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Official Information


       lq status - Gives the current status of your quest.
       lq start  - Starts a new location quest.
       lq resign - Give up on your current location quest.

The object of this quest is to find a _specific_ room that matches
the given room name or description. Note that finding a room that
matches the phrase is not enough -- it has to match the phrase, *and*
be the room that the quest is looking for.

Player Provided Information

  • If you are swept by a current of any sort, or you Teleport or Portal into your Location Quest target room, you will NOT get the points for that Location Quest. You must walk into the room. This makes some targets such as class-based rooms impossible to complete. - Samiyah (talk) 11:06, 28 January 2016 (MST)

Bards and Location Quests

Location Quests are required by a bard's third class. The number of required location quest points goes up each level. The average level 50 bard needs over 7,000 points of location quests to reach max level. Bardic LQ targets seem to be on a different scale than non-bardic LQs and oftentimes lower level Bards will find themselves sent to places vastly out of their level range.