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Demigods are following level immortals.

LEVEL:                  Demigod
PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY: Leading a following, including enforcement of 
                        alignment and some semblance of role-playing,
                        as well as clarifying TFC rules to their followers
                        as needed, and other following-related activities.
SECONDARY:              Reporting suspicious activities to a god+ (for
                        example, equipment swapping - HELP EQ SWAPPING).
                        Handling emergencies to the extent they are able.
SECONDARY:              Area-building.  Not required, but generally a Good
SECONDARY:              Sponsor Attendants to teach them how to maintain a
    Promotion from Attendant to Demigod requires successful completion of
    the "course of study" under an FLI. The duration varies according to
    how well the person does, and there is no guarantee that they will
    advance. Advancement also requires a positive vote by the Implementor(s),
    who may also seek input from the FLI that the Attendant is serving under,
    and other god+'s.

Current Demigods

Isolas, Hutt, Cecil

Retired Demigods

Slyxx, Daliah, Raze, Simon, Caradoc, Splat, Psykill, Dirkstrom, Ozmo, Assilem, Estrelle, Ginny, Aahz, Ironbrain, Gryphon, Cerebus, Bumblefoot, Jerald, Pyros, Masher, Elladan, Nicademus, Larry, Asia, Okk, Morimox, Torchbearer, Kim, Gavin, Tripper, Xavier, Artanis, Solanthas, Majere, Triston, Tiax, Grimace, Vorax, Coleman, Rhina, Clue, Athorne, Whitehawk, Wylin, Kerriariadne, Solaron, Mystaya, Hork, Seraph, Cytoxan