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Splat (I)
The God of Sudden Impact
The Falling God
Status Retired
Retired Fall 1997
Race Half-Elf
Classes Cleric
Last Seen December 24, 2003
Followed JohnPaul
Areas Written Abbey
Immorted 1995 or earlier

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Current Description:

Hel [      DemiGod      ] Splat:Senile Person Laughing At Things    June 1997
Hel [      DemiGod      ] Splat:Senile Person Laughing At Things    October 12, 1997

Splat's Immortal Profile/Bio

(Taken from the TFC Website Archives)

I am Splat, the Chaotic. I seek to triumph over the darkness of evil through any available means, including bargaining, force, or humor. My followers are sworn to favor good over all others, and to seek the ultimate triumph of good over evil. But, I allow them the freedom to work with evil in order to defeat it in the long run. Any strategy is acceptable to me, though I request that other players only be killed as a means of last resort.

My follows are duty bound to help new players and to try to influence them to seek the light of goodness or the balance or neutrality as opposed to the disharmony of evil. My followers are also obligated to repay their debts and keep their word, as failing in these duties would lead them closer to the path that evil walks. My most important tenant is that all of my players should have fun, for without joy there is no goodness.

Splat's Temple was home to the those who wanted to triumph over darkness.


  • Splat's Ordained was Tel.

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