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Rhina (I)
Status Retired
Race Human
Followed Siren
Spouse Myronides
Partner Khore
Immorted Between 1995 & 1997
Rhina & Khore, Portrait by Jennifer Williamson

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WHO Lists:

08/19/96:  Hum [    DemiGoddess    ] Rhina: Head tree hugger
11/17/96:  Hum [    DemiGoddess    ] Rhina: Goddess of Natural Forces
10/27/97:  Hum [    DemiGoddess    ] Rhina: You are entitled to an INFORMED opinion.
03/27/05:  Hum [      Retired      ] Rhina is all wilty

Rhina's Immortal Profile/Bio

(Taken from the TFC Website Archives)

Born high in the mountains near Thistlerock, Rhina took great pleasure in frolicing in the playground of the meadows near her home. However, upon meeting a wolverine who showed her the seduction of the burrows and tunnels of the dark, she forsook the sunny pleasures of childhood and became enmeshed in the Dark Mist. Rhina flourished under the tutelage of Siren, and enjoyed many great adventures. But halfway through her mortal life, she was chased up a tree by a vengeful beast. Forced to remain for a time, she had nothing to do but contemplate the world around her. The beauty of it stuck her. The sun felt wonderful on her skin. The birdsong awoke a long slumbering glee. The new joy that it wrought in her could not be reconciled with her evil past. And so she left the Mist, and travelled for a time on her own, expirencing the exhiliration of the trees and wind once more. In the following of Coleman, Lord of Mirth, she found an outlet for this deep joy and so she followed his lead, and grew strong. The decision to leave the mortal plane was not an easy one, she had made many friends there, but Rhina now wanted to be a tender of roses, not just an admirer; she was grateful for the opportunity.

Rhina's following will tend to be small, of necessity. To tend the growth of many sacrifices the bloom of some; she wishes to see all her followers in full flower. She believes that a true good will follow the ways of nature and the lessons it can teach. Her rules are few, but to be strictly adhered to...nature is not always gentle. You'd like to follow the natural ways and learn the secrets of the world around you? Look up...Rhina's most likely in the tree above you, grinning briefly before she scampers higher. Follow her up-those branches aren't _that_ thin. Just remember to leave your axe on the ground.

Rhina's Rules:

1) Be like the unicorn. Be Good in _all_ you do. This doesn't just mean don't pk good players. I want my following to be an example of what Natural good is and should be.
2) Be like the bumblebee-well, a bit fiercer. You are not to pk without my permission, unless attacked. In such a case, take whatever steps necessary.
3) Be like the deer. Be aware of your surroundings and don't let danger into your pack. Literally, don't group with evils, but group with other goods and neutrals. The way of the pack is the best one. (Note: all other contact with evil is fine, as long as your honour is never comprimised.)
4) Be like the oak. Be strong and support your fellow followers. You will help each other's growth by not crowding out the sun.
5) Above all, enjoy yourself. The world is a beautiful place and part of my job is to help you find the wonders of it. I hope we both succeed.


Notable followers of Rhina

Myronides, Gaul, Jonah, Solanthas

Player Provided Information:

We all had a crush on Rhina, and competed for her attention: me, Myronides, Kollen, Empedocles, Dalaran, Khore... We had a fun bunch in Nature.

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