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Tiax (I)
Lord of the Sun
Created August 2000
Status Retired
Retired March 11, 2004
Race Dwarf
Classes Cleric
Followed Tripper
Spouse Riella
Immorted June 24, 2002


Mud Contributions:

Current Description:

Before you stands a Dwarf. Like most dwarves, his facial features are nearly hidden by the thickness of his beard which falls in a black cascade nearly to the floor. You can still make out the twinkling, friendly blue eyes which quietly assess you, and the quick grin that curves his lips.
His garb is not flashy or overly decorated; a white surcoat over the armor of a priest and warrior, white tunic and trews. The mail is well cared for, tended with pride, for a warrior knows well how to treat the tools of his trade. A thick, broad belt binds his waist, and from it hang a number of pouches and vials, thick with herbs. At those, you blink. He's obviously not dressed as a man of the woods; not in that bright white and metal armor.
Scanning him more closely, you note the oval pin of tigers-eye worn by those who serve Tripper. A friend to those who are good and innocent. Then, he nods and taps his weapon. "A friend in need, or a guard in dark time. Just call."
Tiax is in perfect health.

Dwa [       Cl: 5       ] Tiax looking for newbie eq                            08/13/2000
Dwa [    Cl:16 Wa:15    ] Tiax battlepriest of the *tigers*                     10/02/2000 
Dwa [    Wa:18 Cl:24    ] Tiax Tiger protector! Riella's chocolate teddy.       02/09/2001
Dwa [    Cl:26 Wa:23    ] Tiax Tiger Counselor; Riella's teddy                  07/15/2001
Dwa [    Wa:25 Cl:30    ] Tiax Tiger Counselor, Quest Master, Riella's teddy    10/11/2001
Dwa [    Wa:27 Cl:30    ] Tiax Tiger Counselor, Quest Master, Riella's teddy    12/07/2001
Dwa [    Wa:28 Cl:30    ] Tiax Tiger Protector, Riella's Teddy. Counselor       01/03/2002
Dwa [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Tiax Looking for Tokugawa. *Riella{}Tiger*            05/11/2002
Dwa [     Ambassador    ] Tiax TFC newest newbie helper. Do ask! *Riella*       05/20/2002
Dwa [     Ambassador    ] Tiax a'nshal'a d'lil ssussun ***HELPER*** (Riella)    06/15/2002
Dwa [     Attendant     ] Tiax apprentice of Wisdom, helper, *Riella*           06/30/2002 
Dwa [     Attendant     ] Tiax dodges Cooks, in Wisdom! *RIELLA*                07/21/2002
Dwa [      Demigod      ] Tiax Son of the Sun, Lord of the Defenders. *Riell    07/21/2002
Dwa [      Demigod      ] Tiax. Looking for a challenge? *SUN* *Riella*         11/29/2002
Dwa [      Demigod      ] Tiax member of the AHF. Enjoy the sun! *Riella*       03/01/2003
Dwa [      Demigod      ] Tiax is procrastinating in the Sun! =Riella=          07/25/2003
Dwa [      Demigod      ] Tiax is relaxing in the SUN.... *Riella*              10/10/2003
Dwa [      Demigod      ] Tiax is relaxing in the SUN.... *Riella*              01/01/2004
Dwa [    Demigoddess    ] Tiax is relaxing in the SUN.... *Riella*              03/07/2004

Character History:

Tiax was born a dwarf in the town of Lineaoth Valley. He learned the ways of a cleric and a warrior. At a young age Tiax decided to join the Tigers, who were led by Lord Tripper.

One day, Tiax meditated at the Cleric guild. As Tiax got older, he found himself meditating in the Cleric's Guild more often than before. During his meditation he got a vision. He was instructed to find his path, towards the Light. When he emerged from his meditation, he saw the Sun. He immediately understood that was the way he should choose. Through meditation and focus, Tiax gained the ability to talk with the gods, and they agreed that he would make a good deity. Tiax was offered a place within the hierarchy of Gods. Now Tiax serves the Sun as leader of her Defenders. He also serves the realm, by offering his army's services to anyone in need.


  • Tiax received mention in the 2002 BlissPoll for Funniest Mortal.
  • Tiax was personally thanked in Gytar's retirement note.

Player Provided Information:

Tiax was my first immmortal and had the patience of a saint. He was creative, and really had such a strong sense of getting his followers to be team players and enbraced curiosity.

Personal Timeline:

08/05/01: Tiax and Riella are wed.
10/15/01: All the Tigers on line (Charles, Witchdoctor, Tiax, Shailyn and Kantor) group to kill the Magistrate, but it wasn't quite enough to push Tiax to the next level exp-wise... so they killed its huge ghost. When the unliving creature fell, Tiax reached Wa:26\Cl:30.
12/10/01: Tiax, Charles, Garland, and Kantor killed the Lighthouse Keeper, gaining 100,000 gold and a spell crystal. Charles got charm personed and teleported. They then went after Queen Mariel, and after being slapped around quite a bit they defeated the elven queen as well.

01/10/02: Tiax levels to Wa:29\Cl:30.
02/16/02: Grale led a corpse retrieval mission for That (a tiger) to the Third Floor of Masters which also included Artanis, Paython, Tien, and Tiax.
05/19/02: Tiax is promoted to Ambassador.
06/21/02: Tiax reaches 1000 hours of age.
6/24/02: Tiax is promoted to Attendant of Plato and Wisdom.
07/21/02: Tiax is promoted to DemiGod.
07/23/02: Tiax makes his first restring.
07/24/02: Riella leaves the Tigers to join her husband, Tiax.
07/28/02: Tiax's Temple is installed.
07/29/02: Vorax names Tiax an enemy.
08/31/02: Tiax names Traume "Squire" and "Defender of the Sun."
10/16/02: Tiax reaches 1500 hours of play.
11/18/02: Tiax announces a writing contest.
11/21/02: Tiax announces the winners of his Area based writing contest.
12/23/02: Tiax runs a game of Teleport.

05/24/03: Tiax Ordains Riella.

03/11/04: Tiax posts a retirement note:
[ 14] Tiax: Retirement
Thu Mar 11 15:22:04 2004
To: All
Greetings all,
It's time for me to go, I had a great time and denying that would be a lie. However the time came for me to look at my goals and position, and I realized I can't make these goals anymore. Therefor it's time to leave.
I bid you all farewell, and hope you'll have loads of fun. I don't want to thank anyone specifically, cause every player makes this mud fun and in some way or another, we'd prolly met in game and either exchanged smiles or punches :)
Keep it challenging, and see you around,
*signed with a slowly fading T*
PS: I left a personal message for my followers on the forums, go read it!
PPS: For all those who asked already: I am not taking with me the area I was building, it's finished and will go in when Tokugawa wants to (so ask him:P)

Player Information:

Tiax was based in The Netherlands, Enschede.