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Grimace (I)
Created 2000
Status Retired
Followed Majere
Following League of Nidea

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

Character History:


  • Yes, according to the player, the character really is named after the McDonalds character.

Personal Timeline:

January 8, 2003: Grimace gains Ra:22\Ma:25.
January 26, 2003: Grimace joins the Rose Path and levels to Ra:27\Ma:25.
February 11, 2003: Grimace levels to Ra:29\Ma:27.
February 12, 2003: Grimace reaches 700 hours of play.
February 17, 2003: Grimace gains Ma:28\Ra:30.
February 24, 2003: Grimace levels to Ma:29\Ra:30.
April 12, 2003: Grimace slays a gnoll for MM #50.
April 26, 2003: Grimace reaches 800 hours of play.
May 4, 2003: Grimace is promoted to Ambassador.
May 25, 2003: Grimace reaches 60 Ambassador hours.

Player Information:

Grimace submitted the following information to the TFC Biography pages: "I started playing TFC in August of 1998 when Nicholai's little brother, Predator, showed me it, and I've been playing ever since. One of the funnest things when I first started was when Predator and I were running around Midgaard killing Madman's Tickleme Elmo dolls and then being chased by a horde giant Pink Elephants..."