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Status Retired
Race Elf

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[ 22] Lexie: Slyxx passed away
Fri Mar 14 02:59:06 2003
To: immortal

A small char, Aod, wanted me to let the immortals know that his friend,
former immortal, Slyxx, passed away 2 years ago, which is why he hasn't been around.
He died in March, 2001, of cancer, at the age of 28.
Aod didn't leave any contact information, though.

[ 25] Tamar: re: Slyxx passed away
Fri Mar 14 11:16:47 2003
To: Immortal Lexie
I read the note about Slyxx, and although I did not know him or his character, felt
very sad. If anyone has any information about him personally, or about his
character, I would like to propose that a statue be added for him in the museum.
Partly, I would like this because it is a nice thing to do, but I admit that mostly
I would like this because in a strange way it might help me deal with my own
RL grief.