell me more about “old” Og?

Eathor: Well, like I said, it was different. I mean, the way I grew up…you wouldn’t put kids through that these days. I was little. I mean, I’m big now…obviously…but I’m little for an Ogre…and I was really little for an Ogre kid. I guess…well, I guess I got picked on. I used to have to do what all the older kids wanted me to do…well, or they’d hurt me. I mean, let’s just say I was sitting down to enjoy a nice jar of pickled elf ears (one of my favorite treats, by the way!), and some other kid came along. Well, obviously I wasn’t going to get to enjoy those ears! He’d just take them, and then he’d hit me, and I’d start bleeding, and fall down, and then I’d start getting kic…well now! Listen to me ramble, you didn’t ask about me, you asked about “old” Og, eh?

Marisa’s ghost: No no! That was excellent stuff there, really great . Please, feel free to continue your story.

Eathor: No, I think that’s enough talk about my childhood in Og….let’s talk about something else.

Marisa’s ghost: Your childhood in Og? You seem to be implying that you didn’t always live in Og? Where else did you live?

Eathor: Where else? Why Safehaven of course!

Marisa’s ghost: Safehaven?! How did an ogre child from Og end up in Safehaven? That’s a completely different continent!

Eathor: How? Why…I ran away, of course.

Marisa’s ghost: Really? That’s very interesting! How old were you? Tell me about it?

Eathor: There you go with those open ended questions again….what did I tell you? Well….anyway, I was 8 years old…not even half the size I am now! (hehe) and eager to be away from …well…anyway. I was off to see the world, I was! I left Og, and headed south. It was a few days trip for me before I found anything interesting….and then, all of a sudden, there was Bob! Right there on the beach.

Marisa’s ghost: Bob? From the Bait ‘n Boat Shop?

Eathor: Exactly the one! Bob is one of my oldest and dearest friends…almost a father to me, really…probably as much of a father as anyone. He found me, half-dead and starving, and took me in. Of course, it didn’t take long before I was eating him out of well, shop and home, heh. The Innkeeper across the way really helped out quite a bit….oddly enough, I don’t even remember his name…anyway, after a couple months, Bob decided he couldn’t just raise me right there on the beach, so he set me up with the ship’s porter, and I took a voyage! Was a pretty interesting ride, I tell you! Most of the passengers didn’t take too well to a young ogre (after a few months with Bob, I wasn’t really so little anymore…at least not compared to you humans! Haha!) living with them shipboard. Anyway, one thing led to another, and Safehaven was my new home! Well, Bob has a friend in Safehaven, Piscador, and he sorta watched out for me for the next couple years. At least, until I was able to take care of myself, which I guess I’ve been doing since I was about 11!

Marisa’s ghost: Piscador?! The fishing supply guy? Well, makes sense I guess that he and Bob would be friends….so how did you go from being raise by fishermen to being a bard, though?

Eathor: Well, I guess it was probably Piscador that got me going on telling stories. He was always sitting around listening to the fishermen talk about the huge catches they just missed, and how they were *this* close
(Eathor holds his fingers an inch apart)
Eathor: to catching the monster of the century. How many times I’ve heard of a guy “almost” catching the Great White, or heh, I remember one guy even saying he almost killed the Tempest! Hah, right, the Tempest….
(Eathor shakes his head slowly)
Eathor: Anyway, Piscador would always talk about how much he enjoyed listening to these stories about the one that got away. Well, when the shop was slow, he’d ask me to tell him a story. And I tell you what, the more wild and crazy the story was, the more Piscador liked it! So I guess I just sort of grew into it….telling stories to keep Piscador smiling, and well…traveling like I did shipboard…it just sorta made sense after a while. What else is someone going to do who likes to travel and tell stories?

Marisa’s ghost: That is amazing! What else did you do in Safehaven?

Eathor: No no….no more of those open ended questions, you got me on the last one, but I think that’s about it.

Marisa’s ghost: Ok, ok, no more. Where did you move after Safehaven?

Eathor: Actually, I think that’s about all we’re going to discuss today. Maybe we’ll talk again another time…goodbye.

Marisa’s ghost: Editor’s note: At this point in the interview, Eathor simply got up and walked away. I have yet to receive a response to my many responses for a follow-on interview. Perhaps the world will never know any more of the history of this famous Ogre….


  • Eathor received votes in BlissPoll 2011A, for Smartest Ogre You Know, Best Singer, and Most Helpful.
  • Eathor is currently in 5th place in the The Great Race
  • Eathor won first place in the 2011 Thanksgiving Day Quest.
  • Eathor won third place in the 2011 Thanksgiving Day Writing Challenge (Character history, above)


(Caged) the Essence of the Four Winds

Long Description: A tiny silver cage holds an incalculable treasure.

Look Cage:
This pendant has delicately curving bars that resemble the pattern of
tornadic winds. Within them, a swirling chaos is trapped and bound, a
sorcery of unparalleled power.

Personal Timeline:

July 14, 2008: Eathor is created.
July 15, 2008: Eathor gives worship to DarkClaw, joining the KoTE.
August 06, 2008: Eathor earns Bard Council approval for level 10.
September 13, 2008: Eathor earns Bard Council approval for level 15.
March 04, 2010: Eathor celebrates his 200th birthday.
April 03, 2010: Eathor passes Bard Council for level 20
April 30, 2010: Eathor is reformed from DarkClaw's following.
May 15, 2010: Eathor gives worship to Lycron, joining the Crimson Sun.
April 02, 2011: Eathor passes Bard Council for level 25.
April 29, 2011: Eathor reaches 400 years of age
September 05, 2011 : Eathor joins the Magi
December 04, 2011: For his final bardic performance, Eathor has an interactive set of poems to help him unlock a chest: Eathor's Quest