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Daliah (I)
Retired August 1995
Race Human
Following Following: Daliah

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(Taken from the original TFC Player Pages)

From her funkadelic Teva(tm) sandals, to her John-Lennon glasses and spinning-propeller beanie cap, Daliah is often taken at first sight for a lounging college-student/beach-bum rather than a powerful goddess...but don't let her looks fool you. Daliah slashed, hacked, and fought her way to immortality, and she's still handy with a two-handed Dwarven Battle-Axe when she has to be.

Don't let her cool, even-handed, and witty demeanor fool you...she's got a penchant for shedding blood....evil blood that is.

Daliah believes that the war on evil should be fought as such: A WAR! In her mortal days, she watched far too many of her companions be victimized evil, and thus she is a strong believer of the pro-active support of good. Her following is not for the faint of heart, nor the timid of spirit. In time, rightful power will be restored to good, and evil will be driven from our realms. It is at that time that evil will either bow to good once and for all, or feel our cold steel on their necks.


  • Although she had been retired for nearly 5 years at the time, Daliah received a mention in BlissPoll 2000.

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