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Lord of the Draoi
Created 7/11/99
Status Retired
Followed Okk
Immorted AMB: 10/13/2001
Following Draoi


Mud Contributions:

Current Description: 09/01/2002

At first glance you see a gnarled statue, bleak and devoid of color, the 
subject: A Great Oak Tree.
Glancing to the left side of the mighty tree you feel the word Ovate 
penetrate your mind, and sing whisperingly, tantalizingly. 
The Defenders of Tradition, The Missionaries of the Spirit.
As your vision encompasses the right side of the Oak, you feel that voice 
curl up inside you and cry out, Bards.
The Custodians of the Sacredness of the Word, The Keepers of Ritual.
Glancing at the outside leaves, at the threshold into the true Cult of 
Quinalt, you feel the word Guitaraes swim into your soul. 
You hold it there, waiting for it to grow in importance.
Tracing that leaf into the branches you again are visited, a seed planted 
in your brain pleading with ecstatic fury.
Maghivellwyn, the branch of the Cult.
As the equillibrium of the circle fulfills its delicate dance, your eyes 
fall to the center of the tree, that great grey trunk. 
It stands solid and firm, bleak and humble, dark and true. 
The trunk swells the word Llwellyn into your heart, it burns into your 
bosom as you cradle your ignorance in defense. 
The trunk shrieks, quietly, The Draoi, The Governors, The Caretakers of 
Philosophy and the Internal lines of flux.
Near the base of the tree, you see a root peaking out of the soil 
careening and stretching.
Its lazy arms reach into the dark mist, soaking moisture to supply the 
whole entity. 
You taste the supple mist, and you taste the word Themaoddis, the anchor 
of the priesthood, the Ordained root of the tree.
Stepping back you see the mighty Oak in whole, The vision of life. That
encapsulating vision tickles your ears with the name Aretha.
The tree, the body, the whole cycle, the me.
Xavier is bathed in the essence of charisma.
Xavier is in perfect health.

Xavier is using:
<worn on legs>      a pair of frog leggings
<worn as shield>    a gigantic leaf
<worn about body>   a long robe of forest green
<held>              a dead frog
<worn with pride>   (Artifact magic) (Glowing) (Humming) the Medallion of Godhood
<worn with pride>   (Blue Aura) (Token magic) (Heathen) a brooch of a golden book and sword 

You peek at the inventory:

WHO Lists:

09/01/2002 : Hum [     Attendant     ] Xavier Quinalt, Aretha of Wisdom

Character History:

Immortality Petition

Sat Oct 6 21:34:33 2001
To: immortal (Posted with Xavier's permission)

To My Gods,
I once stood upon the highest peak in the Oorts, there I consorted with the Guru, and I asked the old man of his past, of his experiences with questing mortals in their search for ascension. The sagacious gnome rubbed his chin and pondered what to say for 3 years, and I waited patiently, wondering about the reply. He spoke of tampering inside the minds of those who sought greatness, of readjusting the balance of power and wisdom, and when a person was situated directly in between he could be an Immortal. For to be a ruler one must have the power, ability and authority but also the wisdom of how to restrain and remain aloof. Of how to allow free agency and mortal decision, for why else would the mortals exist if not to learn of their own accord?

I asked the Guru what he expected of those he used to quest, he asked me of my adventures and tasks completed hroughout the realm. I spoke to him of my completion of the required 50 mobmastery quests, of my traversing to attain the required 30th level. I spoke of my 514 years of existence and 1005 hours of adventure. I spoke of the Immortal diversity which I had tasted throughout my days and lives: Cerebus, Tokugawa, Okk, Torchbearer, Asia, Tel, Nicademus, Larry and under whom I now serve the Arch- Lich.

He probed of my otherworldly activities to prove my leadership and integrity, I spoke to him of my currently working on my Eagle Project for the Boy Scouts of America, of being a 3rd year representative to the Student Council, of being the first Sophomore ever elected to be the Student School Board Representative, of my being Captain of the Cross Country and Track teams, and Senior Patrol Leader of my Boy Scout Troop. He inquired if I was intelligent enough for the job as leadership requires but does not always have intelligence, and I spoke to him of my take accelerated classes in all fields of study and of taking a Cisco Networking academy class as a Sophomore. I told him of my being the Webmaster for the High School and of me being the Tech News Editor for the school newspaper.

Finally the wizened Guru inquired of my reasoning for seeking Immortality. To this I responded fervently that I sought to taste the cup of enlightenment, to take the step across the threshold of time and be were now is forever and forever is always occurring. Of my desire to lead and implement the skills which I culminated from so many wise and immortal leaders. I told him of my desire to lead and teach mortals, and aid them through their life in the realm that they may too become Gods.

I come before the Pantheon of Gods and declare unto you my desires, reasons, and abilities to become one of the select The Final Challenge, the Immortals, and the players as an Immortal.

Xavier, Bishop of the Black Conclave of Nashite


  • Xavier was an attendant to Plato.

Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

07/11/1999: Xavier is created.

07/09/2000: Xavier levels to Cl:23.

08/16/2000: Xavier is slain by the Ancient Green Dragon - Trakker of Fate regains the corpse intact for the little Life's Blood.

04/05/2001: Xavier reaches CL:30.

10/16/2001: Xavier posts his immortality petition.

10/13/2001: Xavier is made an Ambassador!

10/15/2001: Donskoi gossips (in common), 'Mael ftells, 'damn i was gonna hunt xavier - i forgot he immorted'.

01/10/2002: Xavier "became the sagacious bugzapper."

1/15/2002: Azeworai posts a note regarding iding, to clear his name, and announces that he is "closed". In response, Xavier posts an apology to Azeworai (and all).

06/09/2002: Okk stops by for a visit, somehow causing Xavier to start showing people his pet dead frog.

07/15/2002: Xavier runs a newbie campaign.

07/26/2002: Xavier is promoted to Attendant of Plato!

9/21/2002: Xavier is promoted to Demi-God. His first follower is Mourne. He starts the Order of the Draoi, a lawful neutral sword following. His initial following description is, "The Draoi, or Druids, are an order of nature lovers, or nature users. Worshippers of the Order can choose a pathway of either ritual (Bards) or combat (Ovates) Embracing the laws of the Order and those of Tynian, the Draoi attach to no other codes of Ethics, each follows the spirit within. Through shifting alliances, and uncertain allegiances the Draoi maintain a precarious precipace, one of neutrality via equillibrium. The Draoi choose to attack Evil and Good with little discrimination based on alignment, for their take on neutrality is color blindness. Functioning as a cult, there is little room for individuality. The Order functions by selfless devotion to the path of the following, nothing else comes close, nothing else compares."

9/25/2002: Xavier's temple is installed.

11/16/2002: Xavier has his 770th birthday.

12/17/2002: Xavier changes alignment from lawful neutral to lawful evil. (Xavier reports, 'My Covenant voted our change of alignment and we are now evil.)

12/22/2002: posts a note about reforms from Xavier's following.

01/06/2003: Martyr is ordained by Xavier.

03/01/2003: Xavier posts a note about a new stance.

03/03/2003: Xavier retires.

Player Information:


(As Provided to the "Faces Behind The Names" Project, Circa 2000):
Name: Brigham
Age: 18
Country/State: Vermont, USA
Personal Info: Xavier started playing around age 13 when introduced by the people who are now Solaron, Faille and Humble. I began playing under Zarous, and later followed (with all characters) Tel, Asia, Lich, Tokugawa, Cerebus, Larry, Torchbearer and Okk.