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Teva (II)
Created May 1, 2007
Status Active
Classes Warrior
Followed DarkClaw

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  • Teva II is NOT the same player as the 1&2x character of the same name.
  • Teva is mentioned in Samiyah's Journal.

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Personal Timeline:

May 01, 2007: Teva is created and worships DarkClaw, becoming one of the KoTE.
February 21, 2010: Teva celebrates his 200th birthday.
April 17, 2010: Teva reaches effective level 40.
April 30, 2010: Teva leaves the Keepers of the Elements and joins the Crimson Sun, worshipping Lycron.
May 01, 2010: Teva is Ordained “Crimson Priest” by Lycron.
May 25, 2010: The Ghost of Teva kills Stafellayinn.
January 11, 2011: Teva celebrates his 400th birthday
March 11, 2011: Teva is referenced in a quotable:

### [ Belsambar says (in common), 'Teva's still trying to figure out how to have sex AND pk at the SAME TIME'] (Cordir)

May 30, 2011: Teva reaches Orained level 28th.
September 04, 2011: Teva is reformed from Lycron's following and joins the Magi.
October 17, 2011: Teva kills a billow weed for MM#39.
December 19, 2011: Teva triples to thief. 3 days later....
December 21, 2011: Teva reaches effective level 50.
December 26, 2011: Teva celebrates his 600th birthday.
January 14, 2012: Teva is enlisted in an act of subterfuge
January, 2012: Sabella visits the world causing her usual uproar. She invites those of suitable level and ability to supply references and an application to have her as a personal Pet. Teva of the Nashite Magi expresses his interest, but Isolas forbids it, given Sabella's disrespectfully brief past with the Magi. February 09, 2012: Teva is killed by Chuck Norris.
May 28, 2012: Teva is rejected by Isolas and gives worship to Katrana, joining the Wyld Hunt.

Player Information: