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Masher (I)
Retired 1st: June 8, 1998
2nd: June 4, 2000
Race Giant-Kin
Followed Lorna
Following 1st: Following: Masher

Mud Contributions:

Masher's Ambassador Profile:

(Taken from the TFC Website Archives)
Masher traces her lineage back to the lengendary Warrior/Shaman Skor'lanis. She lost her parents to the dreaded plague when she was very young. That misfortune inspired her to study with intensity, to practice her lessons and hone her skills. She quickly graduated from Mud School and entered the oftimes harsh world aspiring for greatness.

Life in the open convinced her that neutrality lacked something vital. Her quest for a God or Goddess began in Earnest (a small town outside Albuquerque). Masher learned the rules of the Flying Tigers, requested for an audience with their Goddess, Lorna, and was accepted as a Tiger. Membership with the Tigers reinforced the value of teamwork and mutual support. With Tiger's help Masher grew stronger and wiser. The Tigers taught Masher what was Right and Just. These lessons would develop her plans for the future.

Impatience may had been her major pitfall. The lessons learned from the 'one step forward, three steps back' method of experinencing finally taught Masher to use more caution. The "School of Hard Knocks" afforded Masher amply opportunity to excel in a trade: the production of sazzy looking bags of fine Masher hide Teaming with the masters of the trade and working the famous "MG groups", accelerated Masher's rise toward Immortality. She learned how the dreaded plague remained a real threat even as she appoarched the pinnacle of her mortal life. Upon ascension to master Shaman, she petitioned to Immortals to join their ranks. Masher suffered dearly during the times now know as "The Big Dream". Waking up from that nightmare, she discovered she hadn't attained the required level. The Giant-kin woman was heartbroken. The setback of over 24,000 experience points only drove her to drive harder. Quickly, with the help of Tokugawa, Cujo, Pendor, Volant, Strider and many, many others, Masher recovered from the dream. The rest is history.

Ambassador Masher, Helper of the New, strives to assist the weak, the lost, the new to find their way in the world. She spends hours learing the rules and traditions of our beloved world and planning for her future. In her good heart she KNOWS promotion to Demigoddess is coming. What are her plans for when/if she attains her dream?

As a naturally good Giant-kin, the Righteous and good path points the direction her future following will take. Masher's Maniacs will aspire to reeducate those misguided. Failing rehabilatation her minions will purge the world of its evils and falsehoods.

Masher's Prime Directive will be: Have FUN!

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Character History:


  • Masher was the first ever Attendant! She was Attendant to Pyros and Fire.
  • Masher was a DemiGoddess twice. The first time was around 1997 to 1998. She then retired. She returned at a later (as yet specified) date to create the following, "Integrity Truth Knowledge" - also known as "ITK", and retired a second time on June 4, 2000.

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