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Vorax (I)
Lord of Shadows
Created June 22, 1999
Status Retired
Race Elf
Last Seen December 16, 2008
Followed Okk
Immorted 10/22/00
Following Shadows & Sanitarium

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

June 16, 2002:

I will flay the skin from your flesh and the flesh from your bones and
scrape your bones dry. And still you will not have suffered enough.

Vorax is bathed in the essence of charisma.
Vorax is in perfect health.

Vorax is using:
<used as light>     (Glowing) a small, illuminating yellow spider
<worn on finger>    a small spider
<worn on finger>    (Magical) the blazing star sapphire ring
<worn on body>      (Magical) (Intense Dark Red Aura) an old suit of Drow armor
<worn on head>      (Magical) (Glowing) a quilted cloth hat
<worn as shield>    (Magical) an iron kite shield
<worn about body>   (Magical) a fur cloak
<worn about waist>  (Magical) a banded mail girth
<wielded>           (Magical) a club
<worn with pride>   (Red Aura) (Token magic) a small jade spider 
<worn with pride>   (Magical) (Glowing) (Humming) the Medallion of Godhood

Character History:



Vorax commissioned Cordir to create him a full set of restrings as an immortal:

<used as light>     (Glowing) a small, illuminating yellow spider
<worn on finger>    a jet black seal ring in silver
<worn on finger>    a deep blood-red ruby set in silver
<worn around neck>  (Moaning) a black soulstone on a silver chain
<worn around neck>  (Howling) a caged bit of chaos-matter
<worn on body>       black and crimson mithril body-armor 
<worn on head>       a silver noble's coronet with blood-red jewels
<worn on legs>       black and crimson greaves of Drow workmanship
<worn on feet>       heavy black leather boots with silver runes
<worn on hands>      heavy black leather gloves with knuckle spikes
<worn on arms>       black and crimson sleeves in the Drow court style
<worn as shield>     Elghinn's voracious hunger
<worn about body>    a midnight-black cloak lined in silver silk
<worn about waist>   a belt of square silver links set with rubies
<worn around wrist>  a thick spiked cuff of silver and black leather
<worn around wrist>  a thick spiked cuff of silver and black leather
<wielded>            (Howling) Omnium Gatherum, the Chaosblade

Personal Timeline:

  • When he Unretired in 2004, he was Attendant to Grimace.
  • Restored to DemiGod on 02/14/04, and created the Sanitarium.

Player Information:


(As provided to the "Faces Behind The Names" Project, circa 2000)
Name: Ben
Location: South Carolina
Started playing some time in '97 because a couple of friends finally talked me into playing it. I didn't like it at first but they kept persisting on making me play. Sooner or later I got the hang of it and decided that I liked the game. My first character didn't get played much and has since purged. Vorax was made durring the summer the next year.