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Lord Commander of the Legion
Created January 2, 1998
Status Active
Race Human
Classes Warrior
Followed Kalten
Immorted DEMI: 12/15/2011
Following Legion of the Dawn

Mud Contributions/Notes:

[ 14] Cecil: Wardancers
Thu Jun 1 16:24:05 2000
To: all
I do not condone the actions of the Wardancers in any way. Yet I do not believe they can be seen as "evil." It seems most of you have a problem defining what evil really is. How dare you put yourselves in position to judge them on their interpretations of what is right, what is good, and what is evil.

Immortal Description:

A faint white light radiates from the being before you, forcing the surrounding shadows into retreat from its brilliance. A head taller than the average man, his majestic presence dominates the surrounding space and commands attention. A hushed silence falls upon those around him, bringing a sense of order to the room. Fully clad in battle regalia, the massive spaulders resting upon his shoulders continue to form a suit of armor that is impossibly thick, threatening to crush the wearer beneath its weight. He wears a cloak of the purest white that falls body-length, pressed down by the massive sword strapped to his back. Unhindered by these burdens, a faint tremble ripples through the earth as he turns, confusing your senses with his unnatural presence.

Crystal eyes fix upon you from between the narrow slits of his winged helmet. Everything slows as the world around you retreats to the fringes of your awareness. Vision dims as you are suddenly cast from your body and flung through time and space. Memories are pulled from every thread of your being and flash to the forefront of your thoughts as your entire life is lived again.

Days become months as months become years when the world suddenly snaps back into focus. Life around you continues as normal and you realize all has happened within the span of a single moment. Having weighed and measured you by undeniable truth, the brilliant being holds you in his gaze, crystal eyes flickering. Another tremble ripples through the earth as he speaks. His voice is deep, steady resolve sharpening his every word.

"I come with the sword to banish the darkness from this world. Consider your path carefully, mortal."

Mortal Description:

Standing before you is a young man of strong build. He is of average height with broad shoulders and you estimate his age to be no more than twenty. His hair is a golden blonde and falls well below his neckline. His eyes are a brilliant blue the likes of which you have never seen. Every move he makes is flowing and graceful. You sense an air of soft calmness, innocence, and purity about him. His face bares a gentle yet knowing smile.

"The dawn of ages was my birth. And as I was born at the beginning of ages, I have been born again. Woven back into this realm to battle with the shadow. I am the chosen warrior of the Light."

"As I have, you too shall be born again. Come. Take my hand. Let me guide you. Let me lead you. Walk with me in the Light."

Mortal WHO Lists:

03/24/2000  :  Hum [    Cl:24 Wa:16    ] Cecil, Guardian of the old code (Balance).
08/22/2000  :  Hum [    Cl:25 Wa:16    ] Cecil, Guardian of the Old Code.  [Wind]
08/25/2001  :  Hum [    Cl:30 Wa:16    ] Cecil, Holy Crusader of the Light.  "To Arms!!!"
02/13/2002  :  Hum [    Wa:16 Cl:30    ] Cecil, Holy Crusader of the Light.
02/28/2002  :  Hum [    Wa:16 Cl:30    ] Cecil is looking for Na r or Toku, God+
05/27/2002  :  Hum [    Wa:16 Cl:30    ] Cecil, Lord of the Morning.
01/10/2009  :  Hum [    Wa:16 Cl:30    ] Cecil, Crusader of the  Light. Knight of the Rose.
02/13/2011  :  Hum [    Wa:16 Cl:30    ] Cecil, Crusader of the Light. Knight of the Rose.
03/24/2011  :  Hum [    Wa:16 Cl:30    ] Cecil, Knight and Legionary.
04/01/2011  :  Hum [    Wa:16 Cl:30    ] Cecil, Knight of the Rose.
04/24/2011  :  Hum [    Wa:17 Cl:30    ] Cecil, Monk of the Blood d. Knight of the Rose.
04/27/2011  :  Hum [    Wa:18 Cl:30    ] Cecil, Monk of the Blood .
05/03/2011  :  Hum [    Wa:19 Cl:30    ] Cecil, Templar of the Blood.
05/03/2011  :  Hum [    Wa:19 Cl:30    ] Cecil, Templar of the Blood.

Immortal WHO Lists:

09/20/2011  :  Hum [     Ambassador    ] Cecil says, 'Don't change my titl....LUA!!!' <Inv 70>
09/20/2011  :  Hum [     Ambassador    ] Cecil the Crusader. Newb ie Helper of the Realm.
10/30/2011  :  Hum [     Ambassador    ] Cecil. How can I assis t you?
11/13/2011  :  Hum [     Attendant     ] Cecil, Attendant of the  Hunt.
12/15/2011  :  Hum [     Attendant     ] Cecil, Attendant of the Hunt.
12/15/2011  :  Hum [      Demigod      ] Cecil, Lord Commander of the Legion.

Character History:

Cecil began his days as a level 15 warrior, serving as a counterbalance to the numerous evil campers in that level range at the time. He began in the service of Kalten, eventually moving to serve the Tigers. He was offered Ordainment by Larry if he joined his following, dualed to cleric and leveled. This Cecil did, only to have Larry ordain Boyardee in his stead. Cecil wandered without a patron for some time until he joined Balance. He remained there until he was once again called to arms, battling evil until his retirement. Upon returning from retirement in 2011, Cecil joined the Monks of Blood under Rufus. Upon Rufus' retirement he joined the Nexus under Boromir, where he remained until his promotion to Ambassador and Immortality. As an Attendant, Cecil served Katrana's Wyld Hunt until his promotion to Demigod.


  • Cecil was never slain in PvP combat, despite being actively involved in PvP for the majority of his career, which began at his creation in 1998.

  • Cecil was referenced in The Ballad of TFC by FallenSoul:

"the young and valiant Cecil,
with eyes alive with light
has been woven back into this Realm
to battle with the Night"

  • In addition to being the Lord Commander of the Legion, Cecil also carries the following titles:
    • Guardian of the Old Code
    • Holy Crusader of the Light
    • Defender of the Southern Cross
    • Lord of the Morning

Player Provided Information:

### [Garland says (in old-common), 'I trust Cecil with my life, he would never hurt someone who did not deserve it'] (02/27/2002)

Personal Timeline:

Player Information: