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Morimox Beoluve
Status Retired
Retired March 01, 2002
Race Human
Classes Warrior
Followed Tokugawa
Relatives Adopted Sister: Pardoquilian
Brother: Ramza
Following Dragon's Spirit

Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

December 11, 2001:
Morimox is here to help you. Ask me for help. Please ask.

Morimox is bathed in the essence of charisma. Morimox is in perfect health.

Hum [ Th:11 Ma:13 Wa:12 ] Morimox Beoluve, wanderer...                        May 3, 1998
Hum [ Ma:25 Wa:27 Th:20 ] Morimox does not do info (balance)                  June 21, 1999
Hum [ Ma:26 Wa:27 Th:20 ] Morimox Beoluve: The Warrior, The Mage, The Thief   July 5, 1999 
Hum [ Wa:28 Ma:30 Th:20 ] Morimox Beoluve, cityguard killer.                  November 28, 1999
Hum [ Th:22 Wa:30 Ma:30 ] Morimox unaligned due to Toku's achievement         August 13, 2000
Hum [ Th:23 Wa:30 Ma:30 ] Morimox sits around and does nothing.               January 1, 2000
Hum [     Ambassador    ] Morimox is deeply saddened                          September 11, 2001
Hum [     Attendant     ] Morimox pays 2gp a day to work for Unity            October 31, 2001
Hum [     Attendant     ] Morimox is able to cross the street by himself now. November 29, 2001
Hum [      Demigod      ] Morimox, Dragon Master.                             January 01, 2002
Hum [      Retired      ] Morimox, retired.                                   March 01, 2002
Hum [      Retired      ] Morimox, retired. <Inv  5>                          August 4, 2002
Hum [      Retired      ] Morimox is (re)tired.                               September 13, 2002
Hum [      Retired      ] Morimox.                                            January 11, 2003

Character History:

From the history of Ramza, Morimox's brother:
"For as long as I can remember, we have been orphans, my brother Morimox and I. I can not even remember the faces of my mother and father, actually, who both had passed on as result of some plague. The only heirloom left to us was the name 'Beoluve.' As children, we would stalk the caves, stealing the baker's pies - the best pies in the land, mind you -, snatching a purse here and there, and generally causing mischief. The guards always did threaten us by showing us the entrance to the minotaur prisons and those poor souls inside. Only once were we shown the inside, and that was when Mori thought it would be amusing to douse the mayor's dogs with flour and tell the younger children that they were 'ghost dogs.' Mori....he was always getting into trouble..and usually dragged me down with him. And I as the older brother did my best to watch over him."


Player Provided Information:

Personal Timeline:

  • June 8, 1998: Morimox and his brother, Ramza, join Tokugawa's new following, Balance.
  • January 26, 2001: Morimox levels to 23 thief (Th:23 Wa:30 Ma:30).
  • January 31, 2001: Morimox joins Asia.
  • February 1, 2001: Morimox reaches Th:24 Wa:30 Ma:30 and completes mobmaster 42.
  • February 17, 2001: Morimox completes a number of mob mastery quests: Cardinal Auroron-50, magman-51, Bigfoot-52, Roc-53, Julius-54, an air elemental-55, Ugg-56, Gertek-57, Miri-58 .
  • June 27, 2001: Morimox posts a petition for immortality.
  • July 1, 2001: Morimox is promoted by Tynian to Ambassador!
  • October 28, 2001: Morimox is promoted to Attendant of Unity.
  • December 3, 2001: Morimox is promoted to Demigod! He starts the Dragon Spirit, a neutral good sword following, and his first follower is Pendrell. His initial following description is: "The Dragon Spirit is a good-aligned family dedicated to personal growth, acts of merit, completion of quests, and the enjoyment of the game. Our members are infused with the spirit of a Dragon unknown to many denizens of this realm. Unlike most dragons, these creatures are benevolent and signify greatness, goodness, and strength. With their spirits, we become symbols of excellence, valor, heroism, and perseverance. We work with our obstacles until success has been achieved."
  • December 4, 2001: Pendrell becomes Morimox's first worshipper within the Dragon Spirit.
  • December 10, 2001: Morimox's temple is installed.
  • December 24, 2001: Eluchil points out that Morimox's entire following holds the geek spots.
  • December 27, 2001: Morimox and Tamar become allies.
  • January 7, 2002: Morimox's temple is installed. (?)
  • January 14, 2002: Morimox is (still) #13 on the EXP ranks.
  • February 19, 2002: Morimox is officially retired via code.
  • March 1, 2002: Morimox comes on line and completes the retirement process.