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Aahz (I)
God of Vengeance and Sorrow
Status Retired
Retired Fall of 1996
Followed Siren
Immorted January 1996
Following Vengeance

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Aahz's Immortal Profile/Bio

(Taken from the TFC Website Archives)

Woe to those who would commit acts of dishonor within the realm of this stern, powerful deity. Aahz and those who follow him are evil, make no mistake about that - they spend their lives in preparation for a final battle, a Ragnarok if you will. The sides in this battle shall not be chosen by aura, however, but by that which lies deepest in the hearts of all adventurers to wander The Final Challenge: a sense of honor. Aura may be dynamic, but honor (or dishonor) is an inherent, unchangeable trait of all who walk the world. It is toward the dishonorable that Aahz's hatred, that which drags him down into the red-rimmed pit of evil, is directed.

Without hatred, there can be no vengeance, no justice. Aahz and his followers accept that hatred and focus it on those deserving of their wrath. Be wary, adventurer, and if you feel a sudden, unexplainable chill, review your deeds. You may be among the hunted.

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