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Status Retired
Race Human
Immorted Demi: Sept 1996
Following Assassins

Ironbrain's Immortal Profile/Bio

(Taken from the TFC Website Archives)

Ironbrain's origins are shrouded in mystery. No one knows exactly when or where this Evil Cleric was born. Legend has it that his parents were Assassins from another Universe, and were killed by a fierce, unnatural catastrophe that came to be known as the 'Bloody Storm'. The Storm engulfed their entire Universe and left nothing behind. But when they felt that the End was coming, they gave their only son to their God as a present so that he would survive.

It is also said that his name came from his lack of emotion. He does not kill for pleasure, he does not kill in anger. He kills coldly, efficiently, simply because it serves his dark purposes. The only 'emotion' he has ever been seen displaying is a dark, sadistic amusement in spreading Mischief across the land for the greater glory of his beloved Goddess Syla, whom he followed all his mortal life.

Ironbrain has spent a large portion of his life learning Evil spells far away from civilization. Away from everyone, he has concentrated his efforts on mastering the powers that Nature offers to those that choose the Cleric's Way. Thus, he especially likes using the ravages of disease or the shaking of the ground to end the life of those foolish enough to oppose him. This helps to bring him closer to this, his adoptive Universe.

This way of life has served him well, as his meteoric rise to Immortality will testify. His thought processes, always bipolar in nature ('Should he live or should he die?') have made of him a driven, focused and finely tuned killing machine before whom quickly fell opponents and levels alike.

Ironbrain prefers to act quickly. As he says: 'Kill first, ask questions later'.