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Messiah of the Clan ChiselHammer
Status Retired
Race Dwarf
Hometown Dwarvenhold
Classes Cleric
Followed Nalya
Immorted Between 1995 & 1997

Nicknames: The Gray Dwarf, The Duergar Blacklite, Messiah of the Clan ChiselHammer

Simon's Immortal Profile/Bio

(Taken from the TFC Website Archives)

Raised in the Dwarven village of Kaizen, near Dagger Falls, Simon was the only child of Rhaugh and Dalina. Rhaugh, a part time priest and full time iron worker, was said to be a descendent of the Clan Ironhouse and a distant relative of Ghellion, king of the once legendary clan. Because of this and his pacifist ways, Rhaugh was a respected member of this village and considered to be of a wise nature.

" You will learn the ways of a cleric " proclaimed Rhaugh to his son. " You are different from those in our village. A difference that many will not be able to overcome nor accept. You shall be with me at all times, learn how to preach, fight, and heal. You will represent, one day, something we all should strive for, a world of peace ".

What Rhaugh had been referring to was Simon's real heritage. For Simon was not the true son of he and his wife, he was an orphaned Duergar child. A child he had found on one of his vision walks. A child who rightfully was born to the Zhentarim. Zhentarim, a clan of what is said to be comprised of the most violent and evil Duergars that have ever walked this world. A clan who's violence and magic is rumored to be wielded by the Devil itself. Rhaugh, in all his wisdom and hope, could not fathom the idea of what he will create. Some say that true genetic evil can only be removed by death. Rhaugh will one day find this statement to be true. For he will not create a symbol of piece. His vain and endearing hope will only create a weapon of destruction. A weapon that will one day take his own life.

Simon left his village at the age of 19. His fits of rage, once controlled by hypnotism and meditation, now become harder to surpress. They lurk in the back of his mind like an alter ego trying to claw it's way out.

After many years of travel and countless encounters, he takes up residence in the village of Dwarvenhold. A thriving village in the land of TFC. It is here that Simon lives most of his life as a neutral cleric. Aligned with nobody, living alone, his fate and destiny would soon come together in this place. The day he meets the Goddess Nalya. Nalya, a beautiful good immortal who's rules of living attracted Simon the most. A way of living much like his previous neutral years. For it is under her that he could attempt to represent what his father set out for him to do. A peaceful Deurgar.

Once accepted into Nalya's house, Simon became more outgoing and more accepting to strangers. People began to know his name and he theirs. In particular, two evil mages known as Molo and Grayghost. Friendship with these mages gave Simon what his inner-self longed for most. The chance to be amongst evil. It was the persuasion of these new found friends that gave Simon the ability to do something that was the most soul freeing experience that he could ever feel. Take another mortal's life. It was like a drug. A quickening. Something that overcame him like a whirlwind as he took another then another. He could hear the whispers of the devil's voice. A whisper that he could no longer live without.

Outraged by his actions, Nalya could do only one thing to Simon. In a most evil like way uncommon to a good Goddess, she wielded her magic and hindered his abilities to fight, cast spells and defend himself. In essence she sealed his fate. She made him into an outraged, vengeful Duergar. Something he would hide no more. As a mortal, his days of conquering would not come. His now hindered abilities would not allow this. Something a Duergar could not live with. Then the whispers came again ..." Immortality is where you will do your best my pupil, immortality is where you will be able to conquer ", the devil whispered. " Petition those who made the world of TFC, petition them and prove your worth ".

So Simon petitioned and was honored with the title of " Ambassador ". A position in which will allow him to prove his worth. A position which will show his abilities that only few do posses. If you see him roaming the world of TFC, feel free to say hello and ask a question or two. Take this opportunity when it comes. For the next time you may see him, he may be eating your recently slain corpse........